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L.O.V.E BS 1859
L.O.V.E. GR 12117
La Grange Hoedown / River Hoedown SG 106 
Lacy / Pearl BS 2162
Ladies love Outlaws SE 301
Ladies love Outlaws WWI 037
Lady be good GR 12043
Lady in the blue Mercedes HH 5022
Lady is a Tramp ESP  926
Lady of Spain DR 039
Lady of Spain LM  113
Lady of Spain MR  007
Lady round the lady / Queen for a day Square Dance Capitol 40201
Laid back`n low key ESP  217
Lamp Lighting Time MGR  990
Land of my dreams TOP 25008
Laredo RB  224
Last Blues Song CK 019
Last Farewell LM  121
Last laugh UBR 9601
Last Night / Swiss Polka BS 1537 
Last night at the Square Dance BC 106
Last night at the Square Dance WIN 4802
Last of the Outlaws RH  205
Last thing on my mind JP 1202
Last thing on my mind LM  102
Last thing on my mind MS   198
Last thing on my mind ST   112
Late night country lovin music MR  018
Late night lovin man GMP   208
Later than you think Keeno 1765
Laughing on the outside RBS 1287
Laura / Tricia S.I.O. HD 95/96
Laura / Tricia WW 100
Law enforcing man CBC   540
Lawdy Miss Clawdy CW 116
Lawdy Miss Clawdy RR 116
Lay down beside me RB  244
Lay me down in Dixie RR 216
Lay some happiness on me GR 12095
Lazy River K 1051
Lazy River SR 301
Lazy River / Waitin for the train to come in S.I.O. X 2112 
Leaning WIN 4868
Leaning on the everlasting arms ESP 1016
Leaning on the Lamp Post WIN 4993
Leather Bridges / Tennessee Wagoner Capitol 40160
Leave the world behind LM  165
Leavin Louisiana Rainbow 401
Leaving on a Jet Plane RIV 214
Left-Right / We`ll build a bungalow WIN 4472 
Legend in my time DR 019
Legend in my time HH 5178
Leona MAR  509
Leona RB 3000
Lert`s chase each other around the room tonight L8-25
Let a smile S.I.O. 138
Let a smile be your umbrella BS 2402
Let a smile be your umbrella CAR 029
Let a smile be your umbrella GR 12147
Let a smile be your Umbrella K 1027
Let a smile be your umbrella LH 1030
Let a smile be your Umbrella LH 1038
Let er ride WIN 4900
Let it be SR 501
Let it be you GMP   302
Let it roll RBS 1285
Let it roll / Rockin Rhythm CD 501 
Let me be there VR 113
Let me be your Teddy Bear CC     14
Let me call you Sweetheart BM 0147
Let me call you sweetheart SC 564
Let me call you Sweetheart SC 649
Let me into your Heart GMP   205
Let me ride on that ole freight train BO 1382
Let me swing RB  143
Let the fun begin TOP 25327
Let the good times in LH 0177
Let The Good Times roll RR 162
Let the good times roll SRR 1003
Let the hammer down BS 1530 
Let the rest of the world go by BS 1784
Let the rest of the world go by BS 2046
Let your little light shine BO 1246
Let Your Love Flow MR  117
Let`s all go down to the river LR 10151
Let`s all go down to the river LS 5015
Let`s chase each other MR  043
Let`s do it right C  815
Let`s do it right Darren Gallina / Let`s do it right COY   401
Let`s fall to pieces together GMP 1008
Let`s get down to it ENI 2601
Let`s get it while the gettin`s good CK 039
Let`s get it while the gettings good HAT 101
Let`s get it while the gettings good HAT 101 
Let`s get it while the gettins good BS 2284
Let`s go fishin boys WIN 4958
Let`s go spend your money home RWH 211
Let`s Groove ROC 111
Let`s have an After Party / Old Buster LH 0500 
Let`s Marvin Gaye and Get It On UR 901
Let`s Squaredance RCA 541-6205
Let`s think about living TB  150
Let`s Twist again EUR 1302
Let`s Twist again HH 5210
Letèr Roll RR 931108
Lets hear it for loneliness L 1175
Lida Rose S.I.O. 141
Life turned her that way BUC 1252
Life`s to long to live like this ESP  172
Light at the end of the tunnel LM  190
Light in the window BD 102
Light in the window EAG 1201
Light in the window GSR 6011
Light in the window Jubilee   566
Light in the window LR 10091
Light in the window MGR 2022
Light in the window RWH 160
Light in the window SE 402
Light in the window SS 2337
Light of your Love C  817
Lighted lantern scramble / Keep it need MGR 7685
Lighter at the river SG 507
Lightnin / Cripple Cricket BS 1896 
Lights of Denver MR  014
Like Rhythm / So Glad GR 12030
Lilith / Sharon RB  306 
Limehouse Blues HH  450
Limehouse Blues MGR  915
Linda C  215
Linda TOP 25086
Linda Sue HH  313
Lindy GWR 101
Linger Awhile BO 1110
Linger Awhile BS 1879
Linger Awihle BS 2438
Liquid Gold / Liquid Silver WWI 2-08
Listen to a Country song DR 642
Listen to a Country song EAG 1003
Listen to a Country Song WW 127
Listen to the Mocking bird TNT 237
Listen to the music RIV 229
Little Betty Brown / Quicksand K 1073 
Little bit in love with you VR 111
Little bit is better then nada GMP   107
Little Bitty CD 276
Little Bitty Tear BO 1173
Little black book CT 101
Little black book MGR  963
Little black book ST   148
Little brown church in the Vale RYL  314
Little brown Gal OT 8189
Little brown girl BM 0106
Little Coquette BM 0186
Little Coquette SC 608
Little Darlin / The best things in life are free WIN 4177 
Little farther down the road BM 0008
Little Fiddle / Flowers folly SC 310 
Little Girl BO 1365
Little girl Capitol 02270
Little Girl ESP  157
Little Girl MGR  909
Little Girl MS   154
Little Girl R&R 101
Little Girl dressed in Blue OT 8149
Little girl of mine JK  154
Little green apples WW 114
Little green Valley HH 5081
Little Joe the Wrangler LS   703
Little lady preacher FS 797
Little Liza Jane CK 126
Little Liza Jane GO 105
Little Liza`s Hoedown / North Carolina Cabbage BMV  027
Little long haired Outlaw CAR 023
Little Lulu Dash 2525
Little Miss Honky Tonk C  330
Little Miss Mischief BO 1291
Little Molly G. PIO   105
Little old fashioned Karma 4B  6059
Little old log cabin in the lane WIN 4844
Little Ole Winemaker K 1086
Little Pedro HH  352
Little red sportscar WIN 4896
Little red waggon OT 8199
Little red waggon S.I.O. 153
Little red wagon BM 0096
Little red wagon BS 2081
Little Red Wagon MGR 2027
Little red wagon PR 1016
Little Rock TNT 194
Little Rock WIN 4978
Little things mean a lot CK 059
Little Things mean alot OR    24
Little white church ER 1046
Live - Laugh & Love ESP 1040
Live and let Live LH 0197
Live and Love again RIV 122
Live for the good times ER 1025
Live for the good times WW 310
Livin High WIN 4801
Livin in fast forward ESP  731
Livin Lovin Laughin HH  321
Livin with the Shades pull down RB  199
Living in the sunshine LM  123
Living on easy street BA 104
Living on Love Street WW 900
Livingston saturday night RRR 301 
Liza Jane / Cindy Lou TB  508
Liza Jane Hoedown  BMV  006
Liza Little / Annie Ragtime BS 2343 
Load the wagon LH 0173
Lockwood / Tomball BS 1806 
Log on the fire OR    29
Loggers Breakdown / Mississippi Sawyer FK 1334 
Loggin / Susie BS 1803
Lone Star Cowgirl DR 731
Lone star dancing RB  210
Lone Star Rag / Latin Hoedown K 1048
Lone Star State of mind CD 261
Lonely Heart K 1106
Lonely Woman`s friend K 1223
Lonesome OT 1001
Lonesome 7 - 7203 TOP 25274
Lonesome Indian ST   162
Lonesome me TOP 25268
Lonesome road Blues CAR 011
Lonesome Road Blues RB  316
Lonesome Road Blues / Bucking Mule BMV  026
Lonesome road Blues / I saw the light BS 1918 
Lonesome Square OT 8198
Long Black Veil WW 301
Long John / Shortnin BS 1787 
Long John / Turkey in the straw SH  148
Long Journey / Gitdown No. 1 WIN 4167
Long legged Hannah BR 286
Long lonesome highway ST   217
Long Lonesome Highway WW 309
Long Long Texas road WIN 4967
Long Rocky Road BS 1861
Longhorn Ramble MW  402
Look at me now HH  371
Look for me SG   508
Look for the silver lining BS 2446
Look for the silver lining Petticoat 120
Look on the bright side WIN 4904
Look on the good side OT 8148
Look what they`ve done to my song TOP 25234
Lookin Back OT 8119
Lookin back to see DR 610
Lookin back to see GR 12167
Lookin for a feeling RIV 116
Lookin for love 4B  6036
Lookin for love ELK 011
Lookin for love TOP 25141
Lookin for love WIN 5112
Lookin high and low for baby TOP 25285
Looking at the world MGR 2054
Looking for a corner BS 2084
Looking for a feeling CW 141
Looking for a reason RYL  516
Looking out my back door WIN 4956
Loose ends drag A 1015
Loose talk C  719
Loose Talk GS   704
Loose Talk OT 8121
Loose Talk / Beverly Hillbillies K 1297
Lord have mercy on a Country boy Q 888
Lord I hope this day is good ESP  105
Lord Mr. Ford MGR 2140
Lord, Mr. Ford WIN 5025
Lost in love BR 264
Lost Indian / Cacklin Fiddle BMV  008
Lost Weight / The other side SDH  0102
Lotsa Beat / Orange Blossom Special #2 MR 5009 
Louise RB  227
Louisiana man BS 2158
Louisiana Man CW 107
Louisiana man PR 1144
Louisiana Man WIN 4977
Louisiana red dirt highway Q 879
Louisiana Swing BS 1868
Louisville Two-Step / Coming down from Denver FK 1336 
Love CBC   542
Love and Faith WIN 4914
Love Bug BO 1192
Love Bug ESP  532
Love Bug FR 0003
Love Bug itch BS 1982
Love Feels Good BS 1950
Love has made a women out of you JP  207
Love in every happy face BO 1341
Love in the Country WW 303
Love in your heart TNT 183
Love is BUC 1228
Love is a happy song DR 040
Love is all we need FTC 32003
Love is on a roll NIC 25
Love is our business CRC 140 
Love is strange C  811
Love is the Reason K 1084
Love isn`t love MS   151
Love letters MGR  955
Love letters in the sand 4B  6119
Love Love Love one more time K 1211
Love makes the world go round BO 1287
Love makes the world go round BS 1805
Love me back together one more time BS 2202
Love me for a reason SIR   807
Love me honey do C  525
Love me honey do K 1049
Love me honey do / You were only fooling K 1220
Love me or Leave me WIN 5010
Love me over again RR 144
Love me tonight HH  489
Love me tonight JK 6014
Love me tonight PH 107
Love of my life RB 3072
Love or something like it WIN 5091
Love over easy BS 2083
Love put a song in my heart BS 2020
Love really hurts without you UR 703
Love really hurts without you UR 703
Love sick Blues FT 110
Love someone like me HH 5105
Love sure feels good K 1152
Love takes two C  408
Love talks CL  2 
Love talks DR 042
Love that ole New Orleans music MR  108
Love the leavin from your mind BS 2058
Love the leavin from your mind BS 2058
Love will turn you around BS 2193
Love will turn you around MR  032
Love Ya WIN 4810
Love you to much LM  189
Love`s found you and me TNT 230
Love`s gonna fall here tonight RB  287
Love`s gonna live her ESP  167
Love`s gonna live here MGR 1005
Love`s gonna live here again CBC   575
Love`s sweeter the second time around OT 1502
Loved a little RWH 105
Lover in Disguise ESP  312
Lovers live longer PR 1119
Lovers Song MGR 2075
Loves gonna live here RB  175
Loves to swing WIN 4892
Lovin / Barley MR 5010 
Lovin Cajoun Style CW 147
Lovin Machine TOP 25134
Lovin on CW 148
Lovin up a Storm PR 1033
Lovin up a storm RB  264
Lovin what your lovin does to me CK 064
Lovin you L 1135
Lovin you WW 705
Lovin you baby C 3502
Lovin you is a natural high RBS 1248
Lovin` on SE 104
Lovin` Things UR 504
Loving her was easier HD 106
Loving her was easier RR 156
Loving her was easier TOP 25287
Loving is gold TNT 226
Loving you TB 3000
Loving you is a natural high RR 136
Loving you is sunshine MS   304
Lovingworth SC 543
Low and Lonely FT 118
Low and lonely L 1200
Lowdon Harp / Rollin Harp K 1170 
Lowground / Rollin K 1179 
Lucille RBS 1237
Lucille it`s a fine time to leave me BO 1298
Luckenbach Texas RR 112
Lucky LR 00003
Lucky / Booger Red BS 1624 
Lucky Lips / The world is waiting for the sunrise S.I.O. X 2115 
Lucky me LH 1027
Lucky Ramble LR 00020
Lucky Son-Of-A-Gun JK  111
Lucky Star TOP 25082
Luv-A-Me WIN 4941
Luxury Liner RR 155
Lying Eyes ST   170
M.T.A. LS   507
Ma BS 2447
Ma she`s making eyes at me RB  205
Macho Man LM  212
Mack / Corky WIN 5102 
Mack is back GR 12048
Mack is back TOP 25367
Mack is back / Rudolph the Rednosed Rendeer GR 12014 
Mack the dancer Keeno 1631
Mack the Knife Aqua  117
Mack the knife BR 219
Macnamara`s Band GR 12236
Macnamarra`s Band FTC 32006
Made in America SG 302
Maggie K 1303
Maggie L 1124
Magic Carpet RRR 202 
Magic of the rain BC 103
Magic of the rain CD 250
Magma CK 505
Make friends BS 1699
Make it all the way CW 104
Make it with the Blues DR 025 
Make Someone happy TNT 192
Make the world go away RB  116
Make the world go away RBS 1266
Make yourself at home MGR  945
Makes no difference now LS 5034
Makeup and faded Blue Jeans BTY 101
Makin Whopee TOP 25019
Mama Bear BM 0210
Mama Bear JK  140
Mama Bear MS   147
Mama Bear SS 2359
Mama don`t allow BS 1689
Mama don`t allow DR 700
Mama don`t allow ESP  602
Mama don`t allow it WIN 4826
Mama don`t dance LM  188
Mama Goodtimes CC     29
Mama Tried CD 228
Mama tried K 1109
Mama Tried RYL  131
Mama Ucaro TOP 25094
Mama warned you GNS 1001
Mama warned you ROC 113
Mama`s Boy / Oh Golly S.I.O. 2142 
Mama`s got the Catfish Blues BM 0015
Mama`s little boy / Walkin the floor S.I.O. HD 45/46
Mame FTC 32014
Mame TOP 25148
Mamma Inez BS 1685
Mammy RBS 1244
Mamselle BS 1593
Man around the house HH  395
Man in love Q 831
Man in the little white Suit TB  230
Man of me ESP 1066
Manana BS 2398
Manana WIN 4887
Mandolin Barb / Banjo Lewis BO 1388 
Mandy ST   168
Manjoe Hoedown / Manjoe Hoedown ME 106 
Many along & Lonesome Hiway HH 5130
Many Mansions 4B  6111
Maple Sugar Queen SDR 104
Marcia CT 201
Mardi Gras TOP 25044
Margie CC     34
Margie SH  145 
Margie TOP 25015
Maria don`t you cry BS 0104
Marianne FK 1282
Marie MGR 1003
Marie / Lets Polka S.I.O. 3153 
Marilyn BS 1724
Marina TOP 25003
Marked Cards MGR 8845
Marldon / Tumbleweed TOP 25233
Marlene WIN 5078 
Married in Las Vegas MGR 2209
Marry me PR 1014
Marry me WIN 4957
Marshmallow World MGR 2138
Martha Ellen K 1137
Marty BM 1007
Marty Robbins Medley MW  201
Marty Robins medley SR 401
Marv`s Fender Bender WIN 5087
Mary Ann GT 0003
Mary Ann K 1107
Mary Ann ST   223
Mary Ann WIN 4815
Mary Lou / It ain`t gonna rain no mo MGR 8275 
Mary Poppins Theme RIV 216
Mary`s Vinyard WIN 4969
Marzy Doats L 1057
Mas Que Nada / Twist in my sobriety GP 200
Master Jack LR 10106
Matador ESP  175
Matamoras RB  158
Matamores RMR   117
Maui / Milakai HH  627
Max`s Hoedown / Eight of January TNT 209
May the circle be unbroken LR 00011
May the Circle be unbroken ST   203
Maybee BS 1921
McLoud 4B  6103
McNamara`s Band WIN 4403
Me & Millie CK 102
Me & my R.C. RB  215
Me and Bobbi McGee JP  112
Me and Bobby Mc Gee JK  126
Me and Bobby McGee RBS 1324
Me and Bobby McGee RBS 1324
Me and Bobby McGee RR 218
Me and Mama RB  141
Me and Millie USA 513
Me and my Shadow HH  426
Me and my Shadow WIN 4828
Me and my Shadow / By the light of a silvry moon Rainbow 224
Me and Paul RR 133
Meadowcreak / Trailride BS 1587 
Mean woman with green eyes K 1019
Mean woman with green eyes K 1310
Mean women Blues BUC 1237
Mecican Love Songs CD 212
Medley C 3506
Meet in the middle MAR  527
Meet me in Memphis TB  139
Meet me in St. Louie EAG 0010
Meet me in Stockolm SIR   402
Melancholly Baby BS 2054
Melancholy Baby ESP  303
Mele Kalikimaka SC 607
Melody Hoedown / Blue Ridge Mountain Memories LR 10076
Melody Hoedown / Blue ridge mountain memories ME 116 
Melody of love TB  183
Memories GR 00001
Memories RR 190
Memories are made of this SC 629
Memories to burn BM 0070
Memory Maker RB  186
Memory of you HH 5031
Memphis LM  111
Memphis Hoedown / One hundred degree hash DR 736 
Mental Journey BS 1836
Mental Journey MGR 2043
Mental Journey WIN 4906
Mention my name in Seattle TNT 172
Mercy K 1194
Merrly Marry with mary LH 1003
Merry go round of love WW 131
Merry Oldsmobile BS 2132
Merry Oldsmobile TNT 148
Merry Oldsmobile Mixer / Sentimental Dream BS 1572 
Mexicali Blues HH 5242
Mexican Joe K 1299
Mexican Joe L 1156
Mexican Joe MGR 1035
Mexico BO 1188
Mexico BS 1589
Mick`s Cabbage / Journey home TB  506
Mickey Mouse SR 601
Midnight flyer AUG 102
Midnight flyer RB  230
Midnight Highway BUC 1227
Midnight hour RBS 1338
Midnight me and the Blues BS 2036
Midnight me and the Blues MGR 2158
Midnight Rodeo BS 2161
Midnight Rodeo BS 2161
Midnight train SR 302
Mighty Mississippi GR 12073
Mighty Nice ( Mack the Knife ) Jubilee   561
Millers Reel / Fisher`s Hornpipe Rockin A 1302 
Million Dollar Baby 4B  6126
Million Dollar Baby BUC 1221
Million Dollar Jet MGR 2032
Million Dollar Smile BS 1575
Milwaukee here I come LM  132
Mim / Stan RB  300
Minnie SH  164
Minnie the Mermaid BO 1142
Minnie the mermaid / Queens Quadrille MGR 7695
Minor Breakdown / Penny Dancer C  114
Minstrel Man JK 6018
Miracle Express RH  211
Mis`ry River ESP  304
Miss Mary BS 1726
Miss Mollie Brown K 1064
Missin Mississippi PR 1075
Missing you Rainbow 201
Mission Bells LH 0141
Mission Bells TNT 127
Mississippi WW 603
Mississippi Squirrel Revival K 1305
Mississippi Squirrel Revival LR 10118
Mississippi Squirrel Revival / Would Jesus wear a Rolex MCA 53552
Missouri Mule / Beaumont Rag S.I.O. HD 59/66
Missouri Mule / Whistling Rufus S.I.O. X 2125
Mistakes Q 908
Mister Moonlight OT 8166
Mister Piano Man SS 2373
Misty MGR 2172
MM MM good Q 930
Mockingbird Hill RB  147
Mockingbird Hill WWI 039
Moffitt Oklahoma K 1104
Mollie Brown RB 3016
Molly Brown TOP 25133
Momas don`t let your babies grow up to be Callers BS 2059
Mona Lisa LH 0129
Mona Lisa OR    22
Monday morning secretary RB  140
Money in the bank ESP  188
Money marbles and chalk BS 1568
Money marbles and chalk BS 1568
Monongahela / Wiffletree TOP 25068
Monster Mash LR 10109
Montana Cafe LL 1000
Montego bay S   304
Moody Blue CW 125
Moody Blue SIR   403
Moody Blue ST   183
Moody Blue WIN 5077
Moonlight bay RBS 1330
Moonlight Saving TOP 25136
More & More WIN 4905
More and More / One,two,three,four SC 306
More and more every day SS 2372
More than a kind of love MGR 2200
More than I can say DR 719
Morkord S.I.O. 131
Morning After TRI 110
Morning Dew JP  403
Morning of my mind DR 665
Morning on my mind BS 1866
Morning Ride CD 226
Morning Ride HH 5097
Morning Ride VR 103
Morning Sun ESP 1051
Most of all CC     13
Mostly Guitar / Blue Moon Special BO 1389 
Mountain Dew 4B  6049
Mountain Dew BS 1713
Mountain Dew BS 2037
Mountain Dew C  108
Mountain Dew C  409
Mountain Dew WIN 4943
Mountain Dew / Boomerang MGR 2048 
Mountain Dew / Cimarron Special C  202 
Mountain Dew / Streakin Dolly ST   303
Mountain Music BO 1306
Mountain Music MR  019
Mountain Music TOP 25031
Mountain Music TOP 25304
Mountain of love RYL  216
Mountain Pass C  516
Movin on RH  201
Moving on up L8-17
Moving Train EAG 1701
Mr. Fiddle man K 1138
Mr. Piano Man BO 1296
Mr. Piano man BS 2310
Mr. Piano Man K 1311
Mr. Right RWH 154
Mr. Sandman BM 0024
Mr. Sandman BM 0107
Mr. Sandman DR 030
Mr. Sandman L 1037
Mr. Sandman SC 580
Mrs. Right C  717
Mt. Banjo Hoedown / Cindy BM 1008 
MTA ESP 1119
Much too young AK 105
Mud on the tires ESP 1084
Muddy Boggy Banjo Man TB  204
Muddy Bottom TOP 25246
Muddy River / Feeling Good JP   505
Muddy Water DR 634
Muddy water JP  224
Muel Skinner Blues RR 901111
Muggsy Willi CC   101
Music is my women C  204
Music is my women RR 131
Music Music Music BC 500
Music of Hawaii HD 105
Muskrat Ramble L 1038
Mutual Admiration FTC 32004
My baby got good timing ESP  314
My baby no esta aqui no more ESP 1108
My baby thinks he`s a train WWI 2-16
My Baby thinks she`s a train CC     35
My baby`s gone away C  507
My best friens WIN 5123
My best Gal / Big Boom S.I.O. 2139 
My best girl / Gosh BR 206
My Blue Heaven RBS 1302
My bundle of southern sunshine TB  225
My Confession K 1058
My favorite Memory HH 5047
My feets to big LR 00008
My front door Jubilee   567
My Gal Country Style LH 0166
My Girl MAG 101
My guiding Star BS 2375
My Heart HH 5021
My Heart    MR  029
My Heart Skips a beat GS   710
My heart skips a beat K 1164
My heart skypes a beat MGR 1033
My heart still belongs to you OR    45
My heart won`t wonder RWH 141
My heroes have always been cowboys Rainbow 202
My Heros have always been Cowboys GMP   934
My home in San Antone BO 1392
My Hometown GMP   917
My Ideal BR 251
My Ideal BS 1649
My Ideal BS 2287
My Indiana girl HH  429
My Jamaica WWI 053
My Journey gets sweeter L8-14
My journey now DR 085
My kind of crazy UBR 9701
My kind of music ESP 1098
My Lady loves me BM 0056
My Lady loves me ESP  311
My Life CC     54
My Life`s a dance RBS 1300
My little girl / Ten pretty girls FK 1036
My Love RB  111
My Melody of Love WIN 5064
My old Kentucky home J 117
My own kind of hat HH 5019
My past is present AK 108
My pretty girl BS 2233
My pretty girl / Marching through Georgia WIN 4112 
My Pride BS 1924
My Pride HH  400
My reason for livin LH 0192
My Rock RB 3079
My ship`s comin in DYNA 4
My sweet baby EUR 1017
My sweet lady RR 213
My Toot Toot BS 2282
My Train of Thought 4B  6099
My train of thought HH 5144
My Way ESP  210
My way GR 12157
My wife`s house DR 646
My window faces south K 1324
My window faces South MGR 2193
My window faces the south JP  120
My Windows faces the south B    115
My womens love NA 1001
Nadine PH 102
Nanakuli BM 0161
Nancy / Lisa RB 0110
Naomi BO 1378
Naomi RCA 8325
Nashville Special / Y.knot rag Decca 40238
Natural High BA 201
Naughty lady Aqua  119
Naughty Lady K 1143
Near you L 1018
Nellie LM  118
Nelly Bly TOP 25172
Neon Moon HH 5195
Never been so loved 4B  6046
Never been so loved HH 5037
Never coming back again BO 1271
Never did like Whiskey RR 135
Never ending song of love SC 552
Never going to Tampa EAG 3401
Never Never leave again BS 2024
Never River Train JP  602
Never say never ESP  161
Never Say Never / Drill S.I.O. X 3122 
Never the less RR 206
Nevertheless JP  111
New Attitude RR 198
New Bill Bailey MGR  982
New Carribbean MGR  958
New Craze / Chug Chug S.I.O. 2138 
New Craze / Cross the Mountain S.I.O. HD  3A/54
New Craze / Flop eared Mule S.I.O. HD  3A/3B
New cut road ESP  302
New island in the sun RC 00904
New Lady of Spain BM 0146
New looks from an old lover ESP  121
New moon K 1224
New Moon WIN 4880
New moon over my shoulder ESP  125
New moon over my shoulder L 1027
New patches MR  082
New Patches Old Garments ED 104
New plaid & Calico Jubilee   559
New River Train LM  135
New Square Dance Medley GR 12161
New way to live L 1101
New world coming on BS 2367
New world in the morning BS 2144
New world in the morning WW 209
New York minute EAG 2008
Newtron Dance C  321
Next thing smokin JP  805
Nickelodeon Rag PR 1066
Nickels & Dimes ST   201
Night Coach BO 1261
Night of love RB  127
Night Train / Milenburg Joy K 1072
Night train to Memphis BM 0095
Night Train to Memphis K 1294
Night train to Memphis RB  173
Night Train to Memphis SL 107
Nighttime and my Baby RH  208
Nighty night MGR 2175
Nighty Night MGR 2175
Nine pound hammer MAG 102
Nineteen minutes to go LH 0161
Nlue Ridge Mountain Home ESP  732
No gonna cry again LM  107
No good chain gang WWI 052
No Mans land / Sold Atlantic 87105
No Matter What GMP 1101
No more No less BR 229
No more no Less HH  344
No News SD  0247
No No Never GP 920
No No Nora BM 0093
No No Nora L 1029
No No nora SC 527
No No Nora WIN 4840
No one like you CSTL 001
No Place like Hawaii MGR 2004
No Tear Drops Tonight BS 1594
No Tears Milady HH  349
No way to tie a tiger down JP  625
Nobody but a fool BS 1893
Nobody home but me TOP 25129
Nobody knows but me LH 0184
Nobody wants you BS 2361
Nobody`s Baby / You`ve got me wondering WIN 4182
Nobody`s darling but mine BS 2111
Nobody`s Sweetheart GO 108
Nobody`s sweetheart now ESP  211
Nobodys Business K 1214
Nora / Stay a little longer ST   306
Normally Norma loves me SS 2348
Norman BS 1596
North Dash 2532
North to Alaska PR 1076
Northlands ST   129
Not Counting on you CD 242
Nothing can stop my loving you WIN 5060
Nothing could be finer JK  113
Nothing ever hurt me RR 108
Nothing on but the radio ESP 1085
Nothings New MGR 2002
Now I`m gone CK 108
Now she`s wearing her Jeans a little bit tighter PR 1132
Now that`s Country ESP  179
Number One Dancers WIN 4858
Object of ma affection GSR 6012
Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da GMP   807
Ocean front Property BUC 1223
Octopus`s Garden FP 203
Oh - O-O-O,the devils on the loose OR    40
Oh ! What a love HH 5106
Oh baby mine BS 2221
Oh Baby mine RH  603
Oh By Jingo OT 8152
Oh happy lucky me LH 0163
Oh honey oh babe SRR 1022
Oh I hope this day is good PR 1133
Oh Johnny BM 0126
Oh Johnny GR 12127
Oh Johnny HH  314
Oh Johnny MGR 2042
Oh Lonesome Me DR 660
Oh Lonesome Me HH   484
Oh Lonesome Me HH 0484
Oh Lonesome me OT 8134
Oh Lonesome me WIN 4863
Oh Lonesome you CAR 022
Oh Lonesome you JP  331
Oh my Oh BS 1694
Oh Susanna ESP  911
Oh there`s singing on the mountain OR    42
Oh what a beautiful love song ESP  113
Oh what a beautiful lovesong CRC 148
Oh what a love SSR 117
Oh why must we ever say goodbye RYL  304
Oh you beautiful doll NIC 55
Oh, Lonesome me OT 1401
Oh-so walk in the barn K 1205
Okeechobee PIO   108
Okie from Muskogee 4B  6102
Okie from Muskogee K 1100
Okie from Muskogee K 1247
Okies coming home BS 2318
Oklahoma RB  229
Oklahoma Borderline C  804
Oklahoma Borderline HH 5084
Oklahoma Crude OR    04
Oklahoma Hills C  002
Oklahoma Hills C  716
Oklahoma sunshine PR 1008
Oklahoma Swing LR 00108
Oklahoma Swing RB 3038
Oklahoma Woman PR 0202
Ol fashioned Love song FT 120
Ol slew foort the bear PR 1019
Old Black Magic BO 1323
Old Black Magic BR 228
Old Black Magic BS 2295
Old black Magic HH  339
Old Buster Hoedown BUC 1513
Old Cape Cod GMP   118
Old Chunk of Coal BS 2136
Old Cowhand TOP 25219
Old Dan Tucker / Big Boss BS 1573 
Old Dan Tucker / Big Chief BS 1932
Old Dogs, Children, & Watermelon Q 858
Old enough to know better RYL  134
Old fashion few SRR 1017
Old fashion girl BS 1695
Old fashion love in my heart BM 0205
Old fashioned girl ESP  508
Old fashioned girl LH 0189
Old fashioned girl / Hurry, Hurry, Hurry WIN 4105
Old fashioned love L 1097
Old fashioned love TOP 25235
Old fashioned rose MGR 1006
Old flame burning L 1199
Old gang of mine RWH 109
Old grey bonnet MGR  998
Old Hippie CK 098
Old Hippie MR  048
Old Joe / Mocking Bird S.I.O. X 2131
Old Joe Clark / Blue Montain Rag S.I.O. HD 75/76
Old Joe Clark / Blue Mountain Rag S.I.O. Special   9/10
Old Joe Clark / Devil`s dream BS 1739 
Old Joe Clark / Ole Sal K 1234
Old Joe Clark / Up jumped the devil S.I.O. Special   9/12
Old Joe Who BM 1005
Old Lamplighter EAG 1209
Old man river BR 214
Old man river HH 5062
Old Man River MAR  510
Old Man River TOP 25290
Old Monterey L 1110
Old Pine Tree TOP 25146
Old river line SL 101
Old Rocking chair SC 533
Old Shep BR 242
Old side of town BS 2108
Old Slew Foot GLR 005
Old Songs WIN 5083
Old Square Dancer RT 903
Old time family Blue Grass band HH 5034
Old Time Loving CD 214
Old time loving RR 179
Old time Religion MAR  902
Old time Rock and Roll RR 173
Old time Rock`n Roll EAG 2301
Old times MGR 1048
Olding the bag WIN 5100
Ole Buck JP  701
On a Hi-Way headin south TB  215
On a wonderful day like today BR 275
On and On RYL  307
On Broadway RR 165
On hundreed degree plus BS 2389
On second thought CD 243
On the other hand RB 3011
On the other hand WIN 4878
On the rebound RH  206
On the road again CW 155
On the road again ER 0101
On the road to loving me again CW 153
On the run WIN 4954
On top of the world HH  431
Once a day BS 1911
Once more MGR 2171
One cup of happiness BS 1860
One cup of happiness GR 12164
One Dozen Roses MGR 8805
One evening with you MGR 2083
One has my heart MS   118
One has your heart L 1043
One in a Million ROC 102
One In A Million RR 170
One in a row / An American girl MCA 54898
One Less Day JP  325
One lifes highway CK 075
One man show SC 623
One more payment ESP  171
One more time GR 12104
One more time LS   502
One more time PIO   112
One more time WWI 031
One more time with feeling ST   127
One night at a time 4B  6143
One night at a time ESP 1017
One night at time GR 00101 
One night stands CBC   533
One of those songs MGR 1088
One of those wonderful songs MGR 2144
One of those wonderful songs RIV 218
One of those wonderful songs UR 301
One promise too late RR 234
One Rock and Roll too many BS 2415
One Rose K 1094
One song away WIN 4974
One step forward EUR 1001
One thin Dime C  706
One Time more BR 201
One time to many / It`s all over now S.I.O. 2117
One time too many MGR 1089
One time too many MGR 1089
One way / Get with DR 738 
One way rider BS 2245
One way Rider HH 5057
One Woman Man MGR 2184
One women man VR 115
One, Two, I love you CD 279
Only a fool keeps hanging on SS 2344
Only daddy MAR  514
Only one you LM  143
Only one you Petticoat 101
Only You C  213
Only you MDL 003
OO - Wee Baby C  711
Ooh La La C  513
Ooh La La LS 5011
Open for business SS 2343
Open up your heart CK 013
Open up your heart MGR 2011
Open your heart RC 00905
Orange Blossom Special TOP 25371
Orange Blossom Special / Big Valley GSR   401
Orange Blossom Special / Kelly`s Rag DR 9001
Orange Blossom Special / Possum Sop GR 12045
Orange Blossom Special / Possum Sop TOP 25320
Ordinary man HH  486
Oscar Meyer Wiener BA 603
Ottawa Special / Red`s Reel LS   169/170
Otto`s Hoedown BUC 1517
Our day will come RH  307
Our Neighbor / Buster has arrived LH 0501
Out behind the Barn SSR 136
Out of the Blues ESP  514
Out on the Texa plains BR 239
Outbound Plane CAR 013
Outlaw / Breezin Easy RH  104 
Over the Mountain ( Über den Wolken ) BVR 126
Over Yonder L 1013
Ozark Romp 4B  6003
Paddle Wheeler ST   137
Paddlin Maddlin BS 1755
Paddlin maddlin home BS 2455
Paddlin maddlin home ESP  523
Paid in Advance CK 024
Pain in my heart ER 1004
Paint the town & hang the moon HH 5116
Paintin this ole town blue TB  198
Pair of Kings / Deuces Wild HH  601
Pair the Line workshop / Dixi -Daisy workshop GR 12001
Paloma Blanca OR    01
Pancho and Lefty CJC 512
Panhandle Rag MGR 2117
Papa S.I.O. F 104
Papa Joe`s TOP 25179
Paper Doll BS 1698
Paper Doll CK 003
Paper Doll WIN 4936
Paper Roses MGR 2151
Paper Roses RBS 1281
Paper Roses WWI 012
Paradise called Tennessee BS 2223
Paradise tonight DR 013
Paradise tonight ST   208
Paralyze my mind ST   142
Partner that nobody chose BS 2160
Partners, Brothers and Friends Q 862
Pass me baby MGR 1064
Pass me by BS 2337
Pass me by DR 728
Pass me by MGR 1064
Pass me by TNT 271
Pass the Buck / Blue Eyed Myrtle BS 1586 
Patriotic Medley BM 0152
Patriotic Medley BS 2025
Patriotic Medley BS 2155
Patspik / Funky Joe EUR 2003
Patter I ESP  404
Paul Jones / Georgia Polka BS 1547
Pave your way into tomorrow BO 1243
Pave your way into tomorrow WIN 4983
Pay Day S.I.O. 151
Pazzo Pazzo / The Saints S.I.O. X 3125 
Pearly Shells J 133
Pecos Promenade C  406
Peg O my heart S.I.O. F 106
Peg of my heart RB  282
Penn Polka TNT 220
Penn Polka WIN 4836
Pennies from heaven 4B  6057
Pennies from heaven TOP 25062
Pennsylvania Polka GSR 6007
Pennsylvania Polka Square SS 2313
Penny Arcade BS 2070
Penny Arcade Q 813
Penny Candy LS   504
Perfect Fool BM 0130
Perfect Mountain PR 1022
Petunia BS 1871
Phoenix on her mind CR 101 
Phrase Craze / Pavalon Stomp S.I.O. X 2114 
Phrase Craze / Up jumped the Devil S.I.O. Special 23/24
Phyllis / Kathy RB  305
Piano Roll Blues RB  297
Pick me up on your way down BS 2296
Pick me up on your way down FT 103
Pick me up on your way down L 1021
Pick me up on your way down RB  198
Pick the Wildwood Flower RB  252
Pick up the tempo BS 2179
Picker Patter RH  103 
Pickin ESP  407
Pickin & Grinnin / Go man go S.I.O. 2140 
Pickle up a doodle WIN 4823
Pickles BS 1581
Picture window facing south GO 107
Pictures MS   155
Pictures RIV 227
Pigtails and ribbons BS 2349
Pinc Cadillac RB 3017
Pine Tree TOP 25293
Pine tree stomp / New Mule S.I.O. X 2132
Ping Pong Hoedown / Milk Cow Blues K 1105
Pins and Needles Petticoat 118
Pirates and Poets CD 223
Piroque Joe LS 7002
Plastic Saddle BS 2436
Plastic Saddle HH  406
Play here back to yesterday HH 5010
Play it by the rules CD 217
Play me a song S.I.O. 132
Play me a traveling song BR 285
Play me some mountain music BM 0044
Play Ruby Play BR 266
Play something Country ESP  332
Playground in my mind K 1153
Playmates H 112
Please don`t ever get tired of lovin me CAR 101
Please don`t leave me SL 108
Please don`t squeeze my sharmon BS 1878
Please don`t talk about me MGR 2141
Please don`t talk about me when I`m gone BO 1127
Please don`t talk about me when I`m gone C  704
Please don`t talk about me when I`m gone L 1149
Please help me I`m falling MS   144
Please Mr. Please RB  193
Please pass the kisses CAR 021
Please pass the kisses MGR  934
Pledge of Allegiance plus Grand old flag BM 0030
Plenty of money and you MGR 2033
Plenty of money and you RWH 131
Pocket full of Dreams BO 1112
Polk County Breakdown / Earl`s Breakdown ST   111 
Polk salad Annie CC     42
Polka dots and Moonbeams MGR 2133
Polly Ann LM  119
Polly Wally Doodle RMR   109
Poor boy CAR 103
Poor boy OT 8124
Poor boy blues TB  195
Poor little Robin WIN 4861
Poor Man`s riches WIN 4882
Poor Mans Lincoln / I get off here DR 9010
Poor rich man ST   180
Poppin it / Stringing aong MS   152 
Portugal FTC 32018
Portugal GR 12054
Possom / Sop /Clamor S.I.O. HD 64/65
Powder your face JK  102
Powder your face TNT 103
Powder your face with sunshine L 1031
Prairie Moon GO 102
Pray for the light to go out LH 0135
Preacher & Bear / Brownie SDH  0100 
Preacher and the bear MGR  954
Preachin up a storm BC 116
Preachin up a storm GS   717
Preaching up a storm ESP  104
Pretty Baby BS 2067
Pretty baby DR 727
Pretty Baby MGR  977
Pretty blue eyes BS 2110
Pretty Lady / Earl`s Hoedown BS 1521 
Pretty little Miss K 1037
Pretty world today RB  122
Pride BO 1324
Pride RBS 1265
Primrose Lane JP 7006
Primrose Lane MGR 2081
Prisoner of the highway RBS 1276
Prissy TNT 115
Prissy / Bandana BS 2163 
Progressive Kansas City RB  183
Promenade Mixer LH 1023
Promenade of pretty girls GR 12025
Promised Land WW 403
Promises - Promises SC 529
Prop me up by the Jukebox RYL  512
Proud Mary K 1116
Proud Mary RR 197
Puddy Cat Square WIN 4895
Puka Shells BM 0118
Pure Love CJC 500
Pure Love RBS 1312
Pure yourself in my place CD 252
Pushed in a Corner MGR 1058
Pushed in a corner MGR 2411
Pushing MGR 1025
Pussy Cat / Rosabella WIN 4173 
Put a little love in your heart RYL  209
Put a rainbow in your pocket TOP 25289
Put a ring on her finger / The Ladies WIN 4170
Put another log on the fire TB  132
Put on in A / Put on in G BS 2396 
Put on your dancing shoes BS 2149
Put on your old grey bonnet SC 595
Put on your old grey bonnet SH 5005
Put some drive RBS 1342
Put your arms around me BS 1712
Put your arms around me ESP  120
Put your arms around me SC 535
Put your arms around me GR 12170
Put your hand in the hand EAG 1210
Put your hand in the hand JK  129
Put yourself in my shoes RMR   101
Puttin on the dog / Lone Star Rag BS 1761 
Puttin on the Style GR 12118
Puttin us on HH  416
Q.R.T. HH 0649
Queen bee of Honky Hyve / Walk right up SC 319 
Queen of the rodeo TB  133
Queen of the silver Dollar CK 014
Queen Victoria / The Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee LS   173/174
Quick Silver BS 1576
Rabbit Dog / Caution BM 0016
Rabbit in alog / Hirlpool S.I.O. X 2127 
Racket / Rain BS 1882 
Rag Mopp / Happy Rattle K 1035
Rag time Annie / Lightfood Bill OT 8158 
Rag Time Annie / S.K.G. GS   402 
Ragged but right RH  402
Ragget but right GS   721
Ragget but right L 1145
Raggin a Call WIN 4856
Ragtime Anne / James ST   302
Ragtime Annie RR 921103
Ragtime Annie / Sassafrass BS 1612 
Ragtime Annie / Smitty S.I.O. 2143 
Ragtime Banjo Ball TOP 25035
Ragtime Call EAG 1206
Ragtime Call LR 00019
Ragtime Cowboy Joe CK 021
Ragtime Cowboy Joe GR 12055
Ragtime Cowboy Joe RWH 129
Ragtime Gal BS 1710
Ragtime Gal Rockin A 1340
Ragtime Gal WIN 4991
Ragtime Melody Jubilee   599
Ragtime Piano C  109
Ragtime Piano TOP 25321
Ragtime Piano WIN 4803
Railey Special / Sally G GR 12057
Railey Two / Sally Forth TOP 25322
Rain WIN 5082
Rain on my parade CW 154
Rainbow girl BS 1867
Rainbow Girl GSR 6005
Rainbow Girl MGR 2065
Rainbow in my hand TB  109
Rainbow Rider RR 174
Rainbow round my shoulder K 1033
Rainbow Stew BM 0034
Rainbow Stew BM 0138
Rainbow Stew PR 1044
Rainbows are back in style BS 1831
Raindrops keep falling on my head JK  107
Raintree County TNT 122
Rainy day people BS 2344
Raise a Ruckus MAG 103
Raisin Cain in Texas TB  223
Raisin`cain in Texas 7 C 111
Rally Round TOP 25220
Ralph`s Practice RA 890301
Rama Lama Ding Dong UR 503
Rama Lama Ding Dong UR 503
Ramblin Bill ESP  411
Ramblin Fever RR 188
Ramblin Man RB  159
Ramblin Man RYL  232
Ramblin Rose BM 0139
Ramblin Rose WIN 5021
Rambling fever SRR 1001
Rambling Rose J-bar-L 5002
Rangoon / Carbon Canyon Breakdown WWI 2-02
Rareback / Rawhide BS 1613 
Rattler / Long John BM 1013 
Rattler Romp BM 0002
Rave on CD 240
Ravishing Ruby WIN 5024
Razz - Ma - Tazz RWH 151
Razz-A-Ma-Tazz MGR 2176
Reach out and touch a hand UR 003
Ready BS 2445
Ready and Able / Heavenly Hash MR 5011 
Ready for the times to get better RR 127
Real good feel good song RWH 150
Real Good Time JP  236
Real True Lovin JK  104
Red and Rio Grande CD 268
Red Bandana RR 137
Red Bandana WWI 048
Red Barn Rag / Bewitching SH 3152
Red Carnations / The Whistler S.I.O. 3160 
Red Carpet HH  383
Red head B    126
Red Head / Oh BS 1560 
Red head gal of mine BS 1567
Red hot Cabbage / Muddy Mississippi K 1012 
Red hot mama OT 8178
Red hot memory HH 5013
Red hot river / Buckeye Hoedown GR 12022
Red hot River / Ocean Wave workshop GR 12021
Red hot spinning tops TOP 25342
Red Red Robin TOP 25005
Red River Train / Ole Sally J 105 
Red River Valley TOP 25184
Red river valley / Patty Cake Polka OT 8162 
Red Roses BO 1221
Red Roses C  319
Red Roses G&W 602
Red roses for a blue lady BO 1370
Red sails in the sunset BS 2429
Red sails in the sunset RIV 224
Red Wing TOP 25145
Red Wing TOP 25347
Rednecks, White Sox and blue Ribbon bear OR    32
Reets mountain dew RIV 117
Regular Joe LM  193
Release me WW 118
Release me / Yesterday WIN 5114
Remember me BO 1254
Remember me ST   193
Remember me TB  124
Remember ol Scollay Square GR 12165
Reno C  401
Reno FTC 32037
Reno GR 12110
Repeat after me SG 705
Repeat after me ST   218
Rescue me HH  464
Restless Romp / Strings Galore C  117
Rhode Island red / Hurry BS 2099 
Rhythm of the road C 3501
Rhythm Special RR 301
Rhythm Sticks RRR 550 
Rhythm Vamp ( I got Rhythm ) LR 00009
Ribbon of Darkness BO 1337
Ribbon of Darkness K 1175
Rich Livin Woman BS 1764
Richest man CT 109
Richest man in the world 4B  6145
Richest man in the world FTC 32025
Richest man in the world WIN 4864
Richmond / Chinese Breakdown BS 1735 
Rickshaw man MGR 1094
Ricky / Josh RYL  401
Ride Ride Ride GR 12093
Ride that Hummingbird MR  067
Ride the Train CW 171
Ride the train MR  013
Ridin for the roundup in the springtime HH 5026
Ridin for the Roundup in the Springtime HH 5200
Ridin High SSR 501
Ridin my thumb to Mexico RB  015
Ridin my thumb to Mexico RB  156
Right back where I startet again RRR 204 
Right in the palm of your hand MR  012
Right or wrong BS 2244
Right or wrong DR 706
Right or Wrong K 1120
Right or wrong K 1321
Right or Wrong RH  214
Ring around your neck GR 00202
Ring my bell K 1202
Ring of Fire BO 1158
Ring of fire H.A.T. 204
Ring of fire JK  118
Ring Ring the Banjo TOP 25049
Rings on her fingers TNT 191
Rink-a-tink Piano TOP 25177
Rinky Tink Piano BS 2230
Rip Tide Rag / Wayward Hoedown K 1029
Ripple / Southland TB  518
Rise and shine C  810
Rise and shine MGR 2199
Road LM  163
Road Runner Romp C  102
Roamin / Shake TOP 25335
Roamin in the Gloamin SC 517
Roamin in the Gloamin TOP 25095
Robert E. Lee J-bar-L 5007
Robert E. Lee SS 2376
Robinhood BS 2106
Robinson Crusoe RBS 1339
Robinson Crusoe WW 305
Rock & Roll I gave you the best RB 0187
Rock and Roll Heaven RYL  212
Rock Fall / Tomahawk GR 12083
Rock Island ride / Dixie Breakdown ST   300
Rock Island Ride / Mountain Mist WIN 4185 
Rock me gently CC     43
Rock me gently CC     43
Rock N Roll music SIR   309
Rock`n in Rosalie`s Boat C  202
Rockabout / Best Gal S.I.O. HD 35/36
Rockabout / Chinese breakdown S.I.O. 2123 
Rockabout / Chinese Breakdown S.I.O. X 2123 
Rockabout / D & A Breakdown S.I.O. HD 71/72
Rockin Along GSR 6017
Rockin Hoedown MGR 8985
Rockin Horse / Revere`s Ride TOP 25215
Rockin Mary Lynn TAR 121
Rockin my life away CJC 501
Rockin Pneumania and Boogie Woogie Flu C  503
Rockin Robin LM  161
Rockin the Polka J-bar-L 5001
Rockin with you RWH 119
Rocking Chair HH  642
Rocking Square Dance Ship LH 0160
Rocky Mountain / Bitter Creek USA 512
Rocky Mountain Express MGR 8545
Rocky mountain fling WW 101
Rocky Mountain Goat SH  106
Rocky Mt. Dew LS   501
Rocky Mt. Dew LS 6001
Rocky River / Will-O-Wisp GR 12036
Rocky Top COR 1003
Rocky Top J 146
Rocky Top K 1115
Rocky Top RR 104
Rocky Top / Back up and push U 11068
Rodeo Road CC     33
Rodeo Romeo BS 2153
Rodeo Romeo MS   192
Roll out the barrel JP  212
Roll out the barrel TNT 118
Roll out the barrel TNT 247
Roll out the barrel TRR 126 
Roll those baby blue eyes SDH  1007
Roll those big blue eyes TOP 25323
Roll Truck Roll WWI 033
Rollin RR 921111
Rollin Easy / Billy`s banjo RH  105 
Rollin in my sky sweet babies arms ESP  109
Rollin Nowhere BO 1363
Rollin Nowhere DR 733
Rollin Nowhere HH 5089
Rollin on MGR 1049
Rollin with the flow WIN 5074
Rolling / Lighting ST   119
Rolling in my sweet baby arms SRR 1018
Rolling on MS   122
Rolly Poly LH 0130
Romeo RB 3037
Romping Molly SH  136
Roofer`s Special / Wandering TRR 201 
Room enough for two WIN 4902
Rosa Rio LL 1001
Rosalita BO 1143
Rose ST   181
Rose colored glasses BO 1206
Rose Marie K 1228
Rose Marie WW 106
Rose of San Antone BS 2043
Rose of San Antone TOP 25195
Rose of Sharon DIA 0104
Roses / On the beach UR 101 
Roses / On the beach UR 101 
Roses and Love Songs ST   166
Roses and Thorns BM 0129
Roses and Thorns SC 585
Roses in the snow RH  212
Rosetta K 1036
Rosie BO 1216
Rosin Dust / Dottie`s Cloggin Breakdown BC 121
Rotten little song BS 2005
Round and Round BS 1608
Round and Round WW 215
Round Dance Man / Hot Rod Caller LH 0502
Round the clock lovin BC 120
Round the clock lovin BO 1354
Round the clock lovin RB  275
Round the clock loving VR 114
Row Row Row HH  473
Row Row Row TNT 188
Row, Row, Row Keeno 2180
Rub - a - Dub - Dub CAR 009
Rub it in, Rub it in CAR 024
Rub-A Dubbin ESP 1007
Rub-A-Dub Square LS   801
Rubber Dolly / Chop Sticks BS 2281 
Rubber Dolly / Debut SDH  0101
Rubber Dolly / Dixie Hoedown CL  2
Rubber Dolly / Old Joe Clark TOP 25332
Rubber Dolly / Phrase Craze S.I.O. Special   1/2
Rubber Dolly / Rubber Dolly S.I.O. HD 70
Rubber Duck / Rock Island Ride RB  233 
Rubber Duckie WK 015
Rubberneckin HD 121
Ruby / Rubys Fiddle SC 311 
Ruby Baby RYL  503
Rueben RR  058801
Rufus / Sunrise BS 2198 
Ruin my bad reputation PH 101
Ruin my bad reputation PR 1134
Run Billy Run / Country Fiddling ST 2048
Running down memory lane Q 839
Running Gun LS   603
Running Shoes / Old Joe Clark BMR 4559 
Rusty old halo RR 140
Ruthless DR 614
Ryan / Alison RB  312
S(l)inging Hash / The Thing WIN 4406
Sackett`s Harbor / Steamboat Quickstep LS   175/176
Sad and Lonely K 1111
Sad Songs EUR 1003
Saddle Romp / Cinch S 1101 
Saddle up / Get along WIN 5049 
Sage Brush / Ranch House Ramble RH  101 
Sagebrush / Big Sandy BO 1122 
Sail away RR 134
Sail on OR    12
Sailing OR    43
Sailing / Jarring TB  513
Saints ( Oh when the saint`s..... ) J 151
Saints go marchin in CT 107
Saints Hoe / Happy Patter BS 2405 
Sally WIN 4805
Sally Forth / Railey Two TOP 25272
Sally from ol` San Juan LR 00018
Sally G BS 2010
Sally Jane WIN 4898
Sally was a good old girl RYL  801
Sally was a good old girl WW 307
Salt Licks / Dallas PR 2008 
Salty dog BO 1129
Salty dog Blues ESP  603
Salty Dog Rag / Up jumped the devil GS   400
Same old song and dance EAG 0037
Same old way HD 102
Sams Hill J 129
Samuel Colt K 1090
San K 1172
San Antone JK  143
San Antone PR 1077
San Antonio Rose ELK 006
San Antonio Rose Magic 1000
San Antonio Stroll GE 0019
San Antonio Stroll RH  202
San Antonio Stroll WWI 027
San Francisco Bay BS 2228
San Franzisco Bay Blues CK 061
San Luis Ramble / Handy SC 312 
Santa Claus is coming U 14831
Santa Domingo LH 1039
Santa`s Medley TNT 210
Santo Domingo K 1135
Satin Sheets RB  154
Saturday night C  105
Saturday night J-bar-L 5006
Saturday night JK  135
Saturday night RBS 1351
Saturday night WIN 5041
Saturday night flight TB  187
Saturday night Special SSR 107
Sauer Kraut H 106
Save the best for last GMP 1001
Save the last dance for me FT 106
Save the last dance for me RB  241
Save your heart for me L 1186
Savin my love for you CC     15
Saving your Kisses HH  332
Saving your kisses WIN 4874
SAX UR 102
SAX UR 102
Say Goodbye JP  223
Say Hello BS 1751
Say Hi BO 1308
Say Howdy OT   207
Say I do RBS 1291
Say it again RB  219
Say it with a smile BS 1749
Say something sweet BS 1759
Say you love me again RB  189
Say you`ll stay until tomorrow RB  222
Say you`ll stay until tomorrow ST 1000
Sayou / Cinnamon Twist GR 12094
SaySi Si FTC 32023
School Days HH 5191
School Days PH 103
Scope Dolly / Cripple Creek SC 321 
Scott`s Hoedown TNT 162
Scream Theme / T-birds jumin TB  522
Sea Cruise CBC   558
Sea Cruise LR 00301
Seahorses of old Mexico LH 0195
Seahorses of old Mexico RB 3027
Seahorses of ole Mexico ESP 1099
Seattle TOP 25357
Seattle on my mind HH 5026
Second Fling DR 640
Second Fling OT 8190
Second Fling RWH 111
Second Fling / Baby face S.I.O. X 1107 
Second Fling / Baby Face S.I.O. X 2110 
Second hand rose HH  333
Second hand Rose K 1183
Second home CD 263
Secret love BS 2175
Seein Nellie home ESP  903
Seeing is believing CD 231
Seems like old times MGR 2118
Selfish BO 1390
Selfish JP  103
Semolita RH  303
Send a message to my heart RWH 177
Send a message to my heart RWH 811
Send her Roses BO 1305
Send her roses HH 5072
Send her roses K 1197
Send me down to Tucson HH 5018
Send me down to Tucson Rockin A 0201
Send me your Pillow BS 1570
Senor Santa Claus ST   154
Senorita HH 5309
Senorita be careful with my heart FTC 32022
Sentimental Journey C  317
Sentimental Journey WIN 4835
Sentimental old you L8-23
Sentimental ole you BS 2237
Sentinental ol`you LR 10094
Serenade PR 1085
Set me free Keeno 2330
Set out tonight for New Orleans RRR 503 
Seven lonely days BS 1927
Sexy lady 7 C 104
Sexy Ole Lady ESP  107
Shaddup you face HH 5040
Shadow / Julida Rockin A 1311 
Shadows RH  305
Shadows of my mind PR 1011
Shadrack`s Delight LS   193/194
Shady Hill / China boy HH  630
Shake hands friend, you`re from Texas B    104
Shake like an earthquake HH 5248
Shake Shake Shake RYL  147
Shakeytown / Bear in the air HH  641 
Shakin ESP  405
Shaking a Heartache PH 100
Shall we gather at the river CAR 034
Shame on you HH  334
Shanty in old Shantytown TOP 25193
Shanty town SC 644
Shantytown TOP 25277
She believes in me JP  107
She can dance her shoes over my way SF 103
She can put her shoes under my bed HH  498
She can`t say that anymore 7 C 110
She can`t say that anymore RR 149
She comes around EAG 0012
She didn`t know HH  376
She got away with my heart BS 2280
She had me EAG 1802
She loves me all the way RB  184
She taught me to yodel CW 105
She taught me to Yodel LS 5023
She used to be somebody`s baby SNW 2003
She used to sing on sunday GLR 001 
She`ll swing no one but you Best 102
She`s a cool drink of water CK 113
She`s a miracle DR 685
She`s back K 1267
She`s gone K 1026
She`s gone gone gone TOP 25157
She`s gone, gone, gone 4B  6104
She`s got everything I need WIN 5036
She`s got leavin on her mind HH 5114
She`s my Rock LM  122
She`s my Rock Q 836
She`s not you BC 201
She`s Teasin MGR  949
She`s that kind DR 615
She`s tough RWH 188
She`s your girl WIN 4832
Sheb`s Hoedown / Get it on USA 507 
Sheboygan HH  350
Sheboygan LR 00002
Sheboygan S.I.O. F 118
Sheik of Araby TOP 25042
Sheila UR 505
Shelby`s Banjo / Love me USA 505 
Shep`s Mountain /  Jim "B" Hoedown SC 309
Sherbrooke / Buckeye Hoedown GR 12052
Shiek of Araby BS 1738
Shiek of Araby L 1096
Shindig in the Barn JP  809
Shindig in the Barn K 1075
Shindig in the barn SR 101
Shindig in the Barn WW 921
Shinding in the Barn WW 206
Shine C  708
Shine L 1078
Shine on harvest moon 4B  6106
Shine on harvest moon CK 025
Shine on harvest moon OT 8151
Shine-Shine-Shine /Mystery Train TB  524
Shiny rails of steel TB  192
Shirley Jean Berrell GS   709
Shoes on the other foot WIN 4865
Short road to love LM  141
Shortnin WW 202
Shortnin bread RB  257
Shot gun Boogie / Blue water BS 1606
Should do it SS 2379
Should I TOP 25038
Shout SSR 133
Showboat PR 1135
Showboat Gambler CW 115
Showboat Gambler K 1298
Showdown down in Tennessee RB  285
Shufflin Shoes BS 1829
Shuffling on / Tip Tap TNT 241
Shut the Gate BS 1553
Shutters and Boards BS 2254
Shutters and Boards PR 1021
Si Senor GR 12134
Sidestep HD 112
Sigh N Cry MGR 8755
Silver Bells CC     27
Silver Dollar HH  356
Silver Dollar / Eight of january J-bar-L 4128
Silver moon apond ( upon ) the golden sands BS 1775
Silver Sands TOP 25020
Silver Threads RIV 201
Silver Threads and golden needles MGR 1083
Sing a happy song TOP 25315
Sing a little sunshine song MGR 2019
Sing along GR 12136
Sing it LR 00102
Sing it with me TOP 25205
Sing Sing a Song BS 2304
Sing Sing Sing MAR  511
Sing the blues to daddy Capitol 02597
Singin a song about love BH 003
Singing and Swinging LS   901
Singing on the Ohio TOP 25152
Singing the Blues BO 1384
Singing the Blues RBS 1280
Singing the Blues ST   197
Singing your Song WW 210
Singing zhe Blues WIN 4944
Sioux City Sue BA 103
Sioux City Sue DR 667
Sissy Britches / Petty Pants BS 1872 
Sister Kate BM 0204
Sit a little closer ESP  714
Sittin on Tof of the World ESP  712
Sittin on top of the world CK 072
Six days on the road BUC 1251
Skagg`s Hoss SG 101
Skillet Lickin / Leather Bridges BS 2332 
Skillet Lickin / Liza BS 1952 
Skip to my Lou / Cumberland Gap Capitol 40162
Skipping along S.I.O. F 117
Skirts K 1074
Slaunch to Donegal WIN 4183 / 4483
Sleep tight goodnight man OR    02
Sleepin at the foot of the bed CAR 019
Sleeping in a box car DR 053
Sleepy time Gal BS 1912
Sleepy time Gal S.I.O. F 110
Slingshot Hoedown BUC 1515
Slippin around Rockin A 1354
Slippin away BS 1966
Slippin away RB  151
SLO Trac / BM 0012
SLO Trac / San Luis Ramble BM 1004 
Sloop John B LBR 201
Slow Hand ESP  103
Slowly J 102
Slowly your driving you out of my mind BS 1814
Slowpoke SL 104  
Sluicegate / Savannah Junction TOP 25051
Sluicegate / Walkin TOP 25326
Small Small World Q 880
Small Town WIN 4918
Small town southern man TAR 174
Small World C  521
Small world PH 105
Small world SC 515
Smile RBS 1303
Smile away each rainy day K 1182
Smile Darn Ya Smile BS 2373
Smile Darn you smile BS 1611
Smile in your style LR 00010
Smile in your style MGR  933
Smile Medley ESP  133
Smile on my face TOP 25333
Smiles FW 504
Smiley`s Special / Resin Dust LH 0306
Smit`s Reel / Rubber Dolly SL 604 
Smoke along the Track WW 200
Smoke along the Tracks HH  485
Smoke on the water Jubilee   596
Smoke on the water SS 2351
Smoke Smoke BM 0001
Smokey Bear HH  640
Smokey mountain air GT 0002
Smokey Mountain boy DR 717
Smokey Mountain Memories CBC 8804
Smokey Mountain Rain MR  002
Smokey mountain rain MR  077
Smokey Mountain Smoke RB  221
Smokin in the Rockies ESP  702
Smoky mountain breakdown / Banjo Thumpin RB  303
Smoky Mountain Memories PIO   131
Smooth and easy C  104
Smooth Sailin HH 5028
Smooth talking baby CK 053
Smoothing Sailing K 1245
Smoth`N Easy / Hot`N Sassy RR 303
Sneaky Snakes TB  121
Snipe Romp FT 104
Snow Bird HH  397
Snow bird JK  117
Snow Flake FS 796
Snow flake SL 126
Snowbird J 145
So Bossie / Stone Rag HH  605
So in love with you C  510
So long Dearie K 1041
So long it`s been good to know you COY   806
So round so firm so fully packed L 1163
So this is love BS 1900
So what`s new MGR 2008
So you wanna be a Square Dance caller DYNA 2
So you want to learn to Clog RR 401
Soap BS 2137
Society Square HH  444
Soft, Sweet and Warm WW 123
Solid ground CAR 032
Solitaire RH  207
Some Beach ESP  727
Some do, some don`t HH  488
Some Enchanted evening RIV 223
Some kind of women BO 1317
Some kind of women SS 2380
Some ladies don`t love Cowboys CD 220
Some Love Songs never Die BO 1335
Some memories just won`t die HH 5055
Some old side road CBC   881
Somebody done somebody wrong song RB  188
Somebody else is talking my place RBS 1318
Somebody Else will K 1215
Somebody Else`s date BS 1557
Somebody Goofed WIN 4976
Somebody loves you BS 1885
Somebody loves you C  302
Somebody loves you JK  115
Somebody somewhere L 1208
Somebody stole my Gal ESP  184
Somebody stole my gal TOP 25025
Somebody`s knocking 4B  6038
Somebody`s pushing K 1010
Somebody`s Sound / T-bird Rag TB  510
Somebody`s taking your Place L 1016
Someday BS 1720
Someday DR 687
Someday Soon RR 167
Someday Soon SSR 171
Someday Soon ST   204
Someday Sweetheart S.I.O. F 108
Someday we`ll meet again sweetheart RB  160
Someone could lose a heart HD 111
Someone is looking LM  134
Someone like you BO 1250
Someone like you PR 1020
Someone like you PR 1137
Someone must feel like a fool tonight LR 10252
Someone sweet to love K 1144
Someone to watch over me HH 5161
Somethin to brag about HH 5197
Something C 1002 
Something about you baby I like C  201
Something Clogging / Just Boiling BS 2331 
Something Else / Boil them Cabbage down MGR 1100
Something from Heaven BO 1303
Something good RBS 1331
Something Nice BO 1315
Something nice MGR  916
Something old / Something new WW 107
Something to brag about ST   132
Something to brake about BO 1387
Something to talk about RB 3049
Something`s nice about you BS 2038
Sometimes RB  235
Sometimes TNT 176
Sometimes TNT 196
Sometimes WIN 4897
Sometimes, Goodtimes RH  204
Somewhere my love BS 1972
Somewhere my love C 3514
Somewhere my love LM  115
Somewhere over the Rainbow C  207
Somewhere SO. of San Antone RWH 115
Somewhere tonight RWH 144
Son of Butch RB  309
Song & Dance Man MGR 2201
Song of the bandit HH 5071
Sophronie ( Love em and leave em ) CL  6
Sorta wondering OT 8175
Soul fillin station CJC 513
Soundra SRR 5001
Sourwood Montain / John Henry J 111 
South CBC   534
South SS  108
South RB  234
South of the boarder SD  0218
South Pacific Shore BS 1577
South to Louisiana TOP 25340
Southbound / Prairie MR 5006
Southern Banjo Hoedown USA 515
Southern Bound LM  148
Southern lovin SS 2362
Southern loving MGR 2177
Southern Nights ESP 1234
Southern Nights RBS 1234
Southern Nights RIV 112
Southern rain BS 2131
Southern Rain RB  266
Southern Rains CW 158
Southtown USA GR 12066
Speak me some happy DR 691
Speak softly ESP  112
Special Events GR 16001
Special Events GR 16002
Spin the Top / Dixie Cup Chain SNR 534 
Spirit in the Sky BVR 101
Split your Corner / Split your Corner Hash OT 8139 
Sprechen sie Deutsch BS 2366
Sprechen sie Deutsch BS 2366
Square C Romp ( Old Joe Clark ) LH 0402
Square Chain Thru BMR 0205
Square Chain Thru, Ah-So, Wahoo instructions BS 0208
Square Dance Blues GR 12091
Square Dance Blues LS   508
Square Dance Blues MGR 2150
Square Dance Boogie TB  137
Square Dance Fever BR 202
Square Dance Gal L 1154
Square Dance Hillbillie Fever BB 101
Square Dance Honeymoon BO 1322
Square Dance Honeymoon Dash 2517
Square Dance Jubilee TOP 25048
Square Dance Medley GR 12129
Square Dance Music in my Soul BS 1943
Square Dance Party / Margie Keeno 2120
Square Dance Polka OR    07
Square Dance Road BM 0128
Square Dance Saturday night RBS 1289
Square Dance Season MGR 2074
Square Dance Soft and Low K 1180
Square Dance Sweetheart / Oh, you beautiful doll WIN 4181 
Square Dance Wonderland MGR 2079
Square Dancin Blues / Oklahoma Hills MGR 8635 
Square Dancin Blues / Oklahoma Hills MGR 8645
Square Dancin man MGR 1062
Square dancing baby OT 8179
Square Dancing Girl K 1248
Square Dancing Man BC 102
Square Dancing Man BS 2116
Square em through / Hashin the Bends OT 8130 
Square Guitar / Smokey Dokey WW 111
Square Stone / Hey Molly TOP 25278
Squaredance Medley / Sing along medley GR 12159
Squaws along the Yukon R&R 105
St. Louis Woman TOP 25083
Stagger Lee TNT 269
Stallion Grey TNT 173
Stallion Grey TNT 173
Stand at your window DR 015
Stand at your window TOP 25338
Stand at your window WIN 4857
Stand at your window some night OR    54
Stand by the woman man MS   173
Stand on it DR 045
Stand up RR 193
Standing on the Edge of Love JP  327
Standing room only BS 1909
Star Prowl TOP 25002
Star Route / Pivot to a Suzie Que MGR  744
Star Spangeld Special RR 900701
Star Thru workshop / Wheel and deal workshop GR 12027
Star Wars / Don`t Do It PR 2005
Star Wars / Don`t Do It PR 2005
Stargazer SSR 127
Starry Eyes WIN 4849
Starry Eyes WW 129
Stars and Stripes EZ 714
Start all over again SE 303
Start of each dance with a smile TOP 25067
Statues without heart WIN 5089
Stay a little longer C  109
Stay a little longer / Crawdadin K 1128 
Stay Young 4B  6065
Stealing Kisses S.I.O. F 112
Steel Drivin Man TOP 25007
Steel drivin man TOP 25351
Steel Guitar Hoedown / Hoedown Blues SC 316 
Steel Guitar meets Joe / Steel Guitar Hoedown BMV  009
Steel guitar rag GSR   700
Steel Guitar Rag WIN 4848
Step and stomp Polka EZ 735
Step N fetch it BS 1554 
Step N fetch it / Banjo Sam MGR 2014
Step to the rear HH  355
Step to the rear HH  373
Step to the rear SDH  1002 
Stephie Lou 4B  6151
Steppin out / Good night Sweetheart BS 1528
Steppin out with my Baby SS 2323
Still get Jealous K 1039
Still haven`t found what I`m looking for CBC   818
Still Rock and Roll to me RYL  118
Stolen Love BO 1152
Stomp them Grapes RB  180
Stoney Pond / Wild Cat S.I.O. HD 62/63
Stop and smell the roses HH 5015
Stop in the Road CD 221
Stop the world WWI 018
Storms never last MR  044
Straight Ahead Magic 1009
Straight from the factory K 1320
Straight Life WW 117
Stranger NIC 10
Stranger in my mirror ESP  922
Strawberry Blonde FTC 32027
Streaken Dolly TB  505
Streamlined Cannonball PIO   129
Street Fair JK  139
Street Talk ESP  507
Streets of Bakerfield PR 1104
Streets of Bakerfield RWH 152
Streets of Bakersfield C  522
Streets of Memphis TB  146
String Fever / Tennessee Pickin RB  319 
String of pearls MR  131
Stroker`s Theme 4B  6064
Strollin DR 611
Strong enough to bend BR 248
Strong Weakness ESP  205
Struttin with Maria WIN 4859
Stuck on you BR 283
Sugar Babe MGR  952
Sugar Baby BS 1824
Sugar Blues BR 271
Sugar Blues HH  434
Sugar Blues JK  128
Sugar Blues S.I.O. F 113
Sugar Blues TNT 152
Sugar coated baby WW 104
Sugar Daddy K 1021
Sugar Daddy PR 1027
Sugar Daddy RBS 1255
Sugar foot Rag WIN 5088
Sugar Shack EAG 1007
Sugar Time L 1055
Sugarfood wild / Clear track Special GR 12038 
Sugarfoot A / Sugarfoot G RB  328 
Sugarfoot Rag C  307
Sugarfoot Rag / Tulsa BS 1778
Sugarfoot Stomp RB  314/315
Sugartime BA 302
Sugartime C  104 
Sugartime CL  5
Sugartime MGR 2120
Sukie BS 1601
Summer Affair WIN 4946
Summer in my eye TOP 25262
Summer Romance WIN 4816
Summer Sounds MGR 2051
Summer Vacation BS 2217
Summertime Blues / Hole in the wall Arista 12697
Summertime Dream BS 2421
Summertime Dream C  403
Sun coming up WW 901
Sun coming up this morning TB  163
Sun Flower TOP 25258
Sunbonnet Sue K 1043
Sunday DR 661
Sunday morning C  106
Sundown WWI 020
Sunflower CC     08
Sunny C  511
Sunny Side ST   174
Sunny Side of the street Aqua  114
Sunny side of the street RB  268
Sunrise HH  439
Sunrise - Sunset SC 572
Sunrise Sunset BM 0117
Sunshine BM 0185
Sunshine CK 114
Sunshine SC 627
Sunshine / Melanie GR 14126
Sunshine / Moonshine JP  503 
Sunshine Blues ST   128
Sunshine feeling TOP 25305
Sunshine go away EUR 1701
Sunshine II ESP  410
Sunshine Man MGR 2071
Sunshine Nelly TOP 25202
Super Cal BS 1766
Super Love ESP  139
Super Love RH  309
Super Slab HH  647
Suppertime SOS 1007
Surround me with love RB  272
Susanna / Turkey RBS 1325
Susie ( If you knew Susie ) MGR  911
Susie`s beauty shop LM  160
Suwanne ESP  124
Swanee BS 0119
Swanee JK  151
Swanee TOP 25014
Sweet and easy to love you K 1192
Sweet Baby Rockin A 1323
Sweet Baby Jane RB  177
Sweet Baby said goodbye CD 239
Sweet Baby`s arms RB  112
Sweet City Woman RMR   301
Sweet Clover Rag L 1002
Sweet Country women WWI 004
Sweet Desire RH  602
Sweet down sweet Chariot RB 3066
Sweet Dreams GP 500
Sweet Dreams K 1312
Sweet Fantasy RH 304
Sweet Feelins RRR 201 
Sweet Fever HH  499
Sweet Georgia Brown JP  214
Sweet Georgia Brown MGR  986
Sweet Georgia Brown TOP 25012
Sweet Georgia Brown WIN 4881
Sweet Georgia Quadrille S.I.O. F 121
Sweet Gypsy Rose 4B  6134
Sweet Gypsy Rose DR 621
Sweet Gypsy Rose HH  430
Sweet looking RR 242
Sweet love PR 1113
Sweet love feelings CW 136
Sweet mable Mixer K 1213
Sweet Melinda CW 146
Sweet Memories BS 2075
Sweet Misery DR 694
Sweet Misery RR 230
Sweet music man BR 280
Sweet Music Man HH  491
Sweet Personality WW 103
Sweet Poppa K 1024
Sweet Sue MGR  906
Sweet Sue MGR 2113
Sweet Sweet Smile BM 0116
Sweet Sweet Smile LO 401
Sweet Sweet Smile SC 633
Sweet talk BS 1789
Sweet Temptation L 1083
Sweet Temtation K 1091
Sweet Thang J 141
Sweetheart of Venezuela TOP 25109
Sweetie LH 1015
Swimmin up stream RWH 157
Swing alone GSR 6003
Swing Down Chariot CAR  37
Swing me a little bit TOP 25058
Swing my Baby MGR  959
Swing that girl tonight BS 1840
Swing the maid BS 1660
Swing with the girl that you adore BO 1128
Swing your bundle of love BO 1132
Swingin ESP  505
Swingin RBS 1271
Swingin Doll / Dang Fiddle HH  606
Swingin man Dash 2531
Swingin Man L 1071
Swingin Side BS 2335
Swinging Billy Joe WW 108
Swinging Dolly / Cindy Clark BM 1009 
Swinging High and Low MGR  947
Swinging with you BS 1555
Swoggle Stick / Polk Salad BS 1863 
Swweethearts or Strangers BO 1223
Synthie / Walkin JK  602
Szep Aside TRI 109
T - Bird Jamboree / Confederate County TB  511
T for Texas / Jam-Bal BS 1990
Tag along CK 509
Tahitian holiday BS 1880
Take a lot of pride K 1093
Take a lot of pride in what I am C  009 
Take a lot of pride in what I am CK 009 
Take an old cold tater and wait CAR 016
Take good care of my baby GMP   904
Take it of MS   106
Take me WIN 4867
Take me along BS 1546
Take me back to Tulsa LH 1037
Take me back to Tulsa SS 2332
Take me home Country Roads BO 1242
Take me home Country Roads BS 2195
Take me home Country Roads BS 2195
Take me home Country Roads WIN 4981
Take me life & shape it with your love K 1166
Take me out to the ball game TNT 155
Take me out to the ballgame CD 274
Take me to the Country C  412
Take me to the country LS   103
Take me to the river RH  606
Take my angel out tonight OR    52
Take my Girlie to Square Dance MGR  983
Take my life and shape it to your love BO 1273
Take my love to Rita BO 1304
Take my Love to Rita RB  253
Take One C  101
Take one step WIN 5037
Take one step at a time GR 12141
Take these chains SDR 112
Take these Chains from my heart RWH 171
Take time out LH 0188
take your Girlie Promenading L 1144
Takin Care of business ESP  912
Takin it easy RBS 1264
Taking a chance on you CBC   550
Taking It Easy RR 159
Talk about good times HH  394
Talk back trambling lips BO 1170
Talk to the animals TOP 25173
Talkin to the moon ESP  144
Tall Tall Trees JP  807
Tar Baby / Larry`s Stomp BS 1652 
Tarheel Stomp / Ramblin TAR 135 
Tea Cup Chain instructions BS 0211
Tea Cup Hash / Arky Teacup BMR 0204 
Teach the world to sing SC 555
Teardrops O.R. 103
Tearin up the Country BS 1953
Tears in Heaven GMP   803
Teasin MGR 7505
Teasing the girls BS 1598
Tell Maude I Slipped BS 1833
Tell Maude I slipped LH 0171
Tell me baby why you`ve been gone so long FT 108
Tell me what it`s like ED 101
Tell me why my dog don`t bark LH 0181
Tell Saint Peter MGR 2085
Tempted BR 272
Ten four HH  634
Ten Guitars OR    09
Ten pound hammer Q 919
Ten Years BO 1117
Tenderfoot WIN 4845
Tennesee clog / Steamerlane Breakdown MR 5003
Tennessee Border LH 0154
Tennessee Girl PR 1129
Tennessee night train / Who`s Bully TB  512
Tennessee Saturday night LM  120
Tennessee six strings CK 099
Tennessee Stud RBS 1329
Tennessee Stud / Crippled cabbage MR 5001
Tennessee Sunshine JP  401
Tennessee Waggoner / Leather Britches Capitol 04031
Tennessee Waltz MAR  528
Tennessee Waltz SIR   313
Tequila Sheila OT 1202
Tequila Sheila SR 102
Texarkana Baby BS 1793
Texas bound and flying C  308
Texas bound and flying SRR 1008
Texas Crapshoot / D & A Breakdown S.I.O. HD 89/90
Texas Crapshooter / Flop Earded Mule S.I.O. HD  2B/3B
Texas fiddle song HH 5051
Texas Girls CD 253
Texas Heelfly / Chicken Reel OT 8079
Texas in my soul SS  111
Texas memory / Trac II BM 1016 
Texas on Saturday night HH 5086
Texas Plains DR 041
Texas Plains MGR 8735
Texas Plains WIN 4891
Texas Rag HH  368
Texas Sat. Night NIC 50
Texas Star fun OT 8164
Texas tea BR 240
Texas Tornado BS 1674
Texas Tornado LR 00007
Texas when I die WIN 5125
Texas Women RBS 1346
Texas Women RH  502
Thank god for you RYL  122
Thank heaven for little girls ESP 1006
Thank you for the roses BO 1321
Thank you for the sunshine LR 00001
Thank you so much MGR 2129
Thank you world RB  169
Thank you world SC 586
Thanks a lot BM 0089
Thanks a lot MGR 2180
Thanks for Mem`res RB  133
Thanks for the Memories BS 1935
Thanks for the Memories RWH 180
That ain`t all HH  364
That Appaloosa mare me and fay PR 0300
That Certain one L 1136
That Certain one SS  100
That old Bilbao Moon GR 12040
That old black magic C  806
That old gang of mine BMR 0203
That old Wheel JP  232
That One DR 650
That song is driving me crazy C  312
That song is driving me crazy L 1147
That was before I meet you RB 2993
That``ll be the day ESP 1107
That`s a no no L 1115
That`s a no no WIN 4937
That`s all right Mama ESP  917
That`s all that matters to me GV 401
That`s my girl HH  325
That`s my story ESP 1191
That`s Rhythm WW 102
That`s the thing about love BTY 104
That`s the thing about love C  514
That`s the thing about Love HH 5172
That`s the way love goes ESP  313
That`s the way love goes RBS 1344
That`s the way the girls are in Texas DR 004
That`s were my baby used to be BS 1820
That`s what I get for lovin you RBS 1257
That`s what I get for loving you DR 047
That`s what I get for thinking BS 2189
That`s what I like RBS 1288
That`s what I like about the South K 1242
That`s what I like about you HD 127
That`s what I like about you RYL  126
That`s what life is all about RB  281
That`s when I miss you most BO 1133
That`s when my woman begins TB  174
That`s where it hurts DR 060
That`s where my women begins K 1316
Thats all the matters to me RB  262
Thats the thing about love OR    44
The Addams Family DOT 16696
The american dream Q 821
The american way TOP 25328
The arms of a fool RWH 173
The Auctioneeer BS 1517
The Awareness of nothing LS 5012
The Baron MGR 2007
The bells of St. Marys SSR 192
The best is yet to come RR - LS 601
The best things in life are free BO 1236
The best things in life are free C 3508
The best years of my life L 1188
The Big One BO 1395 
The big one DJ 118
The blue of the night L 1109
The blue side ROC 109
The Bluebird HD 114
The C bar C jump / Dixie CBC   557 
The Caper BS 1617
The chain gang of love PR 1126
The Champ CBC   563
The coward of the county DR 050 
The Cowboy in the Continental Suite MGR 1046
The Cowboy rides away CL  5
The cutest little Baby Face WIN 4973
The dance is on L 1085
The Danville bank robbery TAR 105
The Devil is a Woman BS 2130
The devil`s eyes were BM 0131
The devil`s on the loose MR  053
The distance between you and me RWH 181
The Donegal Jig K 1216
The door is always open K 1196
The door is always open MR  004
The door is always open WIN 5070
The Drivers Seat Petticoat 114
The drummer`s balance Balance 114
The easy way GS   706
The easy way K 1053
The easy way MGR 1086
The Entertainer MGR 2160
The fightin side of me WIN 4961
The Fireman / The chair MCA 53515
The Firemann ESP  135
The first day ST   131
The Fox S.I.O. 142
The Gal I left behind you/Bake them Hoe... Capitol 04009
The Gambler BO 1310
The Gambler C  205
The girl that married dear old dad RC 00907
The Glendale Train SD  0105
The golden rocket FK 0201
The good ole days are right now TB  239
The Grand Colonel Spin K 1112
The hand that rocks the cradle BR 245
The hand that Rocks the Cradle DR 033
The Happiness of having you RB  201
The happy song SL 103
The happy Square Dance way TOP 25121
The Kansas City Song BR 210
The key`s in the mailbox RWH 805
The Ladies WIN 4470
The Lady loves to dance Keeno 2100
The last time I saw Henry TOP 25118
The Lemon Tree SL 120
The light of me DR 063
The light of my life PR 1070
The little Shoemaker WIN 4141 / 4441
The long Valley LS   303/304
The Love she found in me BS 2371
The man with the golden thumb ESP  108
The Matador JP  108
The Mermaid MGR  938
The moon is makink eyes GR 12182
The moon song ROC 108
The moon song UR 020
The moon`s just right LH 0142
The morning after GMP 1014
The movies LH 1028
The new fright train C 1007 
The new green ligjt RIV 110
The next best feeling RR 138
The night has 1000 eyes RYL  317
The old Lamplighter CK 050
The old Lamplighter Keeno 2250
The old man from the Mountain SS 2369
The old red barn Dash 2537
The old red barn OR    46
The older the Violin LH 1006
The ole ballgame BS 2417
The ole man from the mountain is comin home TB  111
The one you love HH  319
The one you Love MS   124
The one you love MS   131
The only hell L8-03
The only hell my mother ever raised CK 005
The other Mary Lou RBS 1292
The party is over K 1335
The Party`s over C  102 
The party`s over HH 5131
The Penny Arcade MGR 2062
The possum song BS 1630
The quiet dance / Old fashioned girl Balance 208
The Race is on LBR 101
The Race is on ME 102
The race is on WW 204
The race is on WW 928
The Real McCoy / Skippin TB 4000
The real thing DR 008
The Rocky Top Clog / Wyoming Bound PR 2007
The same old song UR 201
The same old song UR 201
The same old way LH 1007
The Shadow of your smile RR 124
The shake CD 275
The Sheik MGR  929
The sheik of Araby BS 2448
The Sheik of Araby CJC 504
The shelter of your eyes SOS 1008
The Shiek of Chicago TB  166
The shoe goes on the other foot tonight MW  203
The Snow K 1189
The Steal of the night HD 110
The story of your life is in your face K 1266
The Sun`s gonna shine K 1101
The sweeter the music ARP 2247
The sweetest thing PR 1108
The sweetest thing I`ve ever known is loving you MR  021
The wagon thounge GMP   939
The Wanderer LM  156
The way I am HH 5033
The Wearin of the Green / Captain Jinks RCA  WDC 36 1/2
The wilder the heart beat Bel Mar 5015
The wizzard on the hill CK 133
The world is waiting for you BR 284
The world needs VR 117
The Y`ll come back Saloon CW 122
The year that Clayton Delaney died ST   141
The your dreams to mine L 1206
Theese boots are made for dancing TOP 25155
Themes and Sounds S.I.O. 2144
Themes and Sounds No. 2 S.I.O. 2145 
Then I`ll be happy BS 1648
Then I`ll be happy LM  147
Then I`ll start believing in you MGR 1079
Then it`s love HH 5099
Then What RMR 2002
Then you can tell me goodbye ESP 1011
There ain`t no cure for the Rock and Roll RH  902
There ain`t no getting over me RH  605
There ain`t no good Chain gang SM 1001
There ain`t nothing like falling in love TB  193
There goes that song again DGR 001
There I go dreamin again ESP  301
There is a miracle in you HH 5012
There must be something about me that she loves FT 114
There wouldn`t be a lonely heart in town WIN 4942
There you go CBC   577
There`ll be some changes made BS 1631
There`ll never be anyone else SS 2377
There`s a great big beautiful tomorrow WIN 4949
There`s a kind of hush HH  475
There`s a song in the wind DR 678
There`s a Square Dance here tonight SC 501
There`s a tear in my beer RWH 156
There`s been some Changes made in town MGR 2134
There`s better things in life WIN 5040
There`s gonna be a shinding in the Barn MR  028
There`s no getting over me BC 115
There`s no place like home HH 5273
There`s not a star in Texas BS 2050
There`s nothing I can do about it now RB 3023
They don`t make em TOP 25273
They don`t make em like my daddy anymore PR 1128
They look me over WIN 4833
They never give Rosie a ring MGR 2188
They`re playin our song SD  0238
Things BS 1856
Things BS 2250
Things L 1035
Things MAR  504
Things WIN 4888
Things are looking up BS 1898
Things I treasure LH 1026
Think about livin BR 292
Think I will stay here & dance FS 803
Think it over K 1314
Think of me CK 117
Think Summer BR 238
Thinkin bout you ESP  127
Thinkin of a Rendezvous RB  220
Thinkin Problem Q 907
Thinkin tonight of my Blue Eyes ESP  212
Thinking of you HD 107
Thirty days Q 911
Thirty days RWH 198
This ain`t my first Rodeo RMR   103
This could be start of something big BS 2424
This house runs on sunshine BO 1278
This is my year WWI 029
This is my year for Mexico RB  196
This is my year for Mexico WIN 5065
This Land TOP 25284
This Land is your Land WIN 5067
This little light RWH 130
This little light of mine RH  903
This music cost me EAG 1001
This old heart is gonna rise again ESP  134
This old house GSR 6016
This old house L 1047
This old piano TOP 25330
This old Riverboat FTC 32040
This old Riverboat GR 12072
This old Riverboat GR 12143
This old world WIN 4911
This time I`m in it for the love CBC   536
This time I`m in it for the love CK 020 
This Time I`m in it for the love RBS 1239
This Train RIV 230
This World TNT 170
This world of mine MAR  505
Those are the words WIN 4964
Those Bells WIN 4875
Those good ol dreams ESP  189
Those Lazy, Hazy,Crazy days of summer ST   210
Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer MGR  992
Those were the days HH  378
Those were the days L 1106
Three little words TOP 25050
Three time looser NIC 65
Three times seven SOS 1006
Three tomes Looser AK 102
Three ways to love K 1087
Three won`t be anymore TB  106
Thru Shadows of my mind OR    36
Thru the white and drifted snow GR 12047
Thumbs / Spuds BS 1925 
Thunder ESP  409
Thunder on Thunder road CC     30
Thunder Road FR 0001
Thunder Road WIN 4809
Thunderbird / Sterling TOP 25229
Thunderbird Romp / TB  501
Tick - A - Tack MGR 1076
Ticklin Banjo / Palmetto Hoedown TB  503
Ticky Tack C 1010 
Tico Tico K 1017
Tie a yellow ribbon BS 2307
Tie a yellow ribbon JK  144
Tie a yellow Ribbon round the old Oak Tree BS 1947
Tie me to your apron strings again LH 0150
Tie One RB  322
Tie your dream to mine OR    15
Tied down MGR 2010 
Tiger by the tail L 1229
Tiger by the tail PR 1089
Tiger Tiger / Heavenly HH  618
Tiger Women BO 1227
Tight as twin fiddles BO 1396
Tight fittin Jeans 4B  6047
Tight fittin Jeans RBS 1263
Tijuana Hoedown / Trom`s Hoedown TNT 223
Tijuana Taxi HH  638
Til I picked a San Antonio Rose CAR 102
Til I see you again 4B  6108
Til the answer comes CRC 129
Til the well runs dry BR 225
Till I`m too old to die young CK 084
Till my get up has got up & gone MGR 2211
Till the end of the world J 104
Till the well runs dry HH  330
Timber RB  249
Timber EUR 1012
Timber / Rain WW 134
Timber I`m falling MGR 2421
Time C  707
Time TB  178
Time changes everything BS 1706
Time Marches On ER 1017
Time off for bad behavior ESP  614
Time to bum again RIV 104
Time to love again RB  153
Time to talk it over TB  211
Tiny Bubbles K 1078
Tiny Bubbles K 1337
Tipperary Balance 110
Tipperary TNT 133
Tips of my fingers HH 5151
TNT Special TNT 134
To all the girls RBS 1354
To good to throw away RR 141
To make you feel my love 4B  6140
To think you`ve chosen me BS 1857
Today I started Lovin You Again PR 1090
Today I started loving you again RR 128
Today is started loving you again TB  148
Todays teardrops BM 0123
Toe tappin music BUC 1224
Together again TB  157
Token of your love LS   702
Tomatoes are cheaper TOP 25126
Tomorrow night in Baltimore PIO   133
Tonight Carmen DR 636
Tonight Carmen FW 507
Tonight Carmen GR 12097
Tonight Carmen ST   107
Tonight my baby`s coming home MGR 2182
Tonight the heartaches on me AR 108
Tonto MW  401
Too busy being in Love GMP   102
Too Gone, Too Long 4B  6087
Too Gone, Too Long HH 5103
Too late L 1048
Too late to turn back BA 701
Too many chiefs HH  370
Too many rivers DR 643
Too many Sweethearts BS 1610
Too much fun GMP   921
Too old to cut the mustard CAR 017
Toot Toot Tootsie ESP  701
Toot Toot Tootsie K 1065
Toot, Toot, Tootsie SH  167
Tootenany Square TOP 25085
Tootie Flutie / Happy Trumpeter Decca 31439
Tootle Dee Doodle Dee Doo BS 1851
Top of the world WIN 5022
Torpedo CC   561
Torrent / Admiration TOP 25312
Total Stranger H 109
Touch 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 instructions BS 0206
Touch the morning ESP  517
Town & Country GR 12208
Town and Country / Gitfiddle Rag GR 12042
Tra la la Suzy TOP 25311
Track one, two, three, four instructions  /Loggin BS 0204
Track Two instructions / Polk Salad BS 0203
Tracy ST   178
Tracy`s Hoedown / Brian`s Hoedown ST 2004
Trail of the lonesome pie TNT 239
Trail of the Lonesome Pine BM 0145
Trail of the lonesome pine / Floatin down to Cottontown WIN 4145 
Trail of the Lonsome Pine WIN 4814
Trail Ridge / Tubthumper GR 12085
Trails end ST   179
Train of thought BM 0094
Train of thought ESP  159
Transportation Medley ESP  902
Travel on BS 2363
Travel on GR 12122
Travel on MGR 2082
Travel on MGR 2406
Travel on TOP 25139
Travelin Light WW 312
Travelin Man Q 857
Travelin man / Roll on K 1145 
Travelin on OT 1102
Travelin on OT 7005
Travelin on Rockin A 1310
Travelin shoes TOP 25114
Traveling Shoes MAR  508
Travelling Band RYL  321
Travelling Minstrel Man BS 1901
Triangle SL 116
Trombones (76) BS 2416
Troubador CK 129
Trouble and me MGR 1077
Troubled times EUR 1018
Truck drivin man C  302 
Truck driving cat ST   123
Truck driving man L 1193
Truck driving man TB  214
Truck load of starving Kangaroos L 1901
Truck Stop MGR 2119
Truckin around TB  521
Trucking Fever RR 151
True loves never dies Q 891
Truely fair BS 1774
Try a little kidness Rockin A 1370
Try a little kindness HH  386
T-Train / Stay hungry TB  519
Tuck me to sleep BO 1137
Tuff Enuff CK 078
Tulsa / Lame Branch Q 833
Tulsa / Rawhide BS 2039 
Tulsa Square OT 8129
Tulsa Time C  305
Tundra / Westering TOP 25261
Turkey in the Straw / Star Flicker BS 2266
Turn it loose EAG 2012
Turn it loose RB 3013
Turn me loose RWH 167
Turn on your light TB  188
Turn on your light and let it shine BS 1980
Turn on your light and let it shine RB  164
Turn out the light LH 0164
Turn the beat around CR 201
Turn Thru Workshop / Slide Thru Workshop GR 13016
Turn your Radio on RYL  523
Turnin LR 00201
Tweedle Dee BM 0075
Tweedle Dee TOP 25132
Twelfth of never GR 12166
Twelve days of Christmas / Stompin Hoedown BMV  020
Twilight on the trail ST   173
Twinkle, Twinkle lucky star ESP  151
Two different worlds MGR 2204
Two good Reasons CAR 015
Two hearts beat CL  3
Two hearts on the Borderline ESP  339
Two Hoods and a Holler SS 2314
Two less lonely people WIN 5104
Two of a kind workin on a full house RWH 170
Two old cats RWH 134
Two ole cats like us EAG 2011
Two pairs of Levis RR 114
Two sides to every story WIN 4989
Two timin Blues L 1187
Two timin Blues LH 0138
Two Timin Gal PR 1078
Two To Two Today BS 2159
U Lida / Cloudy BS 1828 
Ugly Arnie / Sassy CK 502
Un Momento Alla HH 5188
Una Paloma Blanca PR 1115
Uncle Bob / Aunt Annie RB  327 
Uncle Bud / Shoot the moon BS 1693 
Uncle pen / Road Hog PIO  1001 
Under the double eagle / Poor Hobo TB  530
Under the sun TOP 25117
Under the sun TOP 25276
Under the X in Texas BS 2034
Under your Spell BS 1647
Under your spell K 1150
Understand your man ESP  318
Understand your man MGR 1020
Unicorn SC 514
United States National Anthem BS 2423
Until the moneys gone EAG 2007
Unwound RB  271
Up a lazy river BS 2091
Up a lazy river MGR 2044
Up a lazy River RR 240
Up jumped the devil RB 5002
Up jumped the devil SH  127
Up jumped the devil / Boil the Cabbage TOP 25334
Up jumped the devil / Chinese Breakdown HH  612
Up jumped the devil / Trailride BS 2128 
Up jumped the Devil / Yak Time S.I.O. HD 77/78
Up the river H 110
Up to my ears in tears DJ 106
Up to my ears in tears Q 897
Uptown / Downtown C  204 
Uptown / Downtown JP  504 
Uptown Saturday night GR 00404
Vacation BS 1703
Vacation SD  0250
Valley Mountain romp / Valley Mountain Blues BMV  007
Varsouvienne / Rye Waltz MGR 5004 
Veer to Donegal MGR 2026
Venus SIR   358
Vickey - Lee BC 109
Virginia WWI 055
Vitamins L.O.V.E. MGR 1072
Viva Las Vegas CC     46
Vodka Jitters / Rocky Butte Aqua  312
Volcano MR  118
VW young at heart AS 102
W. Lee O`Daniel 4B  6089
Wabash Cannon Ball LH 1032
Wabash Cannonball RBS 1277
Wabash Canonball TOP 25168
Wagner / Goin cross Cripple Creek OT 8184
Wait for me darlin / Pygmy love WIN 4180 
Wait for the light to shine Q 877
Wait for the Wagon BO 1174
Wait for the wagon CRC 105
Wait for the wagon Pairs N Squares 803
Wait till I get my hands on you LH 1025
Wait till I get my hands on you ST   114
Wait till the sun shines TOP 25135
Wait till the sun shines Nellie BM 0156
Wait till the sun shines Nellie ESP  132
Wait till the Sun Shines Nellie SC 618
Wait till the sun shines Nellie WIN 5072
Wait till the sun shines Nelly ESP 132
Waitin for baby HH  384
Waitin for Love to begin BUC 1216
Waitin for the Robert E. Lee HH 5061
Waiting for the light JP  226
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee BS 2461
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee SH  102
Waiting for the sunrise JK  103
Waiting on the light to change RMR   104
Wake me up early in the morning BS 1936
Wake me up in a new world tomorrow BS 1959
Wake up Jacob / Heck among the herd SC 314 
Wake up Jakob DJ 111
Wake up little Susie NIC 20
Wakin up to sunshine CK 124
Wakin up to sunshine PR 1073
Walk on RR 220
Walk on by BS 1597
Walk Right back BS 1574
Walk Right back DR 628
Walk right back DR 695
Walk right back L 1122
Walk right back LH 0133
Walk right in CBC   537
Walk right in H 118
Walk right in Kimbo 608
Walk right in RB 3001
Walk the way the wind blows CK 079
Walk thru this world with me RB 3048
Walk Walk HH 5149
Walk Walk MGR 1047
Walk with me BM 0098
Walkin / Running Fiddle BS 1583 
Walkin after midnight FW 501
Walkin after midnight TB 3001
Walkin and Talkin BS 1552
Walkin and Talkin BS 1997
Walkin away GMP   109
Walkin back to Birmingham GR 12113
Walkin Dream H.A.T. 201
Walkin Heartache in Disguise Q 886
Walkin in the sunshine G&W 603
Walkin in the Sunshine WW 112
Walkin my Baby G 9004
Walkin my baby back home BZ 005
Walkin my sugar S.I.O. 139
Walkin peace of heaven PR 1109
Walkin shoes CW 134
Walkin Shoes GR 12146
Walkin Shoes RYL  514
Walkin Talkin Cryin barely beatin Q 870
Walkin the floor over you MGR 2092
Walkin through the shadows of my mind TB  232
Walkin with sugar HH  347
Walking after midnight C  223
Walking on new grass CK 018
Walking on new grass MGR 2001 
Walking Shoes LR 00404
Walking the dog / Square me up K 1296
Walking the floor over you BM 068
Walking the floor over you VR 105
Walking to Kansas City BM 0080
Walking to Kansas City BM 0200
Walking to Kansas City K 1028
Wall to wall love MGR  974
Wallpaper Roses BM 0086
Waltzing Mathilda L 1041
Wandering Eyes 7 C 109
Wandering Eyes HH 5032
Wandering Eyes LR 10079
Wandering Eyes ME 115
Wanted / Dear or alive O.R. 102
Wanted Man BS 2222
Wanted Man C 1001 
Wanted Man MR  033
Wanted Man UR 017
War is hard on the homefront G&W 606
Warmed over kisses left over love DR 679
Warning sign NIC 15
Warning Sign / Rock-A-Billy Fever TB  532
Wash my face in morning dew ESP 1030
Washington Lee Swing BS 2072
Washington Lee Swing BS 2242
Washington Swing 4B  6093
Wasn`t that love BO 1356
Wasted the rest LM  153
Watching Scotty Grow RB  117
Waterloo / Fit as a Fiddle WIN 4178 
Way down deep ESP  119
Way to go home RWH 107
Wayward wind TOP 25037
Waywird wind FTC 32042
We ain`t out of love yet Q 875
We believe in happy endings ME 110
We belong together CD 232
We bury the hatchet Q 889
We can sing RBS 1309
We can`t roll HH  421
We go together LR 10101
We got the memories C 3515
We got the memories DR 697
We hadda lotta fun on Grandma`s feather bed UR 029 
We might as well forget it BS 1540
We should be together BS 2027
We should be together CBC   572
We should be together ST   157
We sure are in love RH  221
We`ll dance again MGR 2034
We`ll sing in the sunshine HH  490
We`ll Square Dance again tonight TOP 25339
We`re drifting further and further apart BO 1124
We`re gonna get together WIN 4947
We`re gonna raise a ruckus tonight RB  128
We`ve come a long way baby CBC   543
We`ve come a long way baby HH 5004
We`ve got a good fire going RR 189
We`ve got the music RIV 206
Wearing of the green OT 8071
Wedding Bells TNT 164
Weeping Willow / Boiling Cabbage ST   301 
Weeping willow tree SL 122
Welcome back to my world TB  141
Welcome to Lake of the Ozarks C  702
Welcome to my world TOP 25362
Well build a Bungalow / Left - Right WIN 4172 
Well Burn that Bridge / Heartbroke out of my mind Arista 12563
Well dance till sunday saturday night OT 8165
Well Now Flotsam J-bar-L 4121
Well, the door is always open MR  091
West bound and down MS   176
West Texas City ( of El Paso ) TB  156
West Texas Highway SS 2357
West Texas HWY. RBS 1333
West Virginia RB  123
West Virginia memories BS 2196
Western Moon Dash 2523
Western Schottish OT 8002
Wham Bam SS 2346
Wham Bam thank you Ma`am TRI 105
What a day WIN 4821
What a little moonlight will do 4B  6045
What a lonesome life WW 300
What a way to go Q 915
What am I doin hangin round CD 234
What am I doing in her world DR 1044
What fun it`s gonna be BO 1131
What have they done to my song TNT 132
What have they done to my song TNT 132
What in her world CK 029
What in her world WWI 049
What is to be BS 1928
What it means to be blue K 1244
What it means to be blue K 1325
What it means to be blue LH 0136
What Next / Lost Colony S.I.O. X 2134 
What the Cajun people say MR  128
What this old world needs DR 704
What time of day RB  194
What you do to me C  523
What you do to me RH  507
What you do with what you`ve got CK 008
What`s a nice guy like me doin in a..... FTC 37038
What`s forever for RR 176
What`s goin on in your world HH 5128
What`s it to you CD 262
What`s more American CK 142
What`s wrong this time baby MGR 2076
Whatcha gonna do with a Cowboy CD 256
Whatever happened to old fashioned love BM 0184
Whats her name WW 306
Wheel Hoss / Hoop Mule 4B  6069 
Wheel Thru Workshop GR 13005
Wheeler Dealers BO 1239
Wheels / Am I asking too much M 603
Wheels / Am I asking too much M 603
Wheels / Orange Blossom Special DOT 00102
Wheels Q TOP 25075
When Bobby sang the Blues ST   126
When Candellights are gleaming TB  145
When Country wasn`t cool DR 710
When I lost you CW 166
When I stop leaving I`ll be gone PIO   121
When I`m gone CC 1001
When I`m rollin LH 0191
When it comes to Cow - Girls CW 152
When it comes to Cowgirls RR 139
When Johnny comes home HH  403
When my baby smiles at me JK  108
When my blue moon turns to gold ESP 1002
When my Blue Moon turns to gold HH 5060
When Pa was courtin Ma MGR 8835
When payday rolls around BR 220
When the Caller packs his case TB  220
When the money`s gone DJ 107
When the moon comes over the mountain L 1099
When the morning comes LR 00103
When the red red Robin BS 2503
When the saints go marching in BS 1590
When the Saints go marching in BS 2061
When the saints go marching in L 1120
When the sun goes down PLM 219
When the Whippoorwill Sings BS 1760
When theres a fire in my heart JK  121
When you and I were young Maggie SD  0005
When you and I were young, Maggie MGR  914
When you fall in love HH 5187
When you say love JP  201
When you walk in the room SIR   305
When you wore a tulip BM 0155
When you wore a tulip BM 0155
When you wore a tulip HH  302
When you wore a tulip RWH 112
When you`re smiling FTC 32051
When you`re smiling JP 1201
When you`re smiling TOP 25103
When you`re smiling TOP 25302
When you`re ugly like me CK 046
Whenever you`re around RRR 104 
Where comes the freedom train TB  159
Where do the good times go ESP 1109
Where does the good times go SS 2339
Where is the Circus MGR 2013
Where is the Cirkus WIN 4870
Where the red red roses grow SS 2318
Where the red red roses grow WIN 4934
Where the sidewalk ends MAR 1101
Where the sidewalk ends RMR   120
Where the sun don`t shine RB  277
Where you been / Old man Mountain SC 320 
Where you gonna be tonight TRR 123
Where you`re gonna be FTC 32026
Where you`re gonna be TOP 25182
Where`d that woman go UR 006
Where`d you learn to love like that GMP   212
Where`m I gonna live TAR 115
Which side of love LM  149
Whiffletree / Monongahela TOP 25068
Whipper / Jorob Rockin A 1317
Whirly Bird / Steve Green S.I.O. X 2119 
Whirly Bird / Texas Crap Shooter S.I.O. HD  2A/2B 
Whisper sweet nothings LH 0175
Whispering MGR 2146
Whispering sands Dash 2512
Whistle and blow your Blues away DR 633
Whistlin Dixie TOP 25105
Whistlin piano man FTC 32013
Whistlin Rufus / New Chinese Breakdown S.I.O. HD 67/68
White Frightliner Blues HH 5044
White Lightning RIV 217
White sport coat LM  180
Who ER 0101
Who am I to say RR 130
Who can I count on BM 013
Who can I count on ? MGR  956
Who cant she cont on SL 106
Who Cares RIV 119
Who Did / You Did HH  616
Who where you with last night TOP 25361
Who Who`s your lady friend RWH 199
Who wouldn`t love her BM 0180
Who wouldn`t love her DR 668
Who wouldn`t love you SH  155
Who, What, Where, When, Why, How Q 887
Who,What,Where,When,Why,How RMR   106
Who`s cheatin who LM  138
Who`s gonna play this ole piano C  216
Who`s Heart are you breaking now K 1232
Who`s in the Strawberry Patch with Sally WIN 5032
Who`s sorry now 4B  6101
Who`s sorry now BM 0053
Who`s sorry now Dash 2546
Who`s sorry now SC  638
Who`s the blond stranger K 1326
Who`s your lady friend HH  433
Whoa Dobbin / Hi-De-Ho HH  607
Whole lot of things to sing about SS  110
Whole lotta difference in love WIN 5058
Why are you pickin on me C  705
Why Baby Why 4B  6127
Why baby why DR 673
Why Baby Why RMR   501
Why do they always say no TOP 25363
Why do they always say now WIN 4830
Why do they look better HD 125
Why don`t you love me USA 503
Why haven`t I heard from you LM  197
Why lady why CC     12
Why not / Tweedle "E" BM 1003 
Why not me MR  068
Why not tonight DR 044
Why Wait MGR 2086
Wiggle Wiggle ST   185
Wiggle, Wiggle SE 103
Wild about honey C  203
Wild as a wildcat MGR 1078
Wild Bull Rider WWI 054
Wild Cat / Clamor WIN 4186 
Wild Colonial boy TOP 25337
Wild Flower Rag / Suwanee Hoedown BMR 4546 
Wild over you HH  308
Wild over you MGR 8745
Wild Turkey BM 0140
Wilder / Nobo Rockin A 1318
Wildwood Flower RR 1008
Wildwood Flower / Down Yonder RB  106
Wildwood flower / Midnight BS 2204 
Will it be love by morning CAR 025
Will you travel down this road with me Q 917
Willie Waylon & me CBC   560
Winchester Cathedral GR 12088
Winchester Cathedral LH 0159
Winding Mississippi BO 1267
Windy / ALAN WIN 5103 
Wings CAR 031
Wings of an Angel SL 113
Wink ESP  908
Winter Wonderland L 1054
Wish I could see you LM  133
Wish I had loved you better CT 110
Wish upon a star L 1118
Wish you where here BO 1202
Wish you where here K 1068
Wish you where here K 1308
Wish you where here RR 164
Wishful thinking BS 2379
Wishful Thinking MGR 1065
Wishing RIV 121
Wishing / I don`t know why S.I.O. X 1119 
Wishing / I don`t know why S.I.O. X 2126
Wiskers / Beardsley HH  654 
Witch Doctor / Fit on a fiddle J-bar-L 4122 
Witches Brew MAG 105
With you WIN 4908
Wizard on the hill TNT 255
Wolverton Mountain GSR 6006
Wolverton Mountain Top 25216
Wolverton Mountain Gal OT 8183
Wolverton Mt. SC 554
Woman in Love TOP 25016
Woman of the Country CW 135
Woman Sensuous Woman Q 903
Womans Intuition MGR 1014
Women over 30 NIC 30
Wonder could I live there anymore TAR 124
Wonder who`skissing her now BS 2358
Wonderful time GR 12120
Wonderful tonight SSR 228
Wonderful world of women MAR  503
Wonderful world of women WIN 4893
Wooden Horses LR 10085
Working at the car wash Blues BH 002
Working mas Blues / Lou`s Cabbage BS 1971 
Working on the muddy Mississippi Line TB  218
Working without a net NIC 40
Workshop Record 4 Figures GR 13002
World of our own WW 401
Worried Man BS 1931
Worried man GO 114
Wrangler Joe MGR 2116
Wranglers Stomp L 1004
Wrap your troubles in Dreams BS 1910
Wreck of the 97 BS 1643
Wright or wrong MGR 2167
Write myself a letter WIN 4886
Wron road again ST   159
Wrong Road WIN 5057
Wrote me a letter TNT 175
X - Rated K 1142
Y`all Come ME 114
Y`all come back Saloon HH  487
Y`all come back Saloon MR  066
Y´all come Magic 1006
Ya Gotta be my Baby Dash 2518
Ya`ll come NIC 75
Ya`ll come RB  161
Yackety Sax RB  901
Yah-Yah-Yah MGR 1080
Yak time / Special Events S.I.O. HD 47/48
Yama Hoedown / Jump right in Hoedown TNT 227 
Yama Yama man LH 0174
Yankee Doodle Boy GR 12105
Yankee Doodle Dandy BS 2123
Yellow Bird GR 12079
Yellow bird Petticoat 129
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini SS 2312
Yellow roses PR 1105
Yes - Yes WIN 4890
Yes MA`AM CK 016
Yes Yes in your eyes BM 0154
Yes Yes in your eyes SC 610
Yes, Yes, Yes BO 1381
Yippi cry eye WIN 5109
Yogi / Ole Buttermilk Sky HI 2139
Yonder comes a dancer L 1081
Yonder comes a sucker HH 5156
You / All night BS 2092 
You all come BO 1191
You Alone GR 12044
You and your Gal TOP 25052
You are my sunshine ESP  208
You are my Sunshine Petticoat 102
You are so beautiful BR 216
You are the one 4B  6122
You are the one JK  132
You are the one MGR  939
You are the one PR 1080
You are the one TRR 115
You are the women Q 868
You asked me to HD 003
You been gone so long C  805
You belong to my heart HH 5194
You better think twice SD  0240
You call everybody Darling BS 1779
You call everybody Darling BS 1779
You call everybody Darling LM  117
You call everyone Darling LM  192
You can have her CK 105
You can have here LM  125
You can`t get lovin RWH 136
You can`t go home WIN 5001
You can`t have your Kate and Edith too Magic 1010
You Can`t keep a good man down RH  510
You can`t stop me K 1095
You Can`t stop me Keeno 2340
You can`t stop my loving you ST   149
You can´t run from love CC     32
You decorated my life RB  247
You didn`t want me WIN 4885
You do something to me BM 0081
You do something to me BM 0175
You do something to me HH  374
You do something to me L 1171
You do the calling L 1133
You don`t care BS 2234
You don`t care K 1045
You don`t care K 1330
You don`t care what happens to me BM 0189
You don`t have to be alone RYL  205
You don`t have to be baby to cry BS 2055
You don`t know me HD 109
You go you`re gone CD 236
You got the bull of the woods OR    48
You got to be my baby BM 0142
You gotta be puttin me on GR 12101
You lay a lotta love on me RH  706
You lie so easy on my mind TB  118
You lift me up BS 2267
You light up my life WIN 5080
You look so good in love BR 277
You look so good in love HH 5069
You made a wanted man of me RIV 209
You made me love you SSR 190
You make the magic in me EAG 2702
You must have been a beautiful GR 12069
You must have been a beautiful baby ESP  910
You must have been a beautiful baby GV 201
You must have been a beautiful../Apple for the teacher GR 12020
You need somebody L 1195
You never can tell RIV 114
You pretty baby & your sweet love PR 1068
You put the Beat in my Heart UR 401
You put the Beat in my Heart UR 401
You put the blue in me RR 171
You put the bounce back RRR 101 
You ring my bell RR 101
You sang to me S2K-2010
You should be in movies RR 148
You took the ramblin out of me LH 1001
You were only fooling K 1057
You were only fooling LH 1040
You wore a tulip TNT 157
You You You LM  151
You`ll be mine MGR  951
You`ll never know RBS 1295
You`lle be mine HH 5080
You`re a grand old flag / Hello, Hello, Hello MGR 7735 
You`re Everything DR 641
You`re gonna miss me when I`m gone ESP 1008
You`re my favorite star BS 2170
You`re my Jamaica CW 150
You`re my Jamaica RBS 1327
You`re my Jamaica RM 101279
You`re never fully dressed without BS 2422
You`re nobody till somebody loves you 4B  6063
You`re nobody till somebody loves you TOP 25356
You`re nobody until somebody loves you BS 1664
You`re nobody`s sweetheart now MGR  946
You`re nobody`s sweetheart now MGR 2084
You`re nobody`s sweetheart now / Pride - O - Dixie S.I.O. X 2118 
You`re out doin GLR 004
You`re Sixteen FT 127
You`re something special to me CK 074
You`re something Special to me RH  219
You`re talking to the wrong man RR 215
You`re the boss TC 4-78-102
You`re the boss WIN 4827
You`re the first, my last, my everything UR 502
You`re the first, my last, my everything UR 502
You`re the only word I know CK 119
You`re the only world I know K 1136
You`re the Reason S.I.O. 128
You`re the reason god made Oklahoma RR 154
You`re the reason God made Oklahoma WWI 2-14
You`re wearing me down WW 128
You`ve got a friend in California CK 076 
You`ve gotta be MGR  997
You`ve never been this far TB  101
Young at heart HH 5155
Young Maggie TOP 25226
Young Widow Brown MAR  519
Your Baby`s gone bye bye TOP 25297
Your Blue Heart SD  0224
Your Cheatin heart GSR   714
Your Cheatin heart HH 5164
Your Cheatin Heart MGR 2064
Your cheatin heart SS 2326
Your good girl`s gonna go bad MR  124
Your good girl´s gonna go bad MR  010
Your kisses are not kissis anymore WIN 5014
Your love amazes me GMP   905
Your love is a miracle Q 883
Your love put me on top of the world BS 1934
Your man loves you honey SRR 1009
Your Memories SRR 1011
Your Memory CK 045 
Your memory DR 723
Your Memory shure gets around K 1130
Your memory wins again CK 096
Your my best friend BO 1285
Your other love L 1134
Your sweet love C  411
Your sweet love MGR 2077
Your sweet love TNT 238
Your the reason MS   197
Your time hasn`t come yet CRC 146
Your time hasn`t come yet WW 602
Yours Each Day ST   135
Yours for life S   105
Zinger / Today C  116
Zippity Do Da         C  414
Stand: 10/17