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1957 Chevy CC     59

3 Cord Country song WIN 5108
39 and holding RB 3073
4 Leaf Clover RBS 1282
57 Chev. WWI 043
76 Trombones BO 1277
8 more miles WIN 4872
8th of January/Cotton Pickin Cotton Picker K 1085
9 to 5 RB  265
9 to 5 LM  137
A better love next time CK 112
A change in me S.I.O. 143
A coin in the fountain SNW 0703
A Country song is a Country song LS 5029
A deeper shade of blue DR 084
A friend like me DGR 014 
A girl like you L 1132
A girl like you TOP 25041
A good Gal is hard to find ED 301
A good man HH  360
A good man is hard to find L 1033
A good man is hard to find J 120 
A Guy is a Guy HH  303
A happy man WIN 4975
A hundred to one BS 2042
A kind of Hush GMP   207
A little bit south of Saskatoon MGR 2195
A little Heartache J 103
A little heaven`s rubbin of me ED 205
A little love ESP  529
A lot of Tenderness K 1159
A love song RR 195
A love that just won`t die C  715
A memory on my mind RWH 114
A miracle in you HH 5192
A Nickel for the fiddler RIV 221
A nother chance ESP  305
A ray of sunshine LR 00012
A second fling BUC 1257
A song in the night 7 C 107
A song in the night RB  293
A song in the night TB  182
A taste of the wind RB  292
A white sport coat OR    23
A whole lot of something SS 2360
A whole lot of things to sing about HH  479
A woman in love SD  0210
A world of our own MGR 2080
A you`re adorable CK 121
Abe Brown / Mary Alice WWI 2-03
Abilene MGR 2106
Abilene WIN 4999
Abilene, Oh Abilene UR 005
Able bodied man PR 1155
Able bodied man SOS 1003
About Dixie TOP 25189
AC - Cent - Tchu - Ate The Positive SG 207
Acapulco MR  079
Ace in the hole BO 1380
Ace in the hole LR 00107
Ace in the hole RBS 1326
Ace in the hole TOP 25140
Acey - Ducey / Hesitate SNR 515
Across the alley from the Alamo BO 1229
Act Naturally RWH 158
Act Naturally SL 117
Adios Amigo K 1207
Adobe Hacienda LS   503
Adobe Hacienda PR 1099
Adois BS 2134
After sweet memories CW 151
After the ball M 103
After the Ball ME 103
After the last goodbye CBC   574
After the lovin CTL 2001
After the lovin HH 5059
After the lovin MS   172
After They`ve seen Paree BS 2303
After they`ve seen Paree GR 12149
After they`ve seen paree TOP 25045
After they`ve seen Paree / Whattayaknow MGR 7615 
After you`ve gone ESP  904
After you`ve gone L 1113
After you`ve gone RB  256
Ah-So / Wahoo K 1195
Ah-so pretty little girl L 1155
Ain`t be Misbehavin RB 3005
Ain`t got it no more SSR 185
Ain`t got nothing to lose ESP  502
Ain`t it been love ESP  307
Ain`t it good to be in love again RB  209
Ain`t it good to be in love again WIN 5073
Ain`t livin long like this WIN 5101
Ain`t living long like this BM 0010
Ain`t love a good thing RB  163
Ain`t Misbehavin BUC 1214
Ain`t no California LH 1029
Ain`t no California RB  283
Ain`t nothin shakin RH  308
Ain`t nothin shakin WIN 4997
Ain`t that some kind of love TB  208
Ain`t we got fun MGR 1015
Ain`t your loser lookin good SM 1002
Alabam K 1307
Alabam GR 12100
Alabama RB  255
Alabama WWI 056
Alabama Bound MGR 2095
Alabama Jubilee CL  4
Alabama Jubilee ESP  613
Alabama Jubilee Jubilee   900
Alabama Jubilee RBS 1236
Alabama Jubilee TOP 25336
Alabama Jubilee WIN 4903
Alabama Jubilee / Just Because WIN 4144 
Alabama Jubilee / Just Because WIN 4444 
Alabama Jubilee / Oh Jonny OT 8043
Alabama Jubilee / Walking my baby back home J-bar-L 4124 
Alabama Jubilee Take two Bel Mar 5018
Alabama Maid K 1055
Alabama Women DR 016
Alabamy Bound MGR 8905
Alamo Plaza Polka K 1293
Alice Blue Gown BO 1108
Alice blue gown L 1098
Alice in Dallas FS 807
All Abourd C  314
All american girl RB  185
All by Myself BS 1757
All by myself SS 2375
All Day Sucker BR 218
All girl medley TNT 242
All hat, no cattle RMR 2017
All I can do USA 510
All I do is dream of you SS 2334
All I ever need is you BS 1920
All I ever need is you BS 2086
All I ever need is you MS   191
All I ever need is you RR 219
All I have to offer you is me RB  134
All I`m missing is you L 1205
All I`m missing is you RBS 1268
All Mine MGR  918
All my ex`s live in Texas CL  6
All my old flames EAG 0016
All my roads LM  129
All my X`s live in Texas GT 0001
All of me K 1239
All of me MAR  525
All of me RB  238
All of me RB  239
All of the time MGR  943
All that keeps me going L 1182
All the fun SSK 201
All the sweet LM  126
All the times LM  124
All wrapped up in you RR 117
Allee / Big Bird SD  0217
Alley Cat OS 13113
Alley Cat / Markin Time ATCO 6226
Almost Like WIN 4953
Almost like beeing in love ESP  909
Almost like being in love GMP   933
Almost Persuaded BS 1800
Aloha to you Jubilee   909
Alone again naturally GR 12138
Alone with me Dash 2514
Along came Lones CK 048
Along the Utah Trail Aqua  122
Alpine Hoedown / Express Hoedown TNT 184 
Am I Blue ESP  149
Am I that easy to forget GWR 106
Amanda WWI 050
Amapola TOP 25030
Amarillo by morning SS 2367
America USA 506
America the Beautiful GS   715
America, America MR  069
American Boys HH  379
American Guest MAR  501
American made BS 0122
American maid CC     02
Americana ESP  152
Amigo`s Guitar MR  085
Among my Souvenirs WW 902
Anabelle / Barbara HH  623
Angel Eyes BO 1316
Angel eyes MGR 2136
Angeline RH  701
Angeline SC 643
Angry JK  101
Angry RWH 174
Angry TOP 25004
Anita you`re dreaming SL 129
Ann BS 1847
Anniversary Song BM 0120
Anniversary Song SC 622
Another Chance BUC 1239
Another Fling FTC 32001
Another Saturday night RR 212
Another sleepless night ESP  106
Another you TB  125
Any old time GR 12163
Any old time Q 850
Any old time ROC 112
Anyone who isn`t me tonite RH  601
Anyonewho isn`t me tonight CW 142
Anything RB 3012
Anytime BS 1654
Anytime BS 2167
Anytime MGR 2090
Anytime SH  159
Apple Blossom time EUR 1301
Apple for the teacher GR 12019
April in Portugal SC 502
April in Portugal SC 612
April on my mind BO 1357
April showers BS 1604
April Showers CK 091
Archies Song RB  251
Are there any more like you CK 103
Are you from Dixie S.I.O. 124
Are you from Dixie Battle hymn 4B  6129
Are you ready for the Country RBS 1253
Arise LH 1004
Arizona Star / Arizona Star Hash OT 8136 
Arkansas / D.B. Breakdown MS 1021 
Arkansas Mountain Rag / Travelers Boogie Benz 1207
Arkansas State Line FK 0203
Arky Workshop / Starama GR 12009
Arms full of emty TOP 25298
Around the world DR 653
Around the world K 1052
Around the world K 1238
Around the world K 1336
Arthur UR 403
As fast as you ESP  190
As long as I can wake up in your arms WWI 046
As long as shee needs me SIR   376
As Tears goes bye UR 301
As Tears goes bye UR 301
As time goes by BUC 1220
Ashes to Ashes RB  280
At two to two day MGR 2072
At two to two today J-bar-L 5005
At two to two to-day / Fiddleless J-bar-L 4130 
Attitude Adjustment RH  215
Auld Lang Syne GR 12059
Aun`t got time to be unhappy K 1089
Aun`t love good K 1201
Australian Country Style TOP 25288
Australian Hoedown / What do you know MGR 2418 
Avalon BS 2274
Avalon MGR  910
Avalon / Let`s get away S.I.O. X 2128 
Ba SaNova Patter #1 / Ba SaNova Patter #2 WW 100
Baby / Lonnie BS 2007 
Baby blue eyes J 143
Baby Boy WWI 034
Baby Doll SH  160
Baby Face 4B  6072
Baby Face Dash 2536
Baby Face DR 637
Baby Face DR 708
Baby Face TNT 200
Baby Face WIN 4877
Baby I`m burning RB  242
Baby I`m in love with you L 1219
Baby likes to rock it RWH 197
Baby likes to Square Dance MAR  507
Baby makes her Blue Jeans talk ESP  110
Baby that`s Living HH  361
Baby we`re really in love BC 112
Baby we`re really in love RWH 807
Baby won`t you please come home BS 1823
Baby you look good to mr tonight RBS 1235
Baby, Baby TNT 108
Baby`s back again JP  603
Baby`s back again K 1081
Baby`s coming home WW 211
Baby`s got a hold on me BUC 1222
Baby`s got her Blue Jeans on RH  216
Back home again CW 110
Back home again RB  179
Back home again WWI 022
Back in Baby`s Arms 4B  6043
Back in Circulation LH 0152
Back in my baby`s arms MGR 1095
Back in the Country TB  130
Back in the Do Wah days HH 5093
Back in the USA TB  199
Back in your own Backyard BM 0172
Back in your own Backyard SC 569
Back on my mind again BS 2079
Back on my mind again CBC   544
Back on my mind again RH 503
Back on my mind again WIN 5086
Back Roads CAR 026
Back to Back Rainbow 203
Back to Lousiana LS 8001
Back to the old smokey mountains MGR 1068
Backing to Birmingham LM  131
Backwards Square K 1222
Bad Bad Leroy Brown WWI 006
Bad LeRoy Brown RYL  510
Bad Moon Rising RBS 1284
Bad Situation WW 313
Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown WW 212
Ballad of Cat Ballou Rockin A 1373
Ballgame JK  122
Ballin the Jack LH 0144
Bambina Mine Jubilee   562
Ban Hoedown / Sans Ban Hoe SC 325 
Band Box / Rubber Dolly BMR 4543 
Bandy the Rodeo Clown RB  190
Banjo Harmony / Eddy`s Tuba WWI 2-10
Banjo Mountain / Booming Banjo BM 0047
Banjo Picker GR 12124
Banjo Picker`s Ball FTC 32033
Banjo pickers ball Dash 2506
Banjo Pickers Ball ESP  513
Banjo Plucking / The other side WW 126 
Banjo Reveille / Hell broke loos in Georgia S.I.O. HD 55/56
Banjo Reveille / Hell broke loose in Georgia S.I.O. HD 83/84
Banjo Rides / Copa-Ca Patter BS 2391 
Banjo`s back in town TOP 25217
Banjou Beat FTC 32029
Bar room Buddies C 3511
Barbeque RIV 511
Barnacle Bill SNW 0301
Barnacle Bill Square OT 8067
Basa Nova Patter #1 / Bassa Nova Patter #2 S.I.O. HD 97/98
Bashful Gal / Summertime GR 12018
Basic Series ST   400
Basic Series ST   401
Basic Series ST   403
Basic Series ST   404
Basin Street Blues BM 0052
Basin street Blues BM 0150
Basin street blues L 1127
Battle cry of freedom HH  390
Battle Hymn EMR 101
Bayou Baby BS 1753
Bayou boys MAR  522
Be a good girl MGR 1056
Be a little kinder to yourself ST   192
Be Glad BS 2357
Be Glad MGR 2058
Be Glad S   503
Be Glad WW 308
Be Happy S.I.O. F 115
Be Happy TOP 25147
Be my angel HH 5154
Be my angel HH 5154
Bear Creek Jump / Deep Elem Glide K 1020
Bear Tracks MR  111
Bear Tracks RYL  320
Beaumont Rag BA 501
Beautiful Baby BS 0124 
Beautiful Brown Eyes RYL  301
Beautiful day RYL  701
Beautiful Lady BS 2182
Beautiful lady DR 726
Beautiful tomorrow WIN 5119
Beautiful You RH  702
Beaver Dam / Stockade Special TOP 25192
Be-Bop-A-Lula DR 689
Because I love you BS 1894
Because I love you most of all MR  096
Because I love you that`s way MS   195
Becky Morgan CD 245
Bed of Roses BO 1325
Bed of roses J 147
Bed of roses K 1118
Bed of Roses TRI 104
Beer for my horses GP 404
Before I met you RB  138
Before the last teardrop falls TB  149
Before the next Teardrop falls OR    35
Beg Steal or Borrow UR 202
Beg Steal or Borrow UR 202
Behind closed Doors RB  155
Behind closed doors WWI 007
Believe me K 1038
Believe me K 1328
Bell Bottom Trousers / Old Fashioned Girl OT 8056 
Belles of southern bell TOP 25185
Bells of Southern Bell MAR  502
Bells on my heart BM 0091
Bells on my heart BS 2017
Bells on my heart MGR 2123
Bells on my heart OT 1503
Bells on my heart TB  134
Bells on my Heart TNT 160
Bells on my heart WIN 4913
Bendwood / Devil`s Dream BS 1816
Bertie SC 511
Best Gal / Up jumped the devil S.I.O. HD 87/88
Best guitar picker MGR 2021
Best is yet to come WW 605
Best things in life are free BM 0077
Best things in life are free BM 0192
Best things in life are free SC 616
Bestest Friend RB  279
Bet Your Heart On Me CD  219
Bet Your Heart On Me CD 219
Bet your heart on me CD 219
Betcha my heart LH 1016
Betcha my heart I love you L 1077
Betcha my Life LH 1042
Better class of loser RMR   107
Better Man RR 223
Better Times a coming TB  147
Betty Ruth REB 106
Between this time and the next time MR  035
Between Winston Salem & Nashville... MS   159
Beverly Hillbillies J 106
Bicentennial Silver Bell GR 12150
Big "J"  / Blackberry Blossom BMR 4548 
Big 8 Wheeler Blue Yodler LH 1010
Big Bob / Little Bob MS   162
Big Boss Man RB  162
Big Boss man TNT 224
Big Brown Jug / The devil jumped up S.I.O. X 2129 
Big City GS   708
Big City J 134
Big City K 1206
Big Daddy GR 12035
Big Daddy GR 12142
Big Daddy L 1164
Big Daddy`s Alabamy Bound 4B  6128
Big foot stomp C  532
Big Iron LS   701
Big Iron MGR 2114
Big Logger / Diesel Power TOP 25196
Big Mable RB  119
Big Mable Murphy WIN 5093
Big Mac Boomerang / Why BM 1015 
Big Mamou L 1201
Big Ole Jubilee TOP 25267
Big Operator HH  410
Big Rock Candy Mountain SS 2315
Big Sombrero WW 304
Big Stick / Whup Whup K 1140
Big T water TOP 25228
Big Thicket / Midnight BS 1585 
Big train from Memphis 4B  6071
Big Wheel Cannonball HH  472
Big Wheels Rollin TB  131
Bill Bailey 4B  6075
Bill Bailey BA 602
Bill Bailey BS 1669
Bill Bailey BS 2044
Bill Bailey L 1196
Bill Bailey SH  158
Bill Bailey TAR 141
Bill Bailey TNT 289
Bill Bailey TOP 25017
Bill Bailey TOP 25225
Bill Cheatham / Old Joe Clark BS 1940 
Bill Jones General Store K 1165
Bill`s Dixie RB  142
Bill`s Goodies TB  001
Bills Boogie GS 6501
Billy S.I.O. F 116
Billy Bayou Petticoat 124
Billy Boy TOP 25024
Billy John / Freddie`s Fancy S.I.O. HD 93/94
Billy the Kid MGR 2208
Biloxi MS   140
Biloxi Lady ESP  510
Bimbo TOP 25153
Bird of Paradise Aqua  130
Bird of Paradise HH  331
Bird of Paradise WW 400
Bird Walk / Scotty Ho WWI 2-09
Birmingham Junction GLR 007
Birth of Rock and Roll Q 847
Biscut Jaws / Rattler BS 2074 
Biting my Fingernails BO 1134
Black bird bye bye BR 290
Black Magic ( Old Black Magic ) JK  142
Black Mountain Marlin / Back up and push FK 1325 
Black Mountain Rag LM  106
Black mountain rag / Fiddlers dream BS 1944 
Black Mountain Rag / Little Britches SL 602
Black Sheep RB 2991
Blackboard of my Heart BO 1116
Blackeyed Susan Brown L 1010
Blackmountain Blues RR 118702
Blacksmith Blues WIN 4822
Blaze of Glory PR 1043
Blaze of Glory PR 1140
Blaze of Glory SD  0207
Bless em all MGR 1013
Bless them all BS 1718
Bless your pea pickin heart / Calico Gown WIN 4168 
Bless your pee pickin heart / Calico Gown WIN 4468 
Blond hair, blue eyes, and ruby lips / Too many times MGR 8383 
Bloody red Baron WW 606
Blowin like a Bandit Q 872
Blue Bajou CW 127
Blue Bayou CW 127
Blue Bayou JK 6017
Blue Bird MGR 1045
Blue Blue Eyes BO 1376
Blue Blue eyes BS 1750
Blue days, Black nights HH 5082
Blue Eyes GR 12111
Blue Eyes FTC 32024
Blue Eyes / My Lisa OR 3001
Blue eyes cryin in the rain Q 866
Blue eyes crying in the rain BO 1311
Blue eyes crying in the rain K 1187
Blue eyes don`t make an angel BS 2226
Blue grass Square dance Festival BM 0017
Blue Hawaii LH 0137
Blue Hawaii SF 102
Blue Heartache RB  250
Blue Hill Tunnel / Merle`s Gallop GR 12028
Blue is the Color BS 2065
Blue Kentucky girl K 1306
Blue Lady LM  110
Blue Lady RYL  513
Blue Lady SR 602
Blue Magic HH 5177
Blue Mesa BUC 1253
Blue Montain hop / Hoppin Satan S.I.O. HD 81/82
Blue moon of Kentucky JP  101
Blue moon of Kentucky L 1140
Blue moon of Kentucky L 1190
Blue Mountain Hop AC 149
Blue Mountain Hop / Hoppin Satan S.I.O. Special   7/8
Blue ridge breakdown / Mountain Dew TB  507
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues MGR 8955
Blue ridge mountain of VA. SC 546
Blue ridge mountains SH 5004
Blue ridge mountains turning green DR 625
Blue River LR 00004
Blue River S.I.O. 160
Blue side of lonesome BS 1812
Blue Sioux City Five BS 1661
Blue suede shoes RB 3008
Blue tail fly TOP 25349
Blue Train CW 2005
Blue water line BO 1156
Blueberry Hill GMP   923
Bluebonnet / Whirlwind BS 1666 
Bluefinger Lou O.R. 101
Bluegrass Breakdown RR 911101
Blueridge Mountains WWI 016
Blues Berry Hill / The nitty gritty dirt band MCA 79013 
Blues Heartache BR 78102
Bluetail fly SL 102
Bo Weevil BO 1101
Bob Cat Ramble BC 101
Bob`s Bounce MGR  901
Bob`s Square thru Progression FK 1288
Bobby Sue RB  273
Boil em Cabbage / Square Rock K 1119 
Boil the Cabbage down / Heck among the yearlings SH  112
Boil the Cabbage Down / High Gear S.I.O. HD 79/80
Boil the Cabbage down / Up jumped the devil S.I.O. Special 11/12
Bonanza JP  626
Bonaparte`s Retreat JP  218
Bonaparts Retreat BO 1217
Bones ESP  402
Boogey / Als Hoedown BS 1841 
Boogie Bam Hoedown BUC 1512
Boogie Beat / Blay`s Hoedown Rockin A 1325
Boogie Fever LM  209
Boogie Grass Band CW 137
Boogie Grass Band RR 121
Boogie Grass Clog UR 2769
Boogie on Strings / Bear Creek Hop C 4046
Boogie with me / Macs Vibe`s BM 1001 
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy RIV 212
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy RYL  331
Boomerang / Booming Banjo SC 315 
Boot Scootin Boogie GE 0018
Boothill Stomp GT 2003
Boots GR 12153
Boots L8-21
BOP COL 06108
Bop ESP  137
Boquet of roses GS   718
Boquet of roses OT 1106
Born Loser MGR 2005
Born to be blue EAG 0004
Born to be blue GMP 1005
Born to Boogie EAG 2401
Born to lose PIO   111
Boston Jail GR 12231
Boston jail TOP 25159
Boull of the woods BS 2124
Bouqet of roses Jubilee   906
Bouqet of roses MGR 2181
Bourbon Street Parade HH 5162
Bowlegged Sally K 1313
Box car Blues G&W 605
Boyne Highlands Stomp / Rubber Dolly BS 1767
Boys night out K 1268
Bracken / Dorset TOP 25231
Bradley the brown nosed Reindeer 4B  6115
Brand new Clementine Benz 1205
Brand new pair of walking shoes TB  172
Brandy RR 302
Brass Buckle`s LM  155
Break my mind BS 2087
Breakaway / Chuck`s Breakdown BS 1839
Breakdown / Chinese Breakdown S.I.O. HD 33/34
Breaker one, Two, Three BS 0210
Breaking new ground RBS 1332
Breaking up is hard to do RR 145
Breezeway / Early Morning BS 1809
Briar Patch / Turnpike Special BS 1516 
Briar Rosebud / Chiapanecas LS E-05 
Bridge over troubled water SIR   347
Bright and Shiny BS 1672
Brilliant Conversationalist RH 1102
Bring Back COR 1002
Bring back the old waltzes LS 5027
Bring back your love to me RB  181
Bring it on home to your women H.A.T. 207
Bring it on home to your women RB  149
Bring me down PR 1151
Bring me Sunshine MGR 2057
Bring me Sunshine RBS 1297
Bring me sunshine WIN 4923
Bring on the sunshine OR    10
Bringing down the moon UR 302
Bringing down the moon UR 302
Bringing home the bacon MGR  903
Brit / Brit II CK 517 
Broad minded man BS 1969
Broad minded man L 1202
Broad minded man RB  157
Broad minded man WWI 011
Broke my heart a Million ways Rockin A 1356
Broken hearted BS 1697
Broken Sixpence / Scotland draws a Sword LS   155/156
Brotherhood BR 213
Brown eyed sweetheart of mine SS 2341
Brush Arbor LL 1002
Brush those tears from your eyes DR 026
Brush those tears from your eyes L 1080
Bubbles TOP 25175
Bubbles TOP 25345
Bubbles in my beer K 1300
Buck and do run / Step and fetch it BS 2270 
Buck Snort / Tulsa on Saturday night TB  520
Buck`s Hoedown / Buckshot H 107 
Bucket to the South RBS 1243
Buckeye / Squaresu TOP 25265
Buckeye Hoedown BUC 1514
Buckshot Hoedown BUC 1510
Buddy`s Hoedown / Okey Dokey SH  137
Buffalo Gals / Take a peak FK 1253
Build a mountain SDH  1006
Bull and the Beaver DR 001
Bully of the Square TOP 25266
Bully of the town Dash 2527
Bully of the town LH 0196
Bully of the town / Ida red BMR 4563
Bully of the town / Stone Rag SH  121
Bumble Bee Square LS   506
Bumble Bee Square WW 119
Bummin around JP  801
Bumming around K 1054
Bundle of love BS 1835
Bundle of southern sunshine BS 1527
Bundle of Sunshine MGR 2067
Bundle of Sunshine MGR 2067
Bunny Hop / Hinkey Dinkey Parley Vous OT 8161
Bunny Hop / Hokey Pokey MGR 6995
Burnin TB  243
Bus Fare LM  114
Buster`s shoes TOP 25150
But for love G&W 600
But for love WW 601
But I do HH  428
Button of my shirt LR 00104 
Button up your pennies from heaven BS 2385
Buttons & Bows Aqua  118
Buzzin around / Jailhouse Jitters TB  509
Buzzin around / Jailhouse Jitters TB  509
Buzzy`s Breakdown / Jazz it up CD 502  
By and By Balance 113
By Australien Moonlight TOP 25257
By the sea BS 1620
By the sea GR 12248
By the sea L 1237
By the sea TOP 25124
By the sea TOP 25280
By the time I got to Phoenix DJ 121
Bye Bye Blackbird OT 1301
Bye Bye Blackbird OT 8182
Bye Bye Blue eyes LH 0148
Bye Bye Blues JK 6019
Bye Bye Blues Magic 1002
Bye Bye Blues SDH  1003
Bye Bye Blues SS 2327
Bye Bye Bye HH  343
Bye Bye Love MAR  523
Bye Bye Love TOP 25111
Bye, Bye Love GMP   927
C.C. water back CC     01
C.O.D. MGR 2149
C.O.D. / Rocky Mountain Express MGR 8535 
C`est La Vie GE 0034
Cab Driver BS 1874
Cab Driver BS 2225
Cabaret MGR 2006
Cabbage / Darkness BS 2032 
Cabbage Hash / Hoppin Satan SH  169 
Cabin on the hill CRC 102
Cacklin Hen / Black Mountain Rag BMR 0001
Cajoun / Rattle Trap MR 5007
Cajoun Bayou Blues CD 259
Cajoun Square PR 1015
Cajun Baby TOP 25227
Cajun moon BM 0124
Cajun Queen TOP 25331
Cajun Swamp RMR 2004
Calendar Girl C  001
Calico /bArts Melody SC 308 
California Blues K 1099
California here I come BS 2452
California here I come HH 5095
California here I come TOP 25081
California here we come TOP 25317
Call me Baby BS 1607
Call me up Bel Mar 5011
Call the wind Maria EAG 1578
Call the wind Maria HH  417
Callin Baton Rouge HH 5181
Camelia HH 5091
Camelia MGR 2061
Camelia MGR 2412
Campton Races PR 0201
Campton Races / Deep Elem K 1155 
Campton Races / Groovy Grubworm TB  529
Can`t break it to my heart CD 264
Can`t help believing WW 120
Can`t help falling in love with you RR 201
Can`t stop my heart DR 698
Can`t stop my heart RH 1101
Can`t stop my heart from loving you VR 107
Can`t stop now ESP  610
Can`t stop now K 1322
Can`t stop now RR 901108
Can`t take my eyes off of you WW 115
Can`t take my eyes off you ESP 1046
Can`t take the Texas out of me ROC 106
Canadian Fiddle Back / The Royal Canadians RC 00908 
Canadian Pacific TOP 25355
Canadian Romp / Slushing Along RC 00902 
Candy / Rebert RB  301 
Candy Kisses L 1030
Candy lips BS 2240
Candy Store Lady OT 8146
Candy-Store Lady OT   101
Card Carryin fool BO 1383
Careless love BS 1731
Careless Love HH  310
Careless Love HH  440
Careless Love L 1003
Caren ST   169
Caribbean BM 0100
Caribbean HH 5009
Caribbean Jubilee   520
Caribean MS   129
Carlena and Jose Gomez L 1218
Carmen Q 884
Carolina MGR  921
Carolina Caper / Thunderbird Special TB  102
Carolina Caper / Thunderbird Special TB  502
Carolina Country Morning TB  143
Carolina girl TAR 108
Carolina in the morning MGR 2300
Carolina in the pines BS 2187
Carolina Sunshine Maid ME 104
Carolyn ST   163
Carry me back to old Virginny TOP 25101
Carry on Pairs N Squares 801
Casey Jones / Sweetest Gal in Town MGR 8215
Catfish Bates CK 110
Catfish John RIV 215
Cattle Call / Rubber Dolly HH  622
Cause I Believe in you MGR 1069
CB. Blues DR 632
Cecelia MGR 2154
Celebration CC     23
Celito Lindo BS 1846
Celito Lindo RBS 1336
Chain Cross / Into Orbit SNR 513
Chain gang of love 4B  6024
Chain Gang of Love L 1184
Chain gang of love PR 1025
Chain gang of love RH  210
Chaining the Ocean S.I.O. 157
Chains 4B  6105
Champagne ST   151
Change Everything HH  389
Change in me Testpressing
Change in me / Tin Whistle Serenade S.I.O. X 3146 
Change my love RYL  119
Changes Balance 112
Changes HH  455
Changes in latitude AS 103
Changes in Latitude SG 1003
Changin love SH  143
Chantilly Lace WIN 5006
Chaparral / Little Rebel TB  504 
Charge up Cripple Creek / Rompin K 1122 
Charles Polka K 1151
Charleston Gal L 1114
Charley, my boy / Oceana Roll MGR 8675 
Charlie Brown / I`m a hog for you Atlantic 13007
Charlie my boy HH  355
Charmaine SC 503
Chase each other round the room BO 1353
Chasin women BS 1534
Chattahootchee / Yellow Creek TOP 25073
Chattanooga Dog PIO   107
Chattanoogie shoe shine boy MGR 2147
Cheating song BO 1329
Checking out WIN 4909
Cherish UR 701
Cherish UR 701
Cherokee Fiddle C  512
Cherokee Maiden BS 0105 
Cherokee Maiden C  803
Cherry Blossom Square TOP 25057
Chewing gum song Dash 2538
Cheyenne HH 5211
Chicago`s my town PR 1092
Chick a boom Ryl  1101
Chick Inspector JK  149
Chicken Plucker / Big Boom S.I.O. HD 39/40
Chicken Plucker / Chug Chug S.I.O. HD  1A/1B
Chief Buffalo Nickel MGR 2101
Chili Pep MGR 8895
Chili Pep MGR 8895
Chime Bells CW 156
Chime Bells PR 1060
Chime Bells TOP 25174
Chime Bells TOP 25316
Chime Bells PR 1111
China Town K 1251
Chinatown BS 2209
Chinatown MS   113
Chinatown TOP 25161
Chinatown TOP 25354
Chinese Breakdown / D&A Breakdown S.I.O. Special   3/4
Chinook Ramble / Grandma`s Hoedown CK 503
Chocolate coated words WIN 4879
Choctaw / Rockin Cindy GR 12016
Choctaw / Rockin Cindy TOP 25291
Cholly`s Folly / Old joe Clark BS 1781 
Chopsticks / Rubber Dolly S.I.O. X 2116 
Chords Galore S.I.O. F 122
Chords Galore / Morkord S.I.O. HD 57/58
Chrismas Medley JK  148
Chrismas Square BS 1858
Christmas Medley BO 1276
Christmas time`s a coming U 14829
Chug Chug / Whirly Bird S.I.O. HD  1B/2A 
Cidade Maravil hosa K 1230
Cincinnati TOP 25360
Cincinnati Ohio HH  358
Cincinnati Waltz BS 2378
Cinderella Girl CK 137
Cindie Loo TOP 25188
Cindy Dash 2544
Cindy RB  317
Cindy / Ragtime Annie BS 2009 
Cindy Balance BS 1503
Cindy Balance BS 1508 
Cindy Clark / Soldier`s joy SC 322 
Cinnamon Twist / White Lightning LS 2000 
Circle LM  159
Circle Rhythm / Dixie Rhythm RR 308
City Lights BS 1716
City Lights SL 123
City of New Orleans CL  3
City of New Orleans WWI 005
City Police SS 2378
City`s going Country K 1156
Clap your hands COY   301 
Clap your hands MAR 1103
Clap, Clap, here comes Charley SC 617
Clear Track Special / Sugarfoot Wild GR 12033
Climbing up dem golden stairs GSR 6018
Cloggers Delight / Cloggers Special K 1231
Close all the honky tonks MGR 1070
Close to my heart BS 2353
Close to you JK  138
Close to you JK  138
Clovertrail Dew BB 100
Clyde / Mountain men MR 5005
Coal Miners Daughter PR 1000
Coca Cola Cowboy WIN 5097
Cocain Blues BS 1629
Cocain Blues L 1139
Cocoanuts S.I.O. 150
Coin Machine ESP  606
Cold Cold Heart RBS 1335
Cold Cold heart RWH 118
Colinda L 1025
Colorado K 1102
Colorado Country morning JK 6015
Colorado in the morning HH  438
Columbus stockade Blues BMV  201
Columbus Stockade Blues BS 2206
Columbus stockade Blues C  301 
Columbus Stockade Blues MS   179
Columbus stockade Blues PR 1030
Columbus Stockade Blues / Sally Anne BMR 4558 
Columbus stocked blues PR 1139
Come a little closer HH 5153
Come Dancin with me MGR 2037
Come Monday CD 215
Come Monday GMP   922
Come on home and sing the Blues to daddy R&R 103
Come on in RB  243
Come to me HH  495
Come what may BO 1241
Come what may L 1153
Comin out / Fayette BS 1571 
Comin round the mountain / Hot time in the old town WIN 4115 
Comin to America SSR 104
Coming Down WW 122
Coming round the mountain / Nobody K 1056
Common Man FT 102
Commonly known as the Blues DR 675
Company`s coming SL 115
Coney Island Washboard Gal ESP  503
Coney Island Washboard Gal GR 12089
Confessin K 1174
Connie I. BM 1006
Connie`s Hoedown / Billy`s Hoedown FS 800 
Consider yourself FTC 32031
Cookin Cabbage / Cumberland Cap J 112 
Cookin up a storm / D & A Breakdown S.I.O. X 2135 
Coon Creek party line Dash 2540
Coon Dog / Square Chords PR 2001
Coordinate & Ferris Wheel instructions BS 0201
CopaCabana UR 501
CopaCabana UR 501
Copper Kettle LS 5031
Cords galore BS 2113
Corina SC 599
Corn Chips BM 0004
Corn Likker LH 1013
Cornbread, Beans and sweet Potatoe Pie LR 10093
Cotton eyed Joe #1 / Cotton eyed Joe #2 PIO  5037 
Cotton Eyed joe / Bill Cheatum K 1062
Cotton Eyed Joe / Cumberland Gap MGR 8495
Cotton Eyed Joe / Cumberland Gap MGR 8495
Cotton eyed Joe / Good ole days E-G 405
Cotton Eyed Joe / Jalisco PAD 135
Cotton Eyed Joe / Smokin RR 304
Cotton Eyed Joe / The red river Twist WIN 4189 
Cotton Fields BS 2082
Cotton Patch Blues L 1165
Cottonfields J 115
Could I have this dance RBS 1258
Could I live there anymore K 1132
Couldn`t leave you if I tried AK 103
Count me out L 1093
Count on me RBS 1305
Country / Marldon TOP 25308
Country as can be LM  146
Country Boy BR 293
Country Boy BS 1849
Country Boy GMP   920
Country Boy RBS 1343
Country Boy S.I.O. F 105
Country Boy SC 523
Country Cabinitis ED 202
Country Green SS 2358
Country Hoedown USA 516 
Country honey RB  208
Country Memories BM 0174
Country Memories SC 648
Country mind, Country heart G 9006
Country morning MAR  529
Country Music SE 401
Country Music Man BO 1289
Country Music`s gone to Town L 1026
Country Rhythm in my soul RIV 133
Country Soul AS 106
Country Style TOP 25138
Country Sunshine BS 1967
Country Sunshine WWI 010
Countryfied K 1124
Countryfied K 1309
County Fair LR 00101
County Jail ST   125
Coward of the County PR 1024
Cowboy HH  474
Cowboy Blues HH 5251
Cowboy Heaven RB  267
Cowboy in a Continental Suite UR 014
Cowboy Lovin Night BO 1307
Cowboy Man RH  904
Cowboy man RYL  121
Cowboy`s Sweetheart BS 1802
Cowboys don`t get lucky RB  240
Crackerjack / Up the Creek BS 1513 
Crackerjack / Up the Creek BS 1559 
Crawdad song ESP  515
Crawdad song HH  359
Crawdad song SRR 1019
Crawdad song WIN 4811
Crazy HH 5083
Crazy Arms RRR 601
Crazy Crazy TNT 125
Crazy over you EAG 1208
Crazy Rhythm BO 1379
Cripple Creek / Martys Lark BM 1014 
Cripple Cricket / Rebel Yell TB  528
Cross over the bridge WIN 4804
Cross over the Bridge WIN 5016
Cross the Brazos K 1071
Cross the Road / Slingshot BMR 4544
Crosshatch / Big Walker TOP 25241
Cruisin TOP 25319
Cruising / Windy Breeze FP 100
Cry Baby Cry HH 5142
Cry baby cry WIN 4910
Cry, Cry, Cry CC     22
Crying Rockin A 1345
Crying my heart out over you BS 2173
Crying my last tear for you AK 107
Crying on my shoulder BS 1765
Crying on my shoulder BS 1968
Crying the Blues HH  363
Crystal Chandaliers BR 231
Crystal Chandaliers HH  340
Crystal Chandeliers MAR  517
Cuato le Gusta HH  309
Cubam / Ole Mountain Dew K 1083 
Cuddle Buggin Baby BUC 1229
Cuddle up a little closer CK 036
Cumberland Road CD 238
Cupid LM  166
Custom Hoedowns RB 5003
Cutie SL 124
Cynthia LM  182
D & A Breakdown / Rubber Dolly S.I.O. Special 19/20
D.X. Land HH  650
Daddy BM 0025
Daddy ( Mama ) dumplin BM 0134
Daddy don`t you walk so fast DR 618
Daddy Dumplin SC 581
Daddy Frank LM  112
Daddy is a Square Dance calling man RB  115
Daddy Laid the Blues MAR 1102
Daddy played the Banjo JP  234
Daddy played the banjo Rainbow 103
Daddy sang bass PIO   101
Daddy was a preacher, but mama was a Go Go girl WIN 4987
Daddy was an old time preacher man 4B  6097
Daddy`s hands CK 080
Daddy`s hands HH 5219
Daisy a day K 1146
Dallas darling L 1102
Dana Lee CBC   531
Dance all night / Soldiers Joy B    102 
Dance at twilight FTC 32047
Dance Night TNT 101
Dance pretty Lady / Chinese bear Claw BMR 4549
Dance the Two Step RBS 1259
Dance to my ten guitars MS   160
Dance to that hot rod callin man WIN 4986
Dance with me ESP  703
Dance with you BS 2192
Dancin after midnight RB  126
Dancin Shoes Q 861
Dancin thru the clover Balance 111
Dancin to a good ol Country Song DR 062
Dancing Cowboys JP 1301
Dancing Doll WIN 4933
Dancing in the street BS 1771
Dancing in Victoria TOP 25270
Dancing Moon NIC 60
Dancing on top of the world BS 1963
Dancing to Pretoria TOP 25066
Dandy / Sweet Misery K 1254 / 1255
Dark town strutters ball CJC 502
Darktown strutters ball HH  317
Darlin Mixer BS 2355
Darlin raise the shade WW 607
Darlin Redwing TOP 25294
Darned if I don`t SD  0239
Darned if I don`t SIR   204
Dave Special / Drifty JK  603 
David ST   167
David Sloane GR 12103
Davys on the road again UR 801
Davys on the road again UR 801
Day Dream S.I.O. X 1111
Day Dreams about night things RB  192
Dazzle / Bandit CK 501
Deal BS 2080
Deal life again JP 1975
Dealin with the devil HH 5024
Dealing with the devil BC 117
Dear hearts and gentle people MIB 30387
Dear Hearts and gentle people WIN 5044
Dear World WIN 4916
Deck the halls ST   140
Deed I Do BS 2365
Deed I do S.I.O. X 2122
Deed I do SC 641
Deep water H 119
Deep Water HH 5253
Deep Water LR 00401
Deep Water TOP 25176
Deep Water TOP 25251
Della and the dealer Rainbow 102
Della and the dealer WWI 051
Delta Dawn WIN 5007
Delta Dawn WIN 5085
Delta Dirt CBC   541
Delta Dirt K 1169
Delta Dirt RB 3063
Delta Dirt REB 110
Delta Dirt REB 113
Delta Dirt TB  115
Desperado love Q 914
Desperado love RAM 102
Detour ST   188
Detour WIN 4912
Devil in a cowboy hat JP 1101
Devil jumped up / New stone Rag HH  621
Devil Woman TOP 25077
Devil Women HH  326
Devil`s Dream C  107
Devil`s dream / Down Yonder Capitol 40161
Devilish / The Devil jumped up S.I.O. 2141 
Devils Dream / Country BS 2013
Dew on the mountain / Honolulu Dolly S.I.O. X 2133 
Diamond in the dust CBC   571
Diamond in the dust RH  704
Did she Mention my name BR 269
Diesel - No - Brakes / Back up and Push BMR 4553 
Dig PR 1124
Dig a little deeper in the well MR  003
Diggin up bones ESP  143
Dilemma / Pokey Jo CK 513
Dim the lights C  524
Dim the lights COY   102
Dim the lights and poor the wine L 1192
Dime a Dozen Dash 2533
Dirt MR  097
Dirty Harry RWH 521
Disco Fever C  504
Dixie CBC   527
Dixie LH 0179
Dixie Bell WIN 4968
Dixie Dreamin CK 067
Dixie Flyer CD 254
Dixie Hummingbird K 1236
Dixie on my mind BM 0033
Dixie on my mind BM 0163
Dixie On My Mind RR 157
Dixie on my mind TB  203
Dixie Road 4B  6073
Dixie Road BD 400
Dixie Road PR 1081
Dixie Train C  318
Dixieland Cabaret BS 2368
Do RB  313
Do Good / Better JP  508
Do I ever cross your mind TB  236
Do I ever cross your mind ? HH 5139
Do it yourself red wing K 1015
Do Me Right UR 106
Do remember me RBS 1278
Do remember me SC 593
Do remember me RBS 1278
Do Wah Diddy DJ 108
Do what you do do well BS 0107
Do what you do do well BS 2213
Do what you do do well MGR 1060
Do what you do do well SS 2364
Do Ya VR 110
Do you / King of Kings G 9007
Do you ever think of me MGR 2017
Do you ever think of me SC 639
Do you know you are my sunshine RB  236
Do you mind ? G 9005
Do you remember these DR 606
Do you remember these RB  131
Do you Remember These ? WIN 5000
Do you remember those JK  134
Do you right LM  157
Do you right tonight RB  214
Do you wanna go to heaven PR 1103
Do you wanna goe to Heaven RB  261
Do your thing TOP 25245
DOC / Riverside Hoedown OT   002 
Dock of the Bay WW 701
Dock ofthe Bay RR 205
Doctor`s orders EAG 1901
Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind BO 1331
Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind BS 0127
Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind DR 725
Does FT. Worth ever cross your mind MR  059
Does your heart beat for me L 1103
Dogbne GR 12015
Doghouse Hoedown / Cotton Pickin RYL  404
Doin what comes naturally S.I.O. 159
Dolly Hoe HH  662
Dominique MGR 1091
Dominique PIO   113
Don Juan ME 109
Don`s Deream / Don`s Dilemma S.I.O. HD 91/92
Don`s Dilemma / Don`s Dream WW 124
Don`t ask me for tomorrow TB  210
Don`t be a baby-baby BS 1595
Don`t be angry RIV 103
Don`t be ashamed SL 114
Don`t be cruel RBS 1316
Don`t believe my heart RR 178
Don`t believe my heart can stand another you CD 202
Don`t blame it all on me BS 1714
Don`t blame it all on me RIV 120
Don`t blame it all on me RMR   112
Don`t blame it all on me WIN 5023
Don`t blame me MGR 2121
Don`t Bother BS 1844
Don`t bring Lulu TOP 25281
Don`t build no fences BO 1367
Don`t call him a Cowboy ESP  131
Don`t call him a cowboy RB 2999
Don`t call me sweetie J-bar-L 5004
Don`t call me sweetie ST   143
Don`t chicken out HH  408
Don`t close your eyes ENI 2401
Don`t Dilly dally HH  405
Don`t expect kisses BS 1638
Don`t fight the feeling of love BS 1981
Don`t fight the feeling of love DR 696
Don`t fight the feelings of love CR 102
Don`t fight the feelings of love LS 5019
Don`t forget MGR 1030
Don`t forget me BO 1345
Don`t forget the flowers L 1107
Don`t forget to touch the morning LS 5018
Don`t give your love to a ramblin man MS   169
Don`t it make you wanta go home K 1121
Don`t it make your brown eyes blue CD 211
Don`t just stand there SS 2322
Don`t keep me hanging around BM 0178
Don`t keep me hanging around BM 0178
Don`t keep me hanging around SC 631
Don`t let em steal your Gal TOP 25286
Don`t let me dream BO 1171
Don`t let the good life pass you by DR 601
Don`t let the good times go L 1169
Don`t let the stars JP  225
Don`t let the stars get in your eyes BS 1723
Don`t love nobody temporarily MGR 1027
Don`t make a liar out of me SD  0213
Don`t make you wanna go home OR    16
Don`t make you wanna go home UR 030
Don`t make you wanta go home / Your Memory K 1225
Don`t Rock the juke Box RWH 183
Don`t say aloha when I go SS 2309
Don`t she look good LS 5013
Don`t she look good PIO   109
Don`t she look good PR 1064
Don`t she look good when she smiles SS 2361
Don`t sit under the apple tree CTL 2002
Don`t stop in my world BR 235
Don`t stop in my world HH  460
Don`t sweetheart me HH 5074
Don`t sweetheart me SC 504
Don`t swing me, I`llswing you MS   123
Don`t take her she`s all I got ESP 1018
Don`t take my sunshine away TOP 25359
Don`t telephone, don`t telegraph MGR 1084
Don`t think twice LM  127
Don`t touch that dial RH  306
Don`t wake me up CK 111
Don`t waste it on the Blues CD 237
Don`t you ever get tired RB  269
Don`t you ever get tired of hurting me SR 201
Don`t you know That I love you PIO   127
Don´t fence me in HH  036
Don´t sit under the apple tree Keeno 2110
Donnegal RWH 143
Doodle-De-Doo GR 12041
Doodlin Song K 1218
Doodling / Opus # 1 SC 301
Doolar Down, Dollar a week TOP 25013
Dooley LM  105
Dottie Lou Aqua  128
Dou you love me LM  203
Double Eagle Rag MGR 8775
Double shot of my baby`s love RIV 208
Down at Papa Joe`s L 1061
Down at the old corral BUC 1258
Down by the Lazy River RYL  239
Down by the Riverside MGR 1004
Down by the riverside TOP 25070
Down Deep RB  296
Down Hill Hoedown / Limehouse Hoedown BMV  010
Down home CD 248
Down in Columbus Georgia LH 1002
Down in New Orleans TOP 25230
Down in old Mexico BO 1139
Down on Bourbon Street BC 105
Down on the farm RBS 1355
Down River BM 1002
Down River / Treat her right BM 1019 
Down South / Put on your old gray Bonnet WIN 4422
Down the wrong road again PR 1046
Down Yonder WIN 4884
Down Yonder in New Orleans BS 1622
Downfall of me BS 1958
Downtown Knoxville BM 0166
Dr. Time CHY 501
Draggin Chains RIV 118
Dream a little dream EUR 1902
Dream Boat ST   160
Dream of me CW 168
Dream of me Q 892
Dream on BM 0038
Dream Train BS 1730
Dream Train / The girl i left behind me LH 0204 
Dreamers Holiday Aqua  121
Dreaming of you LH 0143
Dreamland Express GMP   123
Dreamland Express HH 5085
Dreamland Express UR 011
Drew Drop / Rumpus BS 1722 
Driftwood FTC 32005
Driftwood GS   711
Driftwood TOP 25206
Driftwood WIN 5076
Driftwood on the river WIN 4843
Drinkin Champagne BO 1386
Drinking Champagne RB 3026
Drummer Boy / Hoedown #2 WW 116
Drummer boy / Linda MS   164 
Dry Bones WIN 4819
D-T Hoedown MGR 1082
Dueling Banjos / Ride the Wabash PR 2003
Duelling Banjos / Pitter Patter WW 125
Dum Dum LH 1005
Dumas Walker RB 3025
Dumb Thing CW 169
Durang`s Hornpipe / Guitar Fancy S.I.O. HD 85/86
Durangs Hornpipe / Steve Green S.I.O. HD 43/44
Dust off that old pianna TNT 215
Dusty Roads / Rubber Dolly S.I.O. HD 69/70
E.A.R.&H. - East Afrika Rail & Harbour OR    49
Earl`s Breakdown WIN 5092
Early in the morning EAG 1204
Early in the morning WIN 4940
Early morning rain BS 1890
Early Morning Rain L 1177
Early morning rain PIO   123
East Texas sunday Matinee / Feudin TB  531
Eastbound / Cookin Cabbage K 1281
Easter Parade LR 10095 
Easy / Rowdy PR 2002 
Easy lovin FT 121
Easy Loving FW 503
Easy money / Johnny Dollar K 1233 
Easy to love TB  126
Easy to please MGR 2173 
Eatin that rainbow stew PR 1148
Echo from the hills K 1295
Echo from the hills LH 0153
Echo from the Hills TOP 25255
Ed`s guitar dandy / Jumpin Jack WIN 5012 
Eight more miles LM  116
Eight more miles to Louisville BM 0179
Eight more miles to louisville MR  026
Eight`r from Decatur / Worried Man K 1103 
El Paso Best 107
El Paso HH  341
El Paso K 1212
El Paso GLR 003
El Toro ( The Square Dance Man ) TB  138
Elaine GWR 105
Eli Stubbs Grass Band WW 700
Elvira WIN 5115
Elvis and Andy ESP  195
Emmy Lou DR 647
Engine 9 WW 913
Engine No. 9 WW 203
England Swings WW 110
England Swings WW 925
Enjoy Yourself WIN 4846
Enough to go around JK  110
Ernie B / Cabbage BS 1838
Ernie`s Breakdown / Boil the cabbage down Rockin A 1327 
Eumeralla shore Rockin A 1369
Even Cowboys like a little R & R CC     36
Even the nights are better RBS 1269
Evening Train S.I.O. 145
Ever Changing Woman BTY 100
Ever lovin Dixieland L 1024
Ever street`s a Boulevard DR 716
Every Day I have to cry some CK 010
Every little Rosebud GR 12232
Every little thing SNW 0401
Every Man`s a king BO 1377
Every now and then HH 5001
Every Rosebud GR 12106
Every second every minute EAG 0017
Every Street`s a Boulevard BS 1913
Every street`s a Boulevard C 3507
Everybody gonna dance tonight BO 1125
Everybody loves a lover RYL  202
Everybody wants to go to heaven TAR 177
Everybody`s gonna dance BO 1290
Everybody`s got troubles BS 1850
Everybody`s making it big but me A 1005
Everybody`s reaching out A 0001
Everybody`s Somebody`s Fool RB  202
Everybody`s sweetheart CK 095
Everybody`s talkin CK 092
Everybodys reaching out for someone DR 603
Everyday RH 901
Everyday people C  802
Everyone needs someone to love TB  213
Everything a man could ever need JK  124
Everything a man could ever need L 1125
Everything but love TOP 25252
Everything I touch BC 104
Everything I used to do ESP  142
Everything is rosy SDH  1004
Everything old is new again BS 2333
Everything`s a Waltz HH 5042
Everythings Waltz PR 1049
Everytime I get around you CD 269
Everywhere you go BS 0108
Everywhere you go BS 1772
Everywhere you go BS 2521
Everywhere you go JK 6012
Everywhere you go Jubilee   557
Everywhere you go / Heartbreaker MGR 8475 
Evil angel CBC   567
Excelorator Special C  103
Expert at anything RR 120
Eyes of blue HH  424
Faded Love LM  150
Fair Weather Sweetheart / To Marvelous MGR 8655 
Fais do do SRR 1010
Faith Hill / Wild One WB 18411
Falcon Hoedown SS  104
Fall in love again HH 5174
Falling for you K 1149
Falling in Love WIN 4899
False hearted girl HH  305
False hearted girl HH 5066
False hearted girl JK  131
False Hearted Girl SC 583
Fan the flame RRR 103 
Fan The Flames UR 107
Fancy / Boom WIN 5098 
Fancy Free MR  017
Fancy Free RYL  104
Fannye ST   186
Far away GP 801
Far Far away MGR 1034
Far out / Sunset strip HH  611
Farmers Daughter / Split the ring OT 8058 
Fast ( Yodelin ) train to Georgia EAG 1101
Fast train to Georgia WIN 5075
Faster Horses RB  207
Father and Son UR 402
Father and Son UR 402
Feel good Blues RB 3084
Feel Right L8-04
Feelin a Feelin RR 194
Feelin Kinda lonely tonight RR 232
Feelin kindy lonely tonight ESP  907
Feelin the good today blues TOP 25350
Feels so right HH 5039
Ferris Wheel L 1089
Fever K 1253
Fickle / Tag along TOP 25313
Fickle Fortune FTC 32010
Fiddler`s Fancy / Pistol packin Hoedown TNT 106 
Fiddlers dream / Jaydel BS 1811 
Fiddlin man BM 0079
Fiddlin Man LM  173
Fiddlin man MR  076
Fiddlin Man WIN 5030
Fiesta WIN 4808
Fifty Seven Chevrolet DR 658
Fifty seven Chevrolet K 1237
Finally Fryday GMP   309
Find a perfect mountain LS 5006
Finders keepers WIN 4850
Fine and Dandy MGR 1016
Fine and Dandy / Cruisin down the river WIN 4179 
Finger Lickin Good / Romin round the Mountain RB  321 
Fire Ball Mail OT 8169
Fire Eyes RWH 164
Fire on the Mountain / Bile the Cabbage down BMR 4552 
Fireball RB  314
Fireball RIV 506
Fireball / Patter Rhythm K 1185 
Fireball / Reggie`s Boogie TAR 113 
Fireball mail HH 5134
Fireball mail John`s 7287808
Fireball Mail RIV 203
Firecracker TAR 175
Firefly BM 0164
Firefly SC 568
Firemans Ball HH  348
Fireside / Fox Hill JK  601 
First day BS 1888
First Encounter of close kind TB  197
First Taste of Texas BZ 001
First thing each morning CBC   554
First thing every morning BS 1827
First thing every morning / The Auctioneer BS 9001
First time thing SS 2370
Fish`n Ships / Bangers`n Mash SIR   521 
Fit as a fiddle WIN 4478
Five food two Charleston CC     25
Five foot two C 3503
Five foot two HH  322
Five foot two JK 6016
Five o`clock world LS 7004
Five peace band GWR 103
Flair to paree MGR 2108
Flash of fire C  402
Flat foot`in it WW 702
Flat Top Guitar Blues K 1302
Flatrock / Rehash TOP 25199
Flea / Gnat TB  516
Flea / Gnat TB  516
Flexible Chords MGR 2050
Flim Flam WIN 4929
Flim Flam WWI 2-07
Flint Hill Special RR 881001
Flip / Neeca ST   305
FLK Progression FK 1287
Floan down the cotton town SDH  1010
Floutin down to New Orleans B    108
Flower of love BS 1862
Flowers on the wall BA 401 
Flowers on the wall K 1114
Flowers on the wall TOP 25122
Fly me to the moon MGR 2170
Flyin South MGR  980
Flying South L 1104
Fog / Fire TOP 25203
Foggy mountain breakdown / Thunderbird Jump TB  523
Foggy River RB  105
Fold Back SNR 505
Fold the Line Workshop / Shake the Dice Workshop GR 13001
Follow me GMP   604
Follow me RIV 219
Folsom Prisom Blues JK  123
Folsom Prison C  313
Folsom prison Rockin A 1341
Fond Affection J-bar-L 5008
Fond Affection L 1179
Fond Affection D & ET 113
Fond Affection / Swing Miss Dolly J-bar-L 4132 
Food on the table TB  240
Fool by your side RB  299
Fool for love LH 1033
Fool hearted memory ESP  111
Fool such as I PR 1042
Foolin BS 1539
Foolin around Capitol 02596
Fools fall in love HH  493
Fools rush in BR 281
Foot stompin music RIV 123
Footprints in the snow BS 1582
For a Change SD  0235
For me & my Gal OR    25
For me and my Gal BS 1810
For once in my life ST   153
For the good times RB 0125
For the good times RB 3022
For what I been thinkin bout you C  310
For You UR 105
Forest Creek / Trinity river bottom BS 1692
Forest lawn BA 202
Forever in Blue Jeans S   104
Forgiving you was easy BO 1358
Found Affection C  709
Found effection L 1221
Four cord Latin Hoe BO 1397 
Four in the morning C  110 
Four in the morning FR 0004
Four in the morning JP  402
Four Leaf Clover BO 1136
Four leaf clover DR 711
Four leaf clover SS 2352
Four Leave Clover BA 601
Four Walls BS 1988
Foxie / Sweet Georgia Brown GR 14097
Fracas / Bedew BS 2120 
Frankie and Johnnie GO 106
Fraulein SIR   306
Frauline BS 2203
Frauline L 1126
Freckles & Polliwog Days RB  166
Freda comes Freda goes HH 5005
Freddie`s Fancy / Billy John WW 121
Free and easy HH 5020
Free be the lonely again BM 0023
Free home demonstration LH 0145
Free to be lonely CK 109
Free wheelin Hobo SHY 109
Freedom C  322
Freedom LH 0193
Freight Train BO 1179
Freight Train TNT 107
Freight Train WIN 4948
Frenesi S.I.O. F 107
Friday Night Blues BS 2218
Friday night in america RR 235
Friends RMR   105
Friendship set to music is Square Dancing C 1006 
Froggie went a courtin VR 102
From a chevy to a Lincoln DR 056
From the word go RYL  108
FT. Worth-Cross your mind DR 055
Full Moon full of Love 4B  0865
Full time Job MGR 1001
Fulton County fair SOS 1001
Fumble / Babs BS 1887 
Fun and Fancy Free SL 105
Funny way of calling TOP 25056
Further on down the road TOP 25156
G.K.W. Mixer EZ 734
Gal from Arkansas WIN 4907
Gal from Pennsylvania WIN 4931
Gal with a broken heart Rockin A 1335
Gallagher and Shean / Red River Valley WIN 4429 
GalleyWest / G Train GR 12068
Game of love RWH 113
Gandy dancer WIN 5099
Garden party RB  197
Garden Party WWI 014
Gay Cabellero K 1176
Gazebo S.I.O. X 2124
Gene / Carlos BS 2293 
Genghis Khan FTC 32034
Gentle on my mind J 142
Gentle on my Mind WW 113
George ST   182 
Georgia Brown NCS 1001
Georgia Girl RB 3092
Georgia Ivy / Lost John BMR 4554 
Georgia on my mind TOP 25021
Georgia rain PR 1147
Georgia sunshine LH 0187
Get along Cindy / Big ball in Cowtown BMR 4561 
Get along home,Cindy CR 501
Get down Country music CK 011
Get in line brother FS 799
Get it right / Miracle UR 103 
Get me back to Dixie C  323
Get me to the dance S.I.O. 140
Get me to the dance SC 542
Get on board little children MGR 2145
Get on board my wagon S   502
Get on my love train RB  178
Get out and get under the moon GR 12084
Get the Blues when it rains BO 1360
Get up on your woman OR    37
Geyser Basin / Green Goddess TOP 25055
Ghost Riders K 1219
Ghost town Hoedown / Boot Hill Boogie GT 0001
Giddy-up-Sam / Pretty Palomino SL 603 
Gimme 3 Steps HH 5050
Gimmie a little kiss HD 104
Gimmie back my Blues BS 2078
Gimmie back my Blues BS 2255
Gimmie back those Blues C  404
Girl Crazy K 1050
Girl I Adore WIN 4945
Girl with Gardinias RBS 1238
Girls all get prettier BUC 1231
Girls night out RWH 200
Gitfiddle / Timbleweed TOP 25309 
Give a lonely heart a home L 1185
Give back my heart RH  222
Give it up UR 702
Give it up UR 702
Give it your best JP  222
Give it your best LM  174
Give me 40 Acres TOP 25092
Give me a chance to dance C  324
Give me back my blues CW 145
Give me back my heart BS 1886
Give me five minutes more SC 578
Give me forta acres BS 0121
Give me one more chance LM  154
Give me one more Chance MR  041
Give me one more shot CHY 503
Give me Regards to old Broadway JK  137
Give my regards to broadway BS 1623
Give my regards to Broadway BS 2352
Give my regards to Broadway JP  220
Give my regards to Broadway MGR 2420
Give my regards to Broadway SC 505
Give the world a smile RB 3006
Glad rag Shuffle HH  381
Glad Rags RH  705
Glad Rags WIN 4806
Glad Rags / Roses and Revolvers MGR 7665 
Gladys Stomp / Cloggin down yonder RB  302 
Glendale Train WW 311
Glendale train WW 918
Glory Hallelujah 4B  6088
Glory Hallelujah BS 1625
Glory on my mind BO 1262
Glow Worm TNT 217
Glow Worm WIN 5018
Glowin in the ashes GWR 104
Go Hide John L 1143
Go man go / Pickin and Grinnin S.I.O. Special   5/6
Go on by WIN 4869
Go swinging with a lady L 1086
Go the distance / Nobody`s business BS 2466 
God bless America GS   712
God Bless the U.S.A. RB 3031
God bless the USA LR 10149
God`s gonna getcha HH  453
Go-Get-Em`s LH  403
Going once, going twice, going gone OR    56
Gold and Silver BS 2064
Gold and Silver C 1011 
Gold and Silver MGR 1000
Gold Diggin / Where`s Rabbit ? WIN 5028 
Gold digging Clementine TB  171
Gold Star medley GS   720
Golden Daze / Outrigger TOP 25061
Golden Eagle Grand March/ Raggedy Andy C  110
Golden Memories ESP  202
Golden Memories HH 5046
Golden Memories RR 166
Golden Memories & Silver tears HH 5165
Golden Reel / Chordex S.I.O. HD 60/61
Golden Reel / Chordex WIN 4166
Golden Rocket MGR  926
Gone at Last C  301
Gone at last RBS 1307
Gone away, gone away UR 024 
Gone Gone Gone HH  419
Gone Gone Gone L 1222
Gone with the wind CBC   530
Gone, Gone, Gone GMP   918
Gonna be a Country boy RIV 225
Gonna Boogie tonight GR 12151
Gonna build a mountain HH 5014
Gonna hav a Ball MGR 2056
Gonna have a ball JP  204
Gonna have a ball Jubilee   553
Gonna have a happy time MGR 2038
Gonna have to catch me WW 207
Gonna raise a ruckus tonight WIN 4818
Gonna sit right down and write myself a letter 4B  6035
Gonna steal your shoes LH 0190
Gonna steal your shoes LH 0190
Gonna take a lot of river RB 3021
Gonna take my baby for a morning ride PR 1091
Gonna tear down the walls RWH 142
Gonna write myself a letter L 1072
Good Bad Ugly / Foggy PR 2006
Good bye my lady love BUC 1248
Good day Hoedown / Big G Rag TB  514
Good deal Lucille TOP 25218
Good enough for me HH  387
Good Friends ST   196
Good friends TOP 25275
Good hearted woman K 1141
Good hearted women AR 101
Good hearted women CD 201
Good hearted women ST   146
Good Intentions / Let the bells keep ringing WIN 4171
Good loving BM 0171
Good loving makes it right SC 553
Good Luck Charm RR 161
Good morning country rain RB  136
Good morning country rain TOP 25271
Good morning country rain TOP 25365
Good N Country ESP  310
Good News LM  136
Good News WW 214
Good old country style MGR  968
Good old days ESP  309
Good old days HH  337
Good old girls L 1197
Good old Lucy Brown FW 505
Good old Square Dance days HH  441
Good ole boys RBS 1251
Good ole you know who BS 1976
Good things EAG 1205
Good Things MS   153
Good time song BS 2085
Good Times Bel-Mar 5021
Good Times MGR 1053
Good times P 004
Good timin shoes CC     17
Good Woman Blues CD 207
Good woman Blues LS 5032
Goodby my lady love TB  196
Goodbye Marie CW 157
Goodbye Marie MR  006
Goodbye my Lady Love TOP 25096
Goodnight TOP 25296
Goodnight Ladies TOP 25079
Goodnight Sweetheart TOP 25069
Goodnight Sweetheart TOP 25263
Goodnight Sweetheart TOP 25358
Goodnite little girl LH 1022
Goodtime Charlie`s got the Blues RB  146
Goodtime Charlies LH 0186
Goody Goody ESP  901
Goofy Square TOP 25047
Got a lot of Rhythm LH 0149
Got a lot of Rhythm Q 905
Got Leavin on her mind RB  278
Got leaving on her mind RB  168
Got my heart set on you Q 851
Gotta quit lookin at you baby RRR 102 
Gotta take me back LH 0146
Gotta Travel on AR 106
Grab a little sunshine OT 1105
Grand Lemon Square FC 2
Grand March / Yak Time S.I.O. 2146
Grand old flag HH  458
Grand old flag L 1073
Grand Prowl H 104
Grand Slam / Twenty one HH  604
Grand Square S.I.O. F 102
Grand Square / Zacatecas Jubilee   825
Grand Square Quadrille / Pioneer Quadrille Decca 40233
Grand weave the world ( Small world ) WWI 042
Grandma`s feather bed JK 6011
Grandpa ( Tell me bout the good ol days ) PR 1009
Grave Train WIN 4847
Great afternoon C  304
Great american Guest HH 5056
Great Balls of fire C  206
Great big Taters in Sandy Land / Turkey in the straw OT 8027
Great mail Robbery CW 103
Green Grass of home GR 12114
Green Green H 115
Green Green Grass of home HH 5008
Green Mountain Boy / Injun Hoedown BMV  022
Green river CK 068
Green River GR 12133
Green River MGR  979
Green River S.I.O. F 114
Grenn Medley FTC 32043
Grennlin / Catie M GR 12002 
Grey Eagle / Brushy Creek Bel-Mar 5014
Grey Eagle / Cripple Creek ST   144 
Grey Eagle / Walkin in my sleep MGR 2122 
Gridiron / Jalopy GR 12087
Groovy Grubworm NR 14289-2
G-String ESP  406
Guess it doesn`t matter anymore RMR   110
Guess it never hurts to hurt sometime MS   193
Guilty L8-20
Guitar Fency / Chicken Plucker S.I.O. 2148 
Guitar man C  309
Gunshot / Quite a party M 644
Gypsy RIV 220
Gypsy WIN 4928
Gypsy Feet HH 5158
Gypsy feet LS 5004
Gypsy feet WIN 5079
Gypsy Feet / Yesterday C  115
Gypsy Man BM 0007
Gypsy Mandolin UR 019
Gypsy Woman PR 1017
Hacksaw Hoedown RWH 511
Hair of Gold LS   509
Half a boy and half a man SIR   304
Half past kissing time K 1199
Hambon J 109
Hand Clappin WIN 5011
Hand me down my walkin cane OT 8125
Hand picked / Ida Red C  111
Hands SH  147 
Handy / Old Joe Jr. BM 1018 
Hang on the Bell S.I.O. 129
Hangin around BS 2197
Hangin around  WIN 5118
Hanging up my travelling shoes HH 5094
Hank Williams Medley RIV 210
Happiness SIR   308
Happy BS 1821
Happy days are here again MGR  937
Happy days are here again RB  212
Happy days are here again TNT 131
Happy go lucky day TNT 114
Happy Heart BS 1919
Happy Life K 1032
Happy Street WIN 4924
Happy Tracks GR 12092
Happy Tracks WIN 4873
Happy Wanderer TOP 25164
Hard Rock Cafe GP 800
Harper Valley JK  106
Harper Valley P.T.A. BS 1965
Harvest of Sunshine TOP 25115
Hash / Mojo J 126 
Hash F / Hash G RB  329 
Hashin the Boogie L 1001
Hashin up the devil / Mississippi Sawyer OT 8145
Hashing the salty dog / Salty dog Breakdown H 102
Hasta la vista Jose WIN 5054
Hat full of feathers HH 5025
Haul off and love me DR 635
Haul off and Swing LH 0134
Have a good day and pass it DR 629
Have a happy time TOP 25253
Have a happy time TOP 25369
have a little Faith ESP  185
Have a little faith L 1234
Have a little faith TOP 25181
Have I stayed away too long BR 249
Have I told you lately LM  128
Have I told you lately TOP 25060
Have you ever been lonely TNT 208
Havin Fun GMP   101
Having a ball WIN 5048
Having a party EAG 0021 
Having a Square Dance LR 00014
Hawaiian Square BS 1668
Hawaiian Tattoo GR 12075
Hawaiin Rhythm BS 1798
Hawley`s Hoedown / Skipping along GSR 6502 
Hazel Eyes BM 0074
Hazel Eyes BM 0133
Hazel Eyes J-bar-L 4126 
Hazel Eyes SC 549
Hazzard / Maggie RB  308 
He can`t fill my shoes TB  117
He Haw Polka Rockin A 1361
He stopped loving her today HH 5184
He`ll have to go MS   135
He`s been so good to me RMR 2000
Head over Heals MAR  518
Head over heels in love of you TB  241
Headin for the Barn / Down home Rag K 1044 
Headin West RH  802
Heading east / Rock Hoedown SC 324 
Hear them Bells SL 109
Heard Hearted Hannah S.I.O. 147
Heart Beats DR 9004
Heart breaker JK  120
Heart full of love BS 1523
Heart full of love BS 2071
Heart of Gold Jubilee   558
Heart of my heart BS 1658
Heart of my Heart BS 2143
Heart of my Heart C 3504
Heart of my heart LH 0182
Heart over mind K 1110
Heart to Heart CK 060 
Heartaches RH 905
Heartaches RWH 117
Heartaches WIN 4853
Heartaches WIN 5069
Heartaches by the  Numbers BS 1541
Heartaches by the number PIL 302
Heartaches by the number Rockin A 1326
Heartaches by the number SC 603
Heartbreak Express ENI 2402
Heartbreak Express K 1273 
Heartbreak Hotel FT 112
Heartbreak Mountain BM 0028
Heartbreak Mountain HH 5183
Heartbreak Mountain JP  106
Heartbreak Mountain ST   138
Heartbreak Mt. BM 0113
Heartbroke ESP  114
Heaven SNW 0902
Heaven in my women`s eyes RH  226
Heaven is my women`s love LS 5014
Heaven is my women`s love WIN 5094
Heaven is my womens love BS 1941
Heaven is my womens Love BS 2157
Heaven must be missing an Angel UR 601
Heaven must be missing an Angel UR 601
Heaven says hello BUC 1243
Heaven says hello L 1100
Heaven`s just a sin away RBS 1240
Heavenly sunshine SIR   201
Heavens just a sin away LL 0102
Hector & Holly / Tupelo MR 5013 
Heels / Orange Blossom Special DOT 16174
Heigh Ho / Washed in the blood TNT 323
Helena Polka SC 571
Hell bent, Whiskey bound WIN 5110
Hello Blues RR 143
Hello Blues and down the road I go RB  172
Hello brown eyes LH 1017
Hello Daddy - Good morning Darling RB  259
Hello Doll MGR 2049
Hello Dolly BS 1729
Hello Dolly RBS 1348
Hello good morning happy day PR 1029
Hello good morning happy day PR 1138
Hello Hello BM 0149
Hello Hello SH 5001
Hello Love K 1209
Hello Love LR 10173
Hello Medley BS 2390
Hello Mexico CW 139
Hello Mexico RBS 1246
Hello my baby CC     11
Hello my baby MGR 1008
Hello my honey SC 570
Hello trouble K 1162
Hello, Hello, Hello MGR  923
Help me make it through the night BS 2151
Help me make it through the night Q 893
Help me make it through the night ST   134
Help me make it thru the night ESP 1103
Help yourself to me RR 102
Help Yourself to some tomorrow DR 602
Helt`s Hash MGR 8815
Hep cat / Rockin Dolly S.I.O. X 2130 
Her front door is open SL 110
Her heart or mine RBS 1356
Her name is CK 012 
Here comes the night SIR   324
Here I am in Dallas RR 103
Here in the real world ESP  165
Here rattler here BS 1794
Here`s Johnnie / There`s Garland BS 2382
Here`s to me WW 208
Here`s to you and me K 1088 
Heroes HH 5133
Heroes and friends HH 5160
Hertz rent a chick BS 1853
Hey Baby SIR   601
Hey Baby VR 112
Hey good lookin JP  802
Hey good lookin RBS 1345
Hey good lookin RIV 222
Hey good lookin RWH 178
Hey Good lookin RWH 178
Hey good lookin SS  101
Hey good lookin TOP 25191
Hey Honey EUR 1011
Hey honey--you`re where I wanna be MR  089
Hey Joe Hey Moe PR 1141
Hey Li Le Li Le GS   719
Hey Li Lee Li Lee WW 201
Hey look em over WIN 4971
Hey look me over BS 2172
Hey Look me over L 1009
Hey look me over L 1040
Hey Ma / Little red wagon S.I.O. X 2083 
Hey Porter PIO   103
Hey, baby you`re looking for me TNT 146
Hey, Hey, Hey - Let the music lift up OR    58
Hey, Joe PR 1050
Heyday Hoedown BUC 1516
Hi Gear / Up jumped the devil BM 1011
Hi Neighbor MGR 1099
Hi Neighbour BS 2360
High Cotton ESP  160
High Gear / Barbour`s Itch S.I.O. Special 13/14
High Gear / Blue Mountain Top BS 1786
High Gear / Long John SC 323 
High Gear / Old mountain dew SH  170
High Heel Girl NIC 35
High Horse DR 021 
High on a mountain of love BUC 1245
High Tech Redneck / Forever here to stay MCA 54749
Highland Fling / Cookin up a storm S.I.O. HD 31/32
Highland Fling / Jim Jam S.I.O. 2147 
Highland Fling / Jim Jam S.I.O. HD 73/74
Highland Fling / Rubber Dolly S.I.O. HD 37/38
Highway 40 Blues Q 824
Highway Cowboy SIR   101
Highway fortie Blues BS 2207
Highway to nowhere LH 0151
Highway to nowhere LH 1043
Highways run forever BS 2178
Hillbilly boy with the Blues PR 1145
Hillbilly Fever Bel Mar 5005
Hillbilly fever MR  116
Hillbilly Fever S   112
Hillbilly fever TOP 25158
Hillbilly Rock CD 244
Hillbilly Rock ESP  166
Hindustan BO 1114
Hit the road / On my mind MGR 7585
Hitch Hike RH  501
Hitchin a ride WIN 5005
Ho-Down ESP  403
Hoe - Boogie / Happy Man WIN 4184 
Hoedown Blues SS  103
Hoedown Medley MGR 2073
Hokey Pokey EZ 726
Hold me TB  181
Hold on Partner ESP  173
Hold on to the love I`ve got BR 282
Hold on to your man WIN 5059
Hold Tight WWI 057
Hold watcha got Q 898
Holdin a good hand Q 873
Holding Heaven CHY 502
Holding on / My town MR 5008 
Holding the bag 7 C 101
Holding the bag SRR 1007
Hollywood CJC 507
Home along the Hiway PR 1063
Home along the hiway PR 1154
Home Grown CK 507
Home of my heart WIN 4842
Home Style lovin TOP 25343
Home Sweet home LS   505
Home sweet home Square MGR 8915
Home Town OT 8168
Hometown Sweetheart BS 1873
Homossa Hornpipe LS   163/164
Honest to goodness Amigos CC     44
Honey BS 2003
Honey all I ever need is you WIN 4990
Honey be my honey bee LH 0156
Honey Bee LH 0162
Honey Bee WIN 4927
Honey Love BS 1752
Honey Love BS 1752
Honey Love HH  366
Honey Love RWH 116
Honey moon feelin MGR 2155
Honey show me that you care SRR 1006
Honey Square Jubilee   568
Honey, all I ever need is you JP 1977
Honey, I`ve got you to thank for that DR 672
Honeycomb Q 849
Honeycomb WIN 4161
Honeymoon feeling TB  105
Honeymoon feeling WW 608
Honeysuckle Rose CK 023
Honeysuckle Rose CK 023
Honk your horn for Dixie TB  216
Honkey Tonk Saturday Night RBS 1261
Honkey Tonk Square BS 1884
Honk-Tonk night on Broadway HH 5048
Honky Tonk Attitude RWH 189
Honky Tonk Boots ESP  338
Honky Tonk Christmas MM 111
Honky Tonk Girl GSR 6019
Honky Tonk hardwood floors TB  207
Honky Tonk Heroes C  502
Honky Tonk Man CC     37
Honky Tonk Moon MR  144
Honky Tonk Moon RB 3018
Honky Tonk Sounds WIN 4930
Honky Tonk Square dance Blues RR 105
Honky Tonk Walking CD 260
Honky Tonky Queen ESP  201
Hooked on Christmas ROC 110
Hooked on Cowboy clothes DR 718
Hooked on Cowboy clothes and Country music BS 2186
Hooked on Elvis RR   0169
Hooked on lovin you RB 3024
Hooked on music RBS 1260
Hoop de do Polka BM 0167
Hoop de doo TNT 233
Hootenany Hoedown WW 105
Hop up Susie / Cripple Creek OT 8036
Hoppin Satan / Boil the cabbage down S.I.O. Special   8/11
Hoppin Satan / Texas Gallup S.I.O. X 2113 
Hot ! Hot ! Hot ! EMR 100
Hot Banjo Boogie H 113
Hot Brakes / Come back HH  639 
Hot Britches / Cabbage MGR 1101 
Hot Burnin Flames EUR 1005
Hot Chile / Hot Chile Con Carne RIV 508
Hot red sweater RB 3007
Hot rod cat / Rosie SD  0212
Hot time in the old town SSR 150
Hot time in the old town night TB  167
Hot time Square TOP 25046
Hot to Trot RYL  507
Houston FT 115
Houston RBS 1286
Houston WW 302
Houston WW 924
How bout them Cowgirls ESP 1115
How can I love her so much and then lose her L8-07
How come Blues HH  367
How come you do me like you do LH 1020
How come you dome like you do ? BR 276
How could I love her so much BS 2243
How could I love her so much RB 2992
How Deep in Love CK 030
How did you do it HH  382
How high the moon TOP 25059
How I cried LH 0139
How I Love Them Old Song TNT 119
How I love them old songs TOP 25292
How I`d like to see you again BS 2062
How long have you been there BS 2135
How Lucky DR 014
How much I love you HH  420
How sweet it is MGR 2078
Hubba Hubba BO 1312
Hubris / Kanawha TOP 25087
Hukilau SC 615
Hula Love WIN 4469
Humble Hoedown MGR  905
Humdinger TOP 25033
Hundred to one L 1011
Hundred to one MGR  991
Hungry eyes CD 230
Hurricane MR  034
Hurry Hurry Hurry TOP 25090
Hurry on down TOP 25259
Hurry, Hurry, Hurry GR 12223
Hush Hush LH 0172
I ain`t down yet MGR 2028
I ain`t got no business SRR 1005
I ain`t got no business doing business today RRR 203 
I ain`t got nobody 4B  6041
I ain`t got nobody PR 1038
I ain`t me CK 007
I ain`t missing nobody Crossroad 6003
I ain`t never RWH 169
I always get lucky with you HH 5070
I always remember that song BS 2399
I am a simple man MAR  801
I am the Dreamer BO 1332
I am the Dreamer RIV 124
I believe in music L 1236
I believe in music TOP 25279
I believe in music WWI 201
I believe in sunshine WW 703
I believe in you RWH 809
I came here to Square Dance CBC   106
I can hear Kentucky CK 141
I can help CL  4
I can love you CK 058
I can see forever loving you ED 302
I can tell by the way you dance RH  703
I can`t believe you`re mine BO 1197
I can`t give you anything but love BO 1120
I can`t give you anything but love BS 1897
I can`t give you anything but love BS 1897
I can`t give you anything but love BS 2297
I can`t help it EUR 1016
I can`t help it RB  182
I can`t help it honey BS 1790
I can`t quit BS 1599
I can`t see Texas ESP  308
I can`t Square Dance myself FTC 32036
I can`t stop now MAR  513
I can`t wait any longer M 108
I could have loved you for a lifetime BM 0168
I could sing all night K 1066
I could write a song HH 5118
I couldn`t believe it was true RB  174
I couldn`t leave you RWH 153
I don`t care BS 2404
I don`t care BUC 1215
I don`t care C  212
I don`t care MGR  969
I don`t even know your name CRC 153
I don`t even know your name / If I had new Arista 12830
I don`t get no better than this RH  604
I don`t know a thing about love MR  042
I don`t know why ESP  155
I don`t know why HH  456
I don`t know why JP  105
I don`t know why MGR 2059
I don`t know why SBP 1002 
I don`t know why SSR 219
I don`t live there anymore BS 2194
I don`t mean a Thing B    117
I don`t need no Rocking Chair ESP  187
I don`t think love oughta be that way BM 0137
I don`t think she`s in love anymore LR00 302
I don`t want to be alone tonight DR 666
I don`t want to cry RR 186
I don`t want to set the world on fire CK 088
I don`t wanta be alone tonight BS 2053
I don`t worry LM  103
I don´t mind K 1025
I don´t think love ought to be that way RIV 127
I double dar you SC 509
I double dare you S.I.O. F 111
I double dare you Testpressing
I fall to pieces HH 5185
I fall to pieces PR 1100
I feel better Bel Mar 5009
I feel better C  108 
I feel better K 1256
I feel better LH 0157
I feel better SC 534
I feel better all over JP  206
I Feel Like Buddy Holly UR 506
I feeled that old age creeping on BO 1121
I found a new Baby BS 2263
I Found a new baby DR 732
I found you out SL 125
I get off on country DR 065
I get so Lonesome L 1180
I get the Blues MAR  515
I get the Blues Pairs N Squares 802
I get the blues when it rains BM 0125
I get the Blues when it rains BS 1792
I get the blues when it rains Rockin A 1352
I go to pieces RMR   202
I got Mexico RB 2994
I got mine MGR 1074
I got Rhythm CC     16
I got the hoss CW 124
I had a beautiful time ESP 138
I had a beautiful time TAR 116
I had a lovely time RR 132
I had somebody else BS 1727
I hate to see me go HH  380
I have to say I love you in a song TOP 25310
I have you JP  230
I hear Kentucky callin me TB  229
I hear little rock calling WIN 4866
I hear the south callin me HH 5113
I hear the south calling me BO 1319
I hear your name WIN 5015
I heard the Bluebirds sing J 123
I just call to say I love you CW 2004
I just came home to count the memories RB  276
I just want to dance with you ESP 1029
I keep puttin off gettin over you L 1194
I keep putting of getting over you DR 677
I know a heartache SRR 1004
I know a little bit CL  7
I know that someday SSR 159
I left my heart in San Francisco BO 1226
I left my heart in San Francisco BO 1282
I left my heart in San Francisco MW  301
I like to be with you HH  497
I like you MGR 2060
I lose mi mind ST   136
I love livin Country Style TOP 25264
I love my baby S.I.O. F 103
I love my truck BS 0117
I love New Orleans music RB  291
I love only you HH 5126
I love the world BS 2428
I love to hear Dave Dudley CW 2002
I love you GR 12086
I love you TOP 25314
I love you because C  211
I love you more & more everyday HH 5112
I love you more and more every day WIN 4841
I love you most of all ESP  170
I love you true WW 213
I loved them everyone C  509
I may be used RB 2995
I may be used but I Ain`t used up BS 2259
I miss my swiss / Alabamy Bound S.I.O. X 2120 
I miss my Swiss / First Fling S.I.O. X 1114 
I need more of you UR 404
I need something easy tonight TB  191
I never knew BO 1140
I never knew BS 2369
I never knew MGR 2183
I never knew the devil`s eyes were blue ESP  306
I never see Maggie alone JP  121
I overlooked an Orchid BS 1543
I promise when you leave you`ll wear a smile MS   168
I recall a gypsy woman RR 129
I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus LR 10087
I saw the light BA 203 
I saw the light C  501 
I saw the light GS   703
I saw the light K 1030
I saw the light RYL  308
I saw your face in the moon BO 1104
I saw your face in the moon BO 1245
I saw your face in the moon ESP  711
I saw your face in the moon SC 575
I see them LM  108
I see them everywhere HH  385
I see you in my dreams BS 2441
I Square danced all night long LR 00016
I still love you BS 2238
I still love you in the same old way ESP  506
I thank my lucky Stars BS 1773
I think about it all the time SD  0244
I think about your love ESP  203
I think I could love you LM  139
I think I`d like to Square Dance C 1008 
I think I`m going to makenit all the way DR 626
I think I`m in love C  320
I thinking I`am in Love MAR  512
I wanna lotta lotta lovin C  814
I wanna talk about me DR 097
I want a girl BUC 1264
I want a girl RB 3035
I want a girl TOP 25208
I want a love like that HH 5108
I want my baby back ESP 1048
I want my mama MGR  961
I want to be your salty dog JK  130
I want to see you again HH 5007
I wanta goe home BS 1704
I was born a Rambling Man WW 704
I was born about ten thousands years ago MS   146
I was Country when Country wasn`t cool BS 2142
I was just walking out the door BS 1801
I Will GMP   708
I will show you the way K 1271
I wish her well RB  213
I wish I could make a living loving you BS 2119
I wish I was 18 again RB  258
I wish that I had loved you better WIN 5051
I wish you could have turned my head and left my.... RBS 1270
I wished I`d love you better LS 5028
I won`t be back tonight SL 128
I won`t go hunting SS 2349
I won`t to go hunting with you Jake COY   701
I wonder CC     03
I wonder how the old folks are at home ST   165
I wonder were you are tonight RB  191
I wonder where you are tonight Q 923
I wonder whose baby you are now BS 2023
I wonder why BO 1199
I wonder why BS 1545
I wont be number two MGR  930
I wont go huntin with you Jake C  529
I wont last a day without you WIN 5045
I wouldnt change you if I could ESP  204
I write the songs C  501
I write the songs RB  206
I wrote a song MS   175
I`d be a legend CW 133
I`d better call the Law MGR 1085
I`d better travel on TOP 25341
I`d dance every dance with you Q 837
I`d like to be LS   602
I`d like to be the one you say good mornin to WIN 5047
I`d like to dance TNT 169
I`d like to teach the world to sing WIN 4994
I`d say you RBS 1275
I`ll always by your side RWH 140
I`ll always love you HH  427
I`ll always remember that song BS 2399
I`ll always thank you for the Sunshine DR 623
I`ll always thank you for the.../Cheatums Fiddle J-bar-L 4120
I`ll be coming back for more K 1257
I`ll be danged C  508
I`ll be gone ESP  611
I`ll be gone HH 5090
I`ll be gone,gone,gone C  518
I`ll be home with bells on BS 2286
I`ll be lovin you for ever if I can BS 0106
I`ll be lovin you for ever if I can BS 0106
I`ll be loving you MGR 2178
I`ll be swinging too RWH 168
I`ll be the one ESP  148
I`ll be true RMR   121
I`ll be your baby tonight CK 094
I`ll be your San Antonio Rose TB  160
I`ll come back as another man CD 227
I`ll come back to you PR 1123
I`ll come runnin SC 507
I`ll come running TOP 25160
I`ll cry instead CBC   581
I`ll dance rhe Two Step RH  801
I`ll fly away BO 1350
I`ll fly away H.A.T. 205
I`ll fly away LS 5002
I`ll fly away RYL  231
I`ll fly away TNT 199
I`ll get along somehow BM 0141
I`ll get over you TB  155
I`ll leave this world loving you RWH 806
I`ll love you all over again TB  242
I`ll love you tonight in my dreams HD 101
I`ll never let you go little darling LH 0140
I`ll never love another Rockin A 1351
I`ll never need another you CK 066
I`ll pin a note to pillow MR  103
I`ll Promise you tomorrow HH  492
I`ll sail my ship alone Rockin A 1306
I`ll see you in my dream BS 1933
I`ll see you in my dreams HT 102
I`ll see you in my dreams JP  109
I`ll sit this one out MGR 1071
I`ll start believing in you MR  072
I`ll take care of your cares BM 0151
I`ll take care of your cares K 1289
I`ll take care of your cares PR 1088
I`ll take care of your cares SC 562
I`ll take your word BR 209
I`ll wash my face FTC 32028
I`lle come back to you PR 1018
I`lle fly away PR 0200
I`m a believer BD 101
I`m a Louisiana Man WIN 5081
I`m a lover, not a fighter WIN 4960
I`m a Swinger BS 1826
I`m a Swinger CD 257
I`m afraid BR 274
I`m Alabama Bound RWH 179
I`m all right CD 281
I`m already blue BM 0105
I`m always on a mountain when I fall HH 5002
I`m an old Hitchhiker TOP 25352
I`m back in the swing BUC 1238
I`m Busted BS 2174
I`m Confession ESP  141
I`m countryfied PR 1127
I`m drinking my baby goodbye RYL  135
I`m for love ESP  608
I`m for love HH 5079
I`m for love LR 10128 
I`m forever blowing bubbles TOP 25098
I`m going back MGR 2186
I`m going back someday L 1172
I`m going back to Indiana GR 00201
I`m gonna climb that mountain high C  325
I`m gonna find it where I can RR 122
I`m gonna get you C  808
I`m gonna go hunting tonight TB  238
I`m gonna have love J 135
I`m gonna knock on our door ST   147
I`m gonna love you back to lovin me again MR  011
I`m gonna sing C  217
I`m gonna write a song FW 501
I`m gonna write a Song TOP 25248
I`m good at missing you RR 158
I`m hanging around L8-19
I`m happy WIN 4919
I`m happy every day I live S   401
I`m hopin BS 1883
I`m in a hurry HH 5171
I`m in love again TRR 120
I`m in love with you HH  396
I`m just a Redneck in a Rock and Roll bar RR 118
I`m just me TOP 25256
I`m just wild about Harry MGR 1059
I`m just wild about Mary BS 2374
I`m little but I`m loud CAR 020
I`m little but I`m loud CBC 8901
I`m little but I`m loud WIN 4825
I`m livin on refried dreams HH 5169
I`m looking high and low for my baby B    105
I`m looking over a four leaf clover TB  202
I`m love with the wrong man BS 2127
I`m lovin what your lovin does to me MR  009
I`m never gonna tell/My dreams are getting better WIN 4175 
I`m nobody`s baby MGR 2162
I`m not dealin with the devil anymore TB  212
I`m not foolin HH  324
I`m only in it for the love LH 1041
I`m only in it for the love Q 827
I`m ready to go CC     09
I`m satisfied ESP  604
I`m satisfied with you C  316
I`m so excited C  214
I`m so in love with you 4B  6066
I`m telling myself a lie BM 0170
I`m the man on Suzy`s mind LS 5008
I`m the only fodl CBC   529
I`m the sunshine man LS 5035
I`m Walking FS 804
I`m walking the floor over you BM 0136
I`m walking the floor over you TB  205
I`m walking the floor..../ Farewell so long.... S.I.O. X 1105 
I`ts been a long long time G 9002
I`ve always been crazy CK 026
I`ve been around enough to know L 1226
I`ve been the Georgia on a fast train 4B  6074
I`ve been to Georgia on a fast train CD 213
I`ve been working on the railroad TNT 287
I`ve got a hammer S.I.O. 148
I`ve got a heart of gold TRR 121
I`ve got a song to sing BS 1926
I`ve got a tiger by the tail MGR 1066
I`ve got my baby on my mind BO 1270
I`ve got my baby on my mind USA 502
I`ve got Rhythm ST   164
I`ve got the music in me RH  505
I`ve got the world on string TB  179
I`ve got you WWI 040
I`ve had a beautiful time ESP  138
I`ve made a Covenent PLM 212
I`ve Never Been So Loved RB  270
I`ve never been so loved RR 160
I`ve never been so loved WWI 062
I´ll do it all over again BO 1320
I´ll swing her if she`ll let me L 1117
I´ll take care of year cares LH 0165
I´m a Swinger TOP 25163
I´m alone because I love you BS 1675
I´m Confessin P 008
I´m gettin good DR 724
I´m gonna make it after all MR  024
I´m in love again WIN 5035
I´m still in love with you RIV 108
I´m Walkin / One night X 005
I´m walkin the floor over you BS 1733
I´ve got bells on my heart Jubilee   556
I´ve got Life to Live ST   121
Ice Cream Sodas & Lolly Pops BS 2268
Icy fingers BO 1252
Ida B    106
Ida H.A.T. 206
IDA MGR 2126
Ida Red / Fishers Hornpipe BS 1746
Ida red / Rider BS 2235 
Ida Red / Washington & Lee HH  620
Ida Red Jump / Mississippi Sawyer SL 601
Ida sweet as apple Cider WIN 5055
Idaho BO 1186
Ideas TOP 25137
If Bubba can Dance / If it takes every rib I`ve got RCA 62761
If heaven ain`ta lot like Dixxie BS 2199
If I come back to me LH 0167
If I could bottle this up HH 5135
If I could bottle tis up 4B  6100
If I could make a living 4B  6132
If I could write a song ER 0104
If I could write a song JK  133
If I give my heart to you RB 2996
If I had it to do over ST   171
If I had my way TOP 25078
If I had my way WIN 4901
If I had my way WIN 5019
If I had to do it all over again C  401
If I just win one time TB  226
If I keep on going crazy CD 216
If I keep on going crazy RIV 126
If I said you had a beautiful body RBS 1249
If it ain`t broke, don`t fix it ESP  154
If it ain`t love C  407
If it ain`t love RH  218
If it feels good do it DR 609
If it weren`t for Country music BO 1391
If it will it will HH 5137
If Love is just a game RH  209
If lovin you is wrong LH 0155
If loving you is wrong BR 237
If the Devil Danced SSR  141
If the south woulda won RB 3020
If the world keeps on turning BO 1318
If the world keeps on turning BS 1535
If the world keeps on turning L 1123
If they could see me now RR 172
If they could see me now WW 600
If we make it through December JK  156
If we`re not bck in love by monday RR 113
If you can feel it TB  136
If you can`t find love HD 113
If you come back to me / Hush Hush K 1285
If you don`t Someone Else will OT 8174
If you got the money RR 111
If you knew Susie DR 722
If you knew Susie K 1061
If you knew Susie LH 1034
If you knew Suzy JP  803
If you love me let me know BO 1260
If you want me BR 288
If you want me CK 017
If you want me HH 5035
If you want to find love EAG 2902
If you want to find love RBS 1352
If you`re gonna play in Texas C  703
If you`ve been better than I`ve been WIN 5002
If you`ve got love CHY 404
If you`ve got the money C  208
If you`ve got the money / Fire on the Mountain TNT 130 
If you`ve got the money.../ When you`re smiling MGR 8135
If you`ve got time TOP 25325
If your heart should ever roll this way again CAR 490
If your not gone too long DR 613
Ife I could making a living SG 209
In dreamy Chinatown DR 715
In it for the love C  315
In Love EAG 1902
In my own peculiar way L 1079
In old Monterey DR 703
In our Magic ship RIV 204
In the arms of love OT   204
In the evening by the moonlight TOP 25088
In the good old Summertime GR 12051
In the good old Summertime / Mannings Mixer GR 15011 
In the good ole summertime CC     10
In the good ols summertime TOP 25368
In the shadows of love CK 040
In your Heart BS 1830
In your Heart HH  362
In your own Backyard TOP 25249
Indian Lake LS 7003
Indiana RBS 1241
Indiana Home S.I.O. 133
Inflation Reel / Yucca Jig LS   305/306 
Interstate 35 / Jet Stream K 1077
Into each life some rain must fall BO 1115
Invisible tears BO 1184
Invisible Tears BO 1300
Irish eyes MGR 2166
Irresistible you GMP   916
Is it still over HH 5227
Is it still over LR 00303 
Is it true what they say about Dixie BM 0127
Is it true what they say about Dixie BS 1662
Is it true what they say about Dixie CK 081
Is it true what they say about Dixie SC 582
Is the grass any bluer COY   812
Is we going somewhere or is we ain`t RB 3004
Is you is TOP 25080
Island OR    47
Island Girl K 1188
Island in the sea BM 0084
Island in the sun BS 2215
Island in the Sun GR 12067
Island in the sun GR 12168
Ist gonna be a happy day L 1152
It ain`t nothing but love BM 0157
It ain`t nothing but love BO 1269
It Ddoesn`t matter CK 015
It do feel good BS 2012
It do feel good MGR 2207
It doesn`t matter anymore GT 0004
It don`t get better than this HH 5023
It don`t matter anymore CW 132
It feels good COY   101
It happened in Monterey TOP 25010
It keeps right on a hurtin CD 235
It must be love ESP  924
It must be love RB  246
It must be love WIN 5096
It never hurts to hurt sometime HH 5259
It only rains on me SIR   103
It sounds like love to me BUC 1219
It sure is monday RBS 1350
It sure looks good on you CK 038
It takes a worried man CAR 004
It takes all kind of people K 1097
It takes people like you BS 1864
It``s just like Grand Central Station MGR 1063
It`ll be her PR 1059
It`ll be me FT 119
It`ll be me LM  220
It`ll be me LR 10083
It`ll be me MAR  506
It`ll be me MR  031
It`s a good day RWH 148
It`s a good day WIN 5056
It`s a long way down L 1141
It`s a long way down L 1145
It`s a long way to Houston BS 1938
It`s a Sin MGR  981
It`s a sin my Darling how I love you L 1160
It`s a sin to tell a lie CK 090
It`s a sin to tell a lie DR 699
It`s a small world SS 2342
It`s all right with me RR 142
It`s been a great afternoon CW 140
It`s been a great afternoon RBS 1245
It`s been a great afternoon RR 123
It`s been a long long time BH 001
It`s been a long long time ESP  528
It`s been a long long time JK  145
It`s been a long long time TNT 264
It`s been a long long time WIN 4812
It`s been too long WIN 4860
It`s cryin time again 4B  6021
It`s enough RH  302
It`s four in the morning BO 1249
It`s gonna take a little bit longer J 153
It`s got to be a habit K 1076
It`s gotta be love SR 103
It`s gotta be that way BM 0032
It`s great to be single again RBS 1279
It`s hard to be humble K 1250
It`s hard to be humble OT 1201
It`s hard to be humble RR 146
It`s hip to be Square VR 101
It`s just a matter of time DR 690
It`s just another Polka BS 2425
It`s just the sun RWH 120
It`s like falling in love RB  288
It`s like having you around L 1090
It`s lonely out tonight VR 118
It`s my Party HH 5157
It`s my turn to sing with Willie LR 10117
It`s no sin Jubilee   903
It`s raining here this morning LS 5021
It`s sin to tell a lie BS 1992
It`s so nice TOP 25089
It`s the stops that you`ve made BS 2068
It`s too late HH 5235
It`s who you love RYL  810
It´s almost like being in Love WIN 4829
J.R. RB  254
Ja Da TOP 25283
Jack O Diamonds / Straight Flash HH  603
Jack`s Rocker / Pretty little widow S.I.O. 2137
Jack`s Special ST   161
Jackrabbit / The ladies fancy BS 1549 
Jackson J 149
Jackson K 1079
Jackson LH 1024
Jacques Pierre Bardeaux RR 184
Jail House Rock BS 2180
Jake GLR 008
Jambalaya BO 1138
Jambalaya BO 1340
Jambalaya GMP   308
Jambalaya GR 12139
Jambalaya TOP 25032
James BS 1655
Janie L 1157
Java GR 12121
Java S.I.O. 155
Java / I can`t get started RCA 8280
Jaws I / Jaws II 4B  6109
Jazzie UR 104
Jealous HH 0425
Jealous cold cheatin heart K 1070
Jealous heart LS   601
Jeepers Creepers BM 0169
Jekyll island ride / Fats Otis TB  515
Jelly Bean HH  452
Jellybean L 1183
Jellybean Strompers Ball BO 1167
Jerico WIN 4807
Jerry Roll RMR   122
Jessie Polka BS 1667
Jessie Polka BS 1998
Jessie`s Hop / Jerry`s Headache WWI 2-04
Jet Set BUC 1225
Jezebel BR 268
Jigsaw / Haulover TOP 25239
Jim Jam / Guitar Fancy S.I.O. HD 41/42
Jim Jam / Guitar Fancy S.I.O. Special 17/18
Jimmy`s Lowdown BM 0031
Jingle Bell Rock DR 721
Jingle Bells Magic 1003
Jingle Jangle Jingle S.I.O. F 109
Joan of Arkansaw WIN 4824
Joe knows how to live JP  231
John Hardy / Black Mountain Rag TNT 126
John Henry BM 0176
John Henry TOP 25207
John Law TB  107
John Steel / Easy do it WIN 5111 
Johnny Boy GS   705
Johnny Cash Medley BS 0123
Johnny Jingo BS 1615
Johnny Will Keeno 2210
Johnny Will L 1162
Johnston`s Rag GR 12037
Jole Blond / Rhythm boys special K 1108 
Jolee Special / Jopat Special JP  501 
Jolly is the Miller OT 8089
Jonny up a gum stump / Water boy boogie K 1022
Jose C 1009 
Jose K 1031
Jose Cuervo 4B  6058
Joy Joy Jy DR 605
Joy to the world C  515
Joy to the world WIN 4982
Joy to the world WIN 5084
Joyleg / Mohican TOP 25108
Juanita Jones BO 1347
Juanita Jones TNT 178
Juanita`s Cantina 4B  6117
Jubilee RB 3082
Juke Box Samba MGR 1054
Juke Box Song TB  189
Jukebox in my mind 4B  6110
Julianne ST   172
Julida Polka SHY 108
July / August K 1252
July your a woman BS 2105
Jumpin Jack / Trailblazer BS 1536 
June night BS 1907
June Night S.I.O. 127
Jungle Bum / Jam WWI 2-01
Junita Jones BO 1215
Just a closer walk with thee RYL  319
Just a Gadabout Jubilee   565
Just a Gigolo CK 077
Just a little lovin CK 006
Just a little lovin PR 1106
Just a little lovin WIN 4889
Just another Hoedown in G / Just another Hoe in A BS 2427 
Just another Polka BO 1157
Just be with you Keeno 2280
Just Because CK 057
Just Because ESP  123
Just Because K 1157
Just Because TB 1343
Just Because you ask me to LS 5024
Just being with you HH  409
Just can`t leave your love alone RR 153
Just enough love for one woman ED 401
Just enough Love for one women RWH 175
Just enough rope RYL  125
Just Hang Loose HH  494
Just hang loose PR 1146
Just hanging around RBS 1274
Just in Case you change your mind JP  221
Just in time HH  432
Just inside your arms RWH 138
Just like all the other times WW 205
Just loving you LR 00902 
Just loving you TNT 274
Just on time 4B  6125
Just pretend BS 2336
Just Riding along / Dance a little longer TB  527 
Just send me one ESP  102
Just take the gamble play the game TB  209
Just the same GR 12039
Just to hear you say that you love me HH 5255
Just to see you smile ESP 1025
Just to walk away AR 109
Just want to taste your wine TB  161
Just when I needed you most RYL  110
Just you and me BS 1845
Just you and me HH  392
Justin ST   187
K.C Buddy / Flea Flicker RYL  403
Kadie`s Contra GR 16007
Kansas City Balance 0209
Kansas City BO 1251
Kansas City TB  228
Kansas City lights BS 2185
Kansas City lights DR 003
Kansas City Special / Smoothie JK  105 
Katie Did PIO   116
Katie wants a fast one ESP 1055
Katoomba / Koona HH  625
Katy / Bubbles SC 313 
Katy did LH 0199
Katy Hill / Thar`s a bar BMR 4545 
Katys Dream SC 565
Kayla Rae / Jake RYL  402
Keep Moving / Step on it HH  629
Keep on singing MGR 2152
Keep on smiling BS 2093
Keep on the firing Line LH 0178
Keep on the sunny side SSR 181
Keep on truckin L 1142
Keep on Truckin ST   152
Keep on walkin C  327
Keep Smiling MGR 2045
Keep those cold icy fingers off of me BS 1609
Keep your feet a smokin BM 0039
Keep your sunny side up GR 12046
Keeska Polka / Tell me true BS 1680
Kelly keep the lights are burning CD 209
Kelton Holley Hoedown / Banjo Wraps BM 0011
Kentucky Blues WIN 4959
Kentucky Dew / Clogging Blues BMV  018
Kentucky Moonshine SDR 101
Kentucky Turkey Buzzard SIR   401
Kids LH 0180
Kids of the Baby Boom SSR 161
Killin time GWR 125
Kimberley moon BR 262
Kinda gonna wantaswing with you K 1016
Kindly keep it Country OR    31
Kindly keep it Country USA 504
Kinfolks LR 00006
King of Country music BM 0020
King of the country music BM 0165
King of the road WW 109
King of Western Spring BO 1330
Kingston Town BO 1313
Kirkwood / White face BS 2227 
Kirkwood / Whiteface BS 1756 
Kiss of fire RWH 139
Kisses WIN 4862
Kisses for me CK 028
Kissin BO 1146
Kissin Cousin K 1040
Kissing BO 1394
Kitatinny / Rolling high GR 12071 
Knee Deep RB  232
Knee deep in Bluegrass ESP  216
Knee deep in lovin you PR 1012
Knock Knock Knock RR 168
Knock on your door MS   149
Kwaliga TOP 25142
Kwaliga TOP 25353

Stand: Oktober 2017